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In April of 1969, Afeni (Alice Faye Walker), and 20 other members of the New York Black Panthers were arrested and charged with felonies, including conspiracy to bomb police stations and department stores in New York City and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. While out on bail, Afeni dated Legs, a gangster and William Garland, a Panther. She was married to Lumumba Abdul Shakur, the main defendant in the Panther 21 case, who remained incarcerated. She had four or five miscarriages. In 1970, Geronimo Pratt, also Panther, was put in a California jail on homicide charges on Caroline Olsen on a Santa Monica tennis court in '68. His lawyer was Johnnie Cochran. When Lumumba found out Afeni was pregnant he divorced her. In 1971 Afeni's bail was revoked and lived at the Women's House of Detention in Greenwich Village. In May Afeni was acquitted of all charges. She defended herself with a cross-examination of a witness who turned out to be a undercover government agent. On June 16th, Lesane Parish Crooks was born in Brooklyn. Gloria Jean, Afeni's sister and Joan Bird sat outside the delivery room. The doctor took Lesane to Gloria to bear witness to who he was. The Panthers renamed him Tupac Amaru Shakur. Tupac Amaru means wisdom and courage, and is after a Cuban insurrectionary active. Shakur is Arabic for thankful to God. His mom, Afeni, and Billy Garland, who had two other kids from previous relationships, had separated. Tupac's Social Security number was 546-47-8539. Afeni took a job as a legal assistant to Richard Fischbein, a New York trial attorney. Afeni sang Roberta Flack's "I Love You In the Morning" as a lullaby to him. Afeni never said who Tupac's dad was, but she did say that it wasn't Lumumba. Tupac said, "She just told me, "I don't know who your daddy is. It wasn't like she was a slut or nothing." Geronimo became Tupac's Godfather. Afeni and Tupac moved in with Lumumba's adopted brother, Mutulu Shakur, who became Tupac's step-dad. In 1972, Geronimo was sentenced to prison for 25 years to life. In 1973, Tupac's uncle, Zayd Shakur was driving on the New Jersey Turnpike with Assata Shakur, born JoAnne Chesimard, when they were stopped by a trooper. In a shoot-out that followed, Trooper Werner Foerster killed Zayd and Assata, was later charged and convicted in the killing of Werner. In 1975, Tupac's half-sister, Sekyiwa was born. In 1976, Tupac started school at Oakley. Billy invited Tupac over for sleepovers with his other kids and sent Afeni's mother cash. In 1979 Assata escaped from prison and fled to Cuba, where she is now living under a grant of asylum from the government of Fidel Castro. In 1981, a minister asked Tupac what he wanted to be when he grew up. He said, "A revolutionary." Afeni brought Tupac Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night from the library, it held his attention for hours. Van Gogh was a Dutch painter who shot himself. All of van Gogh's work was produced in 10 years. Punishment for Tupac was reading The New York Times. Mutulu left the family and went underground. Legs came to live with the family, Tupac had always assumed that he was his real dad. Tupac said, "That is where the thug in me came from." He introduced Afeni to crack. In 1983, Tupac estimated that he'd lived in "like eighteen different places" when he started junior high. F.B.I. agents would come to Tupac at school and ask him if he had seen Mutulu. He was on the Ten Most Wanted list. In 1984, Gerard saw Tupac for the first time he said that Tupac had shirt with MC NEW YORK written with iron-on letters, and he was rapping. All these people was around him. They were enemies at first, but then they made a crew, Born Busy, DJ Plain Terror, Ace Rocker, and D on the beat box. In 1985 Tupac started writing poetry in grammar school in New York. Afeni, Tupac, and Sekyiwa joined The House of the Lord Pentecostal Church in Brooklyn. In 1986, Legs was sent to prison for credit-card fraud. In September, Tupac joined a Harlem theater group called 127th Street Ensemble, where he did his first performance, as Travis, in A Raisin in the Sun, at the Apollo theater to raise money so Jesse Jackson could run for president. Tupac said, "Right now I can remember the bug biting me right there. I lay on a couch and played sleep for the first scene. Then I woke up and I was the only person onstage. I can remember thinking, "This is the best shit in the world!" That got me real high." They moved to Baltimore, where Afeni would have a job. When she called Legs to let him know where she was, she found out he had died of a crack-induced heart attack. Tupac said, "I couldn't even cry, man. I felt I needed a daddy to show me the ropes, and I didn't have one." Tupac said, "We didn't have any lights. I used to sit outside by the streetlights and read the autobiography of Malcolm X. And it made it so real to me that I didn't have any lights at home and I was sitting outside on the benches reading this book. And then of course my mother had books by people like Patrice Lumumba and Stokely Carmicheal, Seize the Time by Bobby Seale, and Soledad Brother by George Jackson. And she would tell me these stories of things that she did or she saw or she was involved with and it made me feel a part of something." Tupac auditioned and was accepted to the Baltimore High School of the Performing Arts. Tupac said, "The white kids had things we never seen. That was the first time I saw there was white people who you could get along with. Before that, I just believed what everybody else said, "They was devils," but I loved it. I loved going to school. It taught me a lot. I was starting to feel like I really wanted to be an artist. I was fucking white girls. I learned ballet, poetry, jazz, music, everything, Shakespear, acting, everything as well as academics." He was the mouse king in The Nutcracker and Othello in Othello. He read The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli. Machiavelli was an Italian war strategist who advocated faking his own death to fool his enemies. Lumumba was found dead in Louisiana, just days before Mutulu was arrested for the '81 Brinks robbery, in which two Nyack, New York policemen and a Brinks guard were killed. He became friends with Jada Pinkett. At school they made a video of themselves lip singing to to Will Smith's "Parents Don't Understand." He started rapping, and became known as MC New York. He wrote his first song, "Breakin' Through." 2Pac started performing at benefits for Geronimo and other prisoneers. Tupac stayed at a rich classmate's house and wore his clothes, but he went back. In 1987, Tupac and Jada taped a video of themselves at Paramount's Kings Dominion amusement park in Richmond, Virginia. Tupac's family could never pay the rent of their apartment. When he first learned how to drive he had a green Celica. He went out with some friends and Ricky Coleman came up to him and asked why he was claiming Oakland. Tupac wrote the poem, I Cry and a eulogy to Huey P Newton, Fallen Star which he recited. In 1988 a boy was killed in a gang shooting, so in June Afeni sent Tupac and Sekyiwa on a bus to spend the summer with Geronimo's wife, Linda in Marin City, California. Tupac and Charles Fuller (Man Man) went to the rec and played basketball. He shot bricks and airballs. He met Brewster at the rec. Tupac bagged groceries and worked odd jobs. Then Linda called Afeni and told her she needed to come to California because she was going to alcohol rehab the next day. Tupac and Sewyika lived with Afeni in door 1 at an apartment called the 89 building, but got into a series of arguments, so he moved out. Tupac met Marku Reynolds who introduced him to his cousin Klark Gable and Darron Page. Dimitrius Striplin and Gable were like the two DJ's in town and they all got together and became TC (The Crew). They spent time rapping and at the studio together. They did "Lifstyles of the Poor and Homie," "Let's Get It On," and "Get Some For Girls." Their theme song was "Thug Life." He lived with Man Man because Sewyika was dating his brother. He went to school at Mt. Tamalpais High on Miller Ave. in Mill Valley, California. He worked at a pizza parlor. Tupac said, "I didn't fit in. I was the outsider. I dressed like a hippie, they teased me all the time. I couldn't play basketball. I didn't know who basketball players were. I was the target for the street gangs. They used to jump me things like that. I thought I was weird because I was writing the poetry and I hated myself, I used to keep it a secret. I was really a nerd." Tupac became friends with T.A.C. and Anthony. Dimitrius introduced Tupac to Ryan D. who was with Terry Agust at a bus stop. They had a rap battle and Tupac did, "Girls Be Tryin' To Work a Nigga." The bus came and they called it a tie. They were both going the same way and they became the One Nation Emcees. Dimitrius' dad had just gone to jail so they all moved in to his house. Terry told Tupac to do the dishes by the time he got home. Tupac and drank and played nintendo all day, and he spilt a jug of something all over and didn't clean it up. Terry came home with his girlfriend and they got in a fight. Tupac went to hit Terry with his right hand and he missed and hit the washing machine. Then Terry beat him up. He never went to a doctor and it didn't heal right. They put a tour together and went to L.A. to do a show for the New Afrikan Panthers. They didn't know how long it would take to get there, so they kept having to call them from pay phones telling them that they would be late. They finally got there six hours late, but they still did the show. The performed "Panther Power," "One Nation Emcees," and "Fantasy." The Panthers had a whole agenda for them for that night and the next day and one of the thing they had was a Self Defense training class. Tupac learned a move where when you get knocked down you can lay on your back and kick the person and they can't get to you. When the instructor called on Tupac to fight someone before the guy even hit him he got down on the ground. He made "I Thought U Knew" and "Leave Us Kids Alone," his first professional recordings. In September, Mutulu was sentenced to 60 years in prison for conspiring to commit armed robbery and murder. Tupac wrote "Tha' Lunatic." One of his friends, Molly Monjouze said she'd go with him for a hamburger and coke and he'd start writing songs on a napkin. Tupac said he was "in the same things everyday, holes in my jeans the fucked up sneakers." 2Pac performed at the Apollo Theater in New York. One night in Marin City, Tupac, Ryan D., Troy, Gable and some other guys were drinking in Troy's cousin's Jetta. They started talking about girls and Troy said he messed around with one of Tupac's girls. Troy wanted Tupac to get out of the car so they could fight, but Tupac wouldn't. They started fighting and Troy got him out of the car. Tupac bit him and he bit him back. Then Tupac did his move he learned. Jerry Aquak had Ice and Tupac watch his girlfriend while he went to take of some business. They both did his girl, put back on their clothes, and Jerry never knew. In 1989, Tupac started selling drugs, and dropped out school just before graduation. Tupac went to the Travelodge hotel in Mill Valley on Redwood Hwy. with Brewster, Marku, and some other guys. Some guy wanted to leave and Tupac started beating him up. The guy went to his car and Tupac hit his window. The police came and put Tupac in one car and Marku in another car to find out who they were, but since the guy left they let them go. They went back to Marin City and Tupac was still mad. He took a flowerpot and through it through the back window of his of his apartment. Tupac got his GED. Watani invited him to L.A. where he was organizing youth programs in the South Central ghetto. He joined one for several months, but Wantani reminded him too much of Afeni's politicalness and moved back. At a park, Tupac overheard Leila Steinberg reading Winnie Mandela's A Part of My Soul Went With Him. He said, "That's a good one. It really moves well." They talked for a while and Leila offered him a room in her Sonoma County house, and Tupac made her the manager of his group, Strictly Dope (2Pac, Ray Luv, and one of D.U.'s DJs). He joined The Poetry Circle in Santa Rosa, California, which was a writer's circle that included Leila and Ray Luv. He wrote In the Event of My Demise, And 2Marrow, The Rose That Grew From Concrete, In Depth of Solitude, Ambition Over Adversary, Can You See the Pride In the Panther, and Something 2 Die 4. He also wrote a tribute to van Gogh, Starry Night and one to Marilyn Monroe. Tupac and Leila toured inner-city schools and Tupac rapped for eight months without a gig. One night when Leila and Tupac were eating his specialty, potato tacos, Tupac said, "Just tell people what I always tell you: that I'm gonna sell more records than any rapper ever." The next day Leila called Atron Gregory, the manager of D.U. He introduced him to Shock G, who gave him a live audition and invited him on tour. He didn't have any place to keep his clothes and stuff because Shock moved out of his apartment caus ehe wanted to get a new one. So Tupac kept his stuff at Gable's apartment and said he said he would help pay rent. He went on tour with D.U. to Japan. Tupac went to Astroworld in Houston while he was on a tour with D.U. and New Kids on the Block. He performed with D.U. at the Astrodome that night. Tupac said, "On my spare time when we go on tour, I pick up all that shit I have to pick up drop that down and brush down the piano. Shock would be playing the piano. Search, or Latifah, or Kane would be rappin' at the piano, and that's when I would let people hear me. I always be runnin' with a rhyme, and I kick a rhyme. And everybody start listenin' to me, that's how I started getting friends in the industry. And I knew people and that gave me the confidence, so I would you know get more risky you know, write shit. And Shock was like, "You want to do "Same Song" and I was like, "Hell yeah." So I had like 15 minutes to write my part. I just scribble the shit out, did it and people really like him." When he came back he said he would pay Gable for all the time he kept his stuff at his apartment, but he didn't because he said that Shock fucked him out of some money. Shock G said that he heard Tupac explaining Terms of Endearment to a girl on a tour bus. Tupac knew a lot about The Gospel at Colonus, Les Miserables, Poe, Lao-tzu, Mozart. Tupac said, "Look how he busts it up with Macbeth," congratulating the bard for "some serious ghetto shit." His first time performing, something went wrong with the sound system and Atron had to restrain him from hitting one of the equipment men. Tupac performed with D.U. at a Martin Luther King Jr. festival. After it someone put a 12 guage in his face over a argument over a girl. He got his first tatoo, 2Pac, on the left side of his chest. Tupac got his own apartment with all the D.U. members in Oakland. In 1990, he turned his management over to Atron and had recorded more than enough songs for a album, he just had to get it released. Tupac met Treach on a Public Enemy tour where they were roadies. Sleuth, his road manager suggested that he go with Money B when he auditioned for the lead in Juice. They got there and Money B couldn't do it. Tupac said, "I saw everyone else reading and they thought I was Treach from Naughty By Nature and they was like, "Yeah, yeah, Treach we want you to read." I was like "My name's Tupac." They was just like, "Whatever just read." Tupac said, "I auditioned like 20 times they kept flying me back" He said, "I can do this shit," and producer Neil Moritz cast him for it. Tupac said, "I went in cold turkey, read, God was with me." Jimmy Iovine and Theodore (Ted) Fields started the label Interscope Records as a joint venture with Time Warner. Tupac was on Arsenio Hall on FOX. He performed "Pain" and "I Get Around." In On January 22nd, 1991 D.U.'s EP, This Is An EP Release came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Same Song." The "Same Song" video premiered. Tupac went to a photo shoot with D.U. Afeni went to a rehab clinic, but Tupac still didn't forgive her. He said that she had lied to him about drugs, and hadn't been "real" about the hold they had on her. They filmed Juice in Harlem and he was paid $15,000 for it. He met Ed Lover on the set, and they became friends. A kid stole something from his trailer. Tupac said, "I was like, ok, I'll take justice into my own hands. And I got some of my niggas, and we went and found the little nigger who stole from me and beat his ass. Because I'm a true nigga, not a fake film nigga. And you cannot rob from me." Nothing but Trouble, directed by Dan Aykroyd, with Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, and Demi Moore premiered. Tupac plays a rapper in D.U. They play "Same Song." On March 15th, Tupac entered into a written recording agreement with TNT Records which had Tupac record a number of albums in exchange for specified advances and royalties. In July 2Pac performed at Hot97's Summer Jam at Giants Stadium in E. Rutherford, New Jersey. Atron was making a deal with Interscope Records. Tom Whalley, president of Interscope brought in one of 2Pac's demo tapes to Ted, and he gave it to his daughter, she told her dad how much she liked it. That tape sealed the deal, and on August 15th, Tom signed 2Pac to Interscope. They signed a contract with TNT, which had TNT furnish Interscope with a certain number of 2Pac albums in exchange for certain specified advances and royalties from Interscope. Tupac wrote a song called "Brenda's Got A Baby" after reading a newspaper article about a 12 year old girl who became pregnant by her cousin and threw her baby down an incinerator. The "Brenda's Got A Baby" video premiered on MTV. He watched it with Mike Cooley and another guy in his apartment. They smoked weed and Tupac called New York and other places. Someone knocked on the door and he got all these guns out because he said he got robbed before. Ryan D. and Brewster came and visited. Tupac had a brand new AK, Glock 9, and video camera. They taped Tupac saying, "Ryan D. congatulations on your baby, Gable congratulations. Let me check my messages." On October 1st, D.U.'s album, Sons Of The P. came out, 2Pac is on it with "The D.F.L.O. Shuttle," "Family of the Underground," and "Good Thing We're Rappin." On October 17th, Tupac was walking down the street in Oakland. Tupac said, "The police department saw fit for me to be trained or snapped back into my place. So they asked for my ID and sweated me about my name because my name is Tupac. My final words to them was, "Fuck ya'll." The officers put a choke hold on him, roughed him up, and knocked him unconscious before charging him with resisting arrest and taking him to jail, where he waited for seven hours without medical treatment. 2Pac's album 2Pacalypse Now came out November 11th. Tupac filed a $10 million claim against two police officers who assaulted him after citing him for jaywalking. Tupac's attorney was John Burris. Tupac said, "If I win and get the money then the Oakland Police department is going to buy a boys home, me a house, my family a house and a Stop Police Brutality Center." The "Trapped" video premiered MTV. On the day they finished filming Juice, Neal Moritz congratulated Tupac for his performance and teased him about spending so much of his money on gold jewelry. Tupac quoted a Robert Frost poem, "So dawn goes down the day Nothing gold can stay." Neal said that he was going to be a big star in ten years. Tupac said, "I'm not going to be alive." Shock G came and visited him at his apartment. Tupac would always forget his keys so he would punch in the windows. Shock G asked him if he worried about security. He picked up an automatic weapon and said, "Nah, I got this. Like rappin.' You gotta practice." Tupac did an interview with Davey D at his apartment. Tupac said, "Nothing Gold is coming. NG is a group coming out that I produce. All the stuff I say in my rhymes I say because of how I grew up. So to handle that, instead of going to a pyschiatrist, I got a kids group that deals with the problems a younger generation is going through. I have a group and a program called the Underground Railroad. The concept behind this is the same concept behind Harriet Tubman, to get my brothers who might be into drug dealing or whatever it is thats illegal or who are disenfranchised by today's society, I want to get them back into by turning them onto music. Right now we're twenty strong. The people that are in the UR are coming from all over, Baltimore, Marin City, Oakland, New York, Richmond, all over." Tupac is signing new acts to his production company including his older brother Moecedes. Naughty By Nature's video "Uptown Anthem" premiered. Tupac is in it. On January 16, 1992 Tupac did an interview with MTV. On the 17th Juice, directed by Ernest R. Dickerson, with Samuel L. Jackson, Omar Epps, and Treach premiered. Tupac plays Roland Bishop, a guy who wants to get out of Harlem, until he gets a gun and changes to a killer. Tupac went to see it at Mann's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. in L.A. with some guys and a girl. He had a pajama party in San Fransisco. He invited Troy, Kendrick, and some other old friends. They rented a limo and went to an afterparty in Oakland. They were following Tupac's limo and somebody shot at them. Tupac said, "I want to do that even more and do other parts. I want to do better parts. I want a Terminator 2 role, something different so people can really see the diversity. 'Cause even now I think some people are going, "Well wait a minute, that's just him being him. How hard is it to be crazy?" Now I want to do something sane, or I want to be in love or something so people can see the diversity of what I can do." Suge and Dre started Death Row Records, with Interscope as the exclusive distributor. Tupac moved to L.A. with Man Man, who became his road manager. Tupac said he "didn't have a slingshot, I didn't have a knife, I didn't even have sharp nails." Tupac bought a gun nd practiced shooting it on firing ranges. He started weight training and getting tatoos. Tupac got a THUG LIFE tattoo on his stomach in a L.A. tatoo parlor. MC Breed was with him. They got the idea to do a song together. He first revealed his new tattoo at the Black Nation Day celebration. Tupac and MC Breed made "Gotta Get Mine" in L.A with D.O.C. Tupac came in with some girls, and then they went out. In March Tupac went to Tower Records in California and bought some albums and vinyls. Tupac did an interview with Right On! In a picture for Juice they originally had a gun in it, but later took it out. Tupac said, "It hurts me that they let a white dude, Christian Slater, stand right next to me and look in the paper, Cuffs, the movie, advertising for Cuffs, right next to Juice. He can have a gun, but the niggas can't. I don't like that in The Last Boy Scout, Bruce Willis get a gun and Damon Wayans gets a football. I don't like that in Terminator 2 he gets a big, extra large, super supreme gun and he's an American hero." The Governor's single Taxin came out. 2pac is in it. In April, Tupac went to Freaknic in Atlanta. On the 10th, Tupac went to a club in West Hollywood and was one of the five people arrested and jailed on the 11th after a fight broke out on the dance floor. In Hempstead, Texas, Ronald Ray Howard shot a Texas state trooper with a 9mm. His attorney claimed that he was influenced by 2Pacalypse Now, which was in his tapedeck. The Texas state judge said that the tape shouldn't be blamed for the shooting, but there was content in the album relating to killing cops. The State was goingg to try to ban 2Pac's music in Texas. In exchange of keeping his music in stores, Tupac agreed to never perform in Texas again. The trooper's widow filed a multimillion dollar civil suit against Tupac, Interscope, and Time Warner. Tupac said, "I'm working with this female, a Sister Named Mister. She's gonna be very strong for women. She's gonna speaking up for women, but she's not gonna be putting her bosy in the camera to do it. She's not gonna be little Sister Souljah either. She's gonna be a real black women with a mic. She's 18, her first song is "Don't Forget Where You Came From." In May Tupac went to a club called Florentine Gardens on Hollywood blvd. Suge met Tupac at a recording studio. Tupac said, "I used to always see Suge. When they did the soundtrack for Murder Was The Case and I was going through all those legal problems he was like, "Yo give me a song dog." I gave him a song and I got the most I ever got for a song. It was damn near an album budget. I got something like $200,000 for one song and they didn't even use it, but I still got paid for everything I did for the soundtrack. He had asked me to come to Death Row and I told him I wasn't ready. Instead of taking it personal he did that for me and I appreciated that." Tupac spent the money on a Mercedes 300, which he totaled in less than a day. The next day he bought another one and later gave it to a friend. Murder Was The Case came out on video. At the end they show the "Natural Born Killaz" video. Tupac made "Troublesome." Ice Cube and Dre's video "Natural Born Killaz" premiered on MTV, Tupac is in it and kills Dre. In July they started filming Poetic Justice, in South Central L.A., but filming was paused for the L.A. riots. Tupac said, "I don't know if it was Janet that it came from, but I know that they suddenly out of the blue, they wanted me to take an AIDS test for this love scene and I did not agree, I did not disagree if we were going to make love. I said, "If I could make love to Janet Jackson I'd take four AIDS tests, but, if I'm going to do a love scene with her just like somebody else did, and they didn't take a test, I'm not taking a test." In August Tupac performed at the Richmond Auditorium. He talked to Byron Tymes and Charles Jr. and another guy and told him to come to the festival that was coming up. On the 22nd, at a festival celebrating the 50th anniversary of Marin City, Tupac arrived in his new Jeep to perform. While he was signing autographs a fight broke out between Tupac's crew and Dimitrus. He said he shouldn't be there because of what he had said about Marin City and hit him. Tupac had a .380 Colt automatic that was registered to him in his backpack that got passed around. He yelled to his half-brother through Mutulu, Maurice Harding (Mopreme) to "Get the gun." Several shots were fired, and one killed Qu'id Walker Teal. Micheal Gibson was after him and was punching him. Tupac jumped over a fence and got in his car. He drove down the street and got out. There were like 200 mad people behind him. They totally wrecked the car with bats, bottles, and bricks. They were hitting Tupac with rocks so he went and hid under a police car until police calmed the crowd down. Then he was taken to the sub station in Sausalito. Tupac and Maurice were arrested, but no one was charged. They held Tupac for 12 hours then he was released because of lack of evidence. Detectives later found a spent .380 caliber shell casing, a gun in the bushes and .380 caliber ammunition in the Jeep. Tupac called Wantani to tell him about the incident and he cried. In September Dan Quayle targeted 2Pacalypse Now in his battle with Hollywood over traditional values, and said that 2Pac's music, has no place in our society. In December Tupac went to a Wu Wear store in Staten Island, New York he bought a sweatshirt, a watch, and a Sprite. On January 12, 1993, Above the Law's album, Black Mafia Life came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Call It Want U Want." Watching MTV, Tupac found out that Allen and Albert Hughes dropped him from Menace II Society as Sharif, the Muslim. Tupac said, "They was doin' all my videos. After I did Juice, they said, "Can we use your name to get this movie deal?" I said, "Hell yeah." When I got with John Singleton, he told me he wanted to be Scorsese to your De Niro. For starring roles I just want you to work with me. So I told the Hughes brothers I only wanted a little role, but I didn't tell them I wanted a sucker role. We was arguing about that in rehearsal. They said to me, "Ever since you got with John Singleton's shit you changed." They was trippin' cause they got this thing with John Singleton. They feel like they competing with him." Tupac was supposed to be in Cool Runnings. He went to Chicago to perform. Tupac talked about Quincy Jones and his insistence on marrying and "sticking his dick" in white women. He said, "The reason my house is broken up is because of his punk ass. This year I'm charging Quincy Jones and all those other mixed family ass motherfuckers. We need one generation of niggas with niggas. How we gonna have mix families and we don't even have black families." Naughty By Nature's video "Hip Hop Hooray" premiered on MTV. Tupac is in it. Tupac said he has flashbacks of the video showing Latasha Harlins being shot in the back of her head over a carton of orange juice. Tupac said, "Everytime I think about peace or can't get we all get along that comes into my mind over and over again." Tupac kept playing B.I.G.'s song "Party and Bullshit" at the Poetic Justice set. Flattered, Biggie met Tupac at his house in L.A., and they became friends. Biggie was there when Tupac bought his first Rolex. Tupac went to the Black Radio Exclusive convention at a hotel. Mac Mall's video "Ghetto Theme" premiered with Tupac and Stretch on MTV. In February Tupac hosted Yo! MTV Raps. Tupac said, "My mind is dangerous. If I didn't smoke weed all the time, there would be nothing to stop me from running to San Quentin to try to free niggas. I got the gumption and artillery to do that." They filmed the "Gotta Get Mine" video at Andre Rison's house. During filming, a local video show did an interview with Tupac. On March 13th, during a break in filming a guest appearance on In Living Color, in a FOX TV studios parking lot in Hollywood, Tupac and Charles returned to their limo. His limo driver David Deleon said that he confronted Tupac about using drugs in the limo. Tupac said that David went into the trunk for what appeared to be a weapon. Then Tupac and Charles attacked him. Cops found weed and a gun on Tupac, and he was arrested, but wasn't charged and released on $15,000 bail. Tupac said, "I feel sorry for those gang bangers, they laid down their weapons and nobody gave a shit. They spent more time on if Clarence touched Anita's ass or if Mike ate that bitch's pussy, than on trying to find out what happened in L.A." In April, M.C. Breed's album, The New Breed came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Gotta Get Mine" and "Comin' Real Again." The "Gotta Get Mine" video, with Andre Rison premiered. Tupac got seven months for the limo driver incident. Tupac went to MSU in Lansing, to do a concert. During it, he threw a mic that belonged to a local rapper on the stage, and set off a fight. He swung at him with a baseball bat. During his instigation Tupac got a 50 NIGGAZ with AK-47 tatoo on his stomach, Man Man, and another friend got one too. Tupac said that NIGGA stood for: Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished. 2Pac performed "I Get Around" on MTV Jams Live 1993. They later made a video of it directed by Beth McCarthy. Tupac went to Freaknic in Atlanta. In June Tupac went to a Hoop-It-Up Tournament at Lake Merritt, Oakland with Chris Gatling and Tim Hardaway in his Mercedes Benz. He did an interview with Rudi M. for Right On! On the 29th, the Poetic Justice soundtrack came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Definition of a Thug Nigga." Tupac said, "I thought, I really thought I made a friend, I thought, 'I know Janet Jackson for life.' So when the movie was over it was like, 'Boo, this number has been changed.' It was like a movie, I mean it was like the day after the movie wrapped." Tupac met Snoop at a party in L.A. 2Pac did a concert at PJ's Private Disco in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. While performing Tupac taunted gang members and got the crowd into a riot. Manuel Cal got out a pistol and fired at the stage, hitting Jacquelyn R. McNealey. The bullet damaged her spinal cord, and left her paralyzed below the chest. Tupac said, "I got to be with this 31 year old married woman. That was just too much for me. That was just weird." On May 25th Tupac went to the premiere of Menace II Society. Police were called after Tupac beat his Mercedes Benz with a object in the street in front of his house. Tupac said, "I paid 50 Gs for it, and it keeps giving me problems." On June 17th, Tupac appeared on the last episode of A Different World. He played Picolo, Lena's old boyfriend. On July 21st, Poetic Justice, directed and written by John Singleton, with Janet Jackson, and Regina King premiered. Tupac plays Lucky, a single dad and postal worker trying to get a career in music while finding love. In August Tupac went to the black music convention Jack The Rapper in Atlanta. Kevin Powell introduced himself to Tupac and Tupac gave him a pound and said, "Whats up, nigga? You my man from that MTV show. I had your back, dog." Tupac went to a meeting attended by Suge, Jimmy, and Wantani Tyehimba, his manager, at which Jimmy said that Tupac should work with Dre and should sign with Death Row. In the last weekend of August, 2Pac went to Chicago with 16 "L.A. gang leaders" to perform. In October Tupac moved into a split-level house in Atlanta that his manager bought him so he would have a calmer life. It has a 45-inch color TV in the living room, a basement where he planed to build a recording studio, a pool table, and a big backyard with a pool. He furnished it. They featured it in the Source. He wrote music in the bathroom. He couldn't wash clothes so he would wear everything once and then throw it away. 2Pac went to Lake Charles, Louisiana to do a concert. There were some guys there that started stuff with him, and took him off stage and beat him up. He got up and knocked out some guys before the bodyguards came to help. Tupac is not allowed to do a concert in Lake Charles. On the12th, TNT, Interscope, Tupac, and Out Da Gutta Records entered a contract, which provided for the assignment by TNT of it's rights in the TNT/Interscope Agreement to Gutta, the assumption by Gutta of TNT's obligations to Interscope under the TNT/Interscope Agreement, and the consent of Interscope to the foregoing. Tupac was a principal of Gutta, as well as being the sole performer whose services were being offered by Gutta. In the TNT/ Interscope/Tupac/Gutta Agreement, Tupac guaranteed that Gutta would fulfill all of the obligations which it was obligated to fulfill under that agreement. D.U.'s album, The Body Hat Syndrome came out, 2Pac is on it with "Wussup Wit the Luv." The "Wussup Wit the Love" video premiered. They filmed Above the Rim in New York City. Marlon Wayans said that they joked around alot in the trailer, and say he should cross out the T change his image to HUG LIFE. Tupac had a $750 a night 38th floor suite at the Parker Meridien in Manhattan, Michelle Fuentes came and visited him there. Tupac met Jacques Agnant (Nigel) on the set. He studied him for his part in the movie and hung out with him. Tupac met some people in New York called the Black Mafia, who finance Bad Boy, including Trevor. The Black Mafia demanded that Tupac sign on to Bad Boy, but Tupac refused. Tupac said, "I used to dress in baggies and sneakers. They took me shopping, that's when I bought my Rolex and all my jewels. They made me mature. They introduced me to all these gangsters in Brooklyn. I met Nigel's family, went to his kid's birthday party. I trusted him. I even tried to get Nigel in the movie, but he didn't want to be on film. That bothered me. I don't know any nigga that didn't want to be in the movies." Jacques introduced Tupac to William "King Tut" Johnson (Trevor), a New York felon. Tupac said that on the 14th, "Nigel and Trevor took me to Nell's. I was meeting Ronnie Lott from the New York Jets and Derrick Coleman from the Nets." Someone introduced Tupac to Ayanna Jackson who is friends with Jaques Agnant. "Money came to me and said, 'This girl wants to do more than meet you.' I already knew what that meant. She wanted to fuck. I just left them and went to the dance floor by myself. Then this girl came out and started dancing. So I'm dancing to this reggae music, she's touching my dick, she's touching my balls, she opened my zipper, she put her hands on me. There's a little dark part in Nell's, and I see people over there making out already, so she starts pushing me this way. We go over in the corner. She pulled my dick out; she started sucking my dick on the dance floor. Soon as she finished that-just enough to get me solid, rock-hard-we got off the dance floor. I told Nigel, 'I've got to get out of here. I'm about to take her to the hotel.' Nigel was, like, 'No, no, no. I'm going to take you back.' We drive to the hotel. We go upstairs and have sex, real quick. As soon as I came, that was it. She left me her number, and everything was cool. Nigel was spending the night in my room all these nights. When he found out she sucked my dick on the floor and we had sex, he and Trevor were livid!" Tupac said that on the 18th, "We had a show to do in New Jersey at Club 88. We went shopping, we got dressed up, we were all ready. Nigel was saying, 'Why don't you give her a call?' So we were all sitting in the hotel, drinking. I'm waiting for the show, and Nigel's, like, 'I called her. I mean, she called me, and she's on her way.' We were watching TV when the phone rings, and she's downstairs. She came upstairs looking all nice, dressed all provocative and shit. So we're all sitting there talking, and she's making me uncomfortable, because instead of sitting with Nigel and them, she's sitting on the arm of my chair. So we get in the room, I'm laying on my stomach, she's massaging my back. I turn around. She starts massaging my front. This lasted for about a half an hour. I'm thinking she's about to give me another blow job, but before she could do that, some niggas came in, and I froze up more than she froze up. So they came and they started touching her ass. I just got up and walked out the room. When I went to the other suite, Man Man told me that Talibah, my publicist at the time, had been there for a while and was waiting in the bedroom of that suite. I went to see Talibah and we talked about what she had been doing during the day, then I went and laid down on the couch and went to sleep. When I woke up, Nigel was standing over me going, 'Pac, Pac,' and all the lights was on in both rooms. I didn't know how much time had passed. So when I woke up, it was, like, 'You're going to the police, you're going to the police.' Nigel walks out the room, comes back with the girl. She's not making sense. 'I came to see you. You let them do this to me.' I'm, like, 'I don't got time for this shit right here.' She said, 'This not the last time you're going to hear from me,' and slammed the door. And Nigel goes, 'Don't worry about it, Pac, don't worry.' I asked him what happened, and he was, like, 'Too many niggas.' Niggas start going downstairs, but nobody was coming back upstairs." Tupac was sitting upstairs smoking weed wondering where everyone was at. Then he got a call from Talibah from the lobby saying that the police were down there." On the 19th, he was arrested. Police found a 20 minute videotape that shows Tupac and a woman engaged in a sex act and two guns in the hotel room. On the 20th, Tupac was freed on bond after posting $50,000 bail. Jacques Agnant's lawyer Paul Brenner said that Jacques case be severed from Tupac and Man Man's because they had been charged with the weapons charges. The prosecutor didn't oppose it, which is very unusual, and the judge granted it. Indictments were handed down on sexual abuse and sodomy to Tupac, Charles, and Ricardo Brown. Tupac also got a weapons charge. Salt 'N' Pepa's video "Whatta Man" premiered on MTV, Tupac is in it. On 30st, Tupac went to Clark Atlanta University's Epps gymnasium on Fair St. to do a concert. The promoters, students at the school, told Tupac about their rules about drug use. Tupac said, "What I want to know is, if I light this will you let them take me to jail. If they arrest me I'm a jump in this sea of niggas and they gonna have to arrest each and every one of us." Then, on the 31st, Tupac, in his Mercedes Benz, and his crew leave and head to Midtown, Georgia where they had a hotel room for the night. At the Peidmont and Springs intersection Mark and Scott Whitwell, two off-duty police officers who had been drinking, were in a traffic-related argument. Tupac saw them harrassing a guy. Tupac got out of his car and asked what was going on. The guy drove off, and Mark pulled out a gun and fired at him. Tupac said, "I started having flashbacks of Rodney King and Kunte Kente." Tupac leaned over the roof of his car and shot three shots, which hit Mark in the abdomen and Scott in the butt. Tupac was arrested he held without bond on two counts of aggravated assault. He also was held on an outstanding charge of simple battery for slapping a woman last summer when she asked for his autograph. Tupac is on the cover of the November issue of Vibe. Witnesses testified that Tupac had shot in self-defense after the officers fired at his car. Because of lack of evidence, the case never made it to a grand jury, but Tupac was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and released on $55, 000 bail. The policemen had been drinking, and the prosecution's witness testified that the gun Mark used to threaten Tupac with had been seized in a drug bust and then stolen from an evidence locker. Mark was charged with aggravated assault. In December, John Singleton was going to cast Tupac as Malik in Higher Learning, but was forced by Columbia Pictures to drop him because of his arrests. Tupac worked with Trapp for Gunfight. He performed at the House of Blues on Sunset Strip with Snoop and L.A. Reid. Tupac started the group Thug Life (Mopreme, The Rated R, and Macadoshis), which grew from Underground Railroad. Thug Life is what Tupac called his mission for the black community; a support group, rap act, and philosophy. Tupac said that THUG LIFE stood for: The Hate U Gave Lil Infants Fuck Everybody. They made an album, but it got held up because the record company thought it was too hard. Tupac was arrested for assault and battery and for carrying a loaded, concealed gun after he ran into the Hughes at the filming of a Spice 1 video. Tupac hit Allen, and Albert ran off. Allen said that Tupac had a crew of people. Tupac said, "The niggas knew them just like they knew me, from around the way. I got them niggas started making videos anyway. Plus, I came ready to kick both they asses myself. Those other niggas didn't get with Thug Life until after that shit happened." There is a woman who has been active in nationalist struggle. ˙She is torn with ambivalence, because of the New York incident.˙ She's has met with other women, her comrades in struggle, and they have decided that his behavior is neither revolutionary nor New Afrikan. They are planning to share their position with Tupac through Wantani. Tupac said, "Fuck those bitches. ˙I don't need that shit. I'm on the front lines of this shit, not 30 years ago. Now! ˙Where were they when we didn't have no food or electricity? ˙When we were eating hardboiled eggs and they pulling off million dollar heists and shit. Fuck them. ˙I need support not critisism." On the 16th, Tupac went to a New York courthouse and pleading innocent to sexual assault. He said, "You're just like the rest of the bitches trying to drag me down. A woman can say anything about a man. I'm guilty until proven innocent." The National Political Congress of Black Women asked the NAACP to take away Tupac's 1994 NAACP Image Award nomination. On January 5th, Tupac went to the NAACP Image Awards. Dionne Warwick objected his attendance. Tupac said, "Those niggas ain't want me there and they gave motherfucking Micheal Jackson a standing ovation. Goddamn those child molesting fake ass mothefuckers, damn them all to hell. And Dionne Warwick, fucking dream reading, physic bitch. Don't get me started, I'll tell the real on the whole family." On the 18th, 1994 Straight From Da Streets Vol. 1 came out, 2Pac is on it with "I Get Around." On the 31st, Tupac went to Blue Palms Recording Studio in Burbank. Tupac got out some weed. He said, "I've been sitting on this all day." Mopeme rolled up some blunts then he said to Stetch, "Nigga pass that. This nigga got blue carnations on his drawers. I got on some masculine ass plaid motherfucking drawers. We go shopping together Stretch, niggas could see you bend over and think I wear flowers on my ass." An assistant fom the studio is fixing to go to the ib shack for food. Tupac said, "Y'all better get your order in, cause when my ribs come I don't want you righteous vegetarian smegetarians up in my shit." He finished some songs. On February 1st, Tupac went to Los Angeles County Municipal Court for case filed against him by Allen Hughes. They told them that there was a change of venue, and they had to move to Division 75 which is in a different building. Tupac and the Hughes started arguing. La'chelle Wooderd, his attorney tried to calm him down. Tupac said to their security, "You gonna need motherfucking Farrakhan to calm me down. You bean pie slinging, bowtie wearing bitches. I'll have niggas fon Crenshaw with AK's and rags up here." Then the sheriff's department came and held Tupac against the wall so the Hughes could go by. Tupac said, "Officers, I'm so glad you have arrived these men were trying to attack me. Can you believe that? They tried to attack me with the Nation of Islam. I have full confidence in the law's ability to handle the situation." On the 10th, Tupac went to court. For lunch he went to Louisa's Pasta on Melrose Blvd. On the 16th, 2Pac's album Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. came out. It went platinum, and 2Pac was nominated for an American Music Award as Best New Rap Hip Hop Artist. In "Something 2 Die 4," he memorialized Qa'id. The Holla If Ya Hear Me single came out, on it is "Flex." The I Get Around single came out, on it is "Nothing But Love." The Keep Ya Head Up single came out on it is, "I Wonda If Heaven's Got a Ghetto." The "Keep Ya Head Up" video premiered on MTV. The "I Get Around" video, directed by Dave Dobkin premiered. The "Holla If Ya Hear Me" video premiered on MTV. The "Papa'z Song" video with Vivica Fox premiered. Tupac stayed at the Le Montrose Suite Hotel on Hammond St. when he went to L.A. He rented a Lexus LS 300 coupe. On March 9th, he went to Shell gas station on Sunset Blvd. Some Crips asked Tupac where he was from. He said, "All over." One of them said that he was from Baltimore because his friend took care of him, but he never claimed it. Tupac said, "Well your homeboy lied cause ain't nobody take care of me while I was in Baltimore." The guy said that he was going to rob him. Tupac said, "Well come nigga let's do this," and grabbed a pair of scissors. They ran out of the store and Tupac chased them but they got away. On the 10th, Tupac went to court. Chokwe Lumumba, an ex-Panther who is Tupac's legal advisor testifies for Tupac. George H. Wu sentenced Tupac to a sentence in L.A. County for when he beat up Allen. Tupac said, "Think about it. A fist fight becomes battery in the courts. Two and a half minutes just cost me 15 days." Shock G flew to L.A. where 2Pac was filmimg a video. During a break, Shock G gave Tupac a key to his apartment so he could stay there if he needee. Tupac renewed his relationship with Afeni. Tupac and Leila started visiting schools again. Kids read their lessons to him, and tears rolled down his cheeks. The parents of a dying boy wrote to Tupac telling him their kid's last wish was to meet him. Tupac flew to his side in Maryland, and after the boy died, he renamed his publishing company Joshua's Dream. He did an interview with MTV. Madonna asked if she could sit in on the interview, watching it from off-camera, and Tupac said yes. Tupac got with Madonna and made "Your Lova." On the 22nd, Above the Rim, directed and written by Jeff Pollack, with Martin Duane, Marlon Wayons, and Bernie Mac premiered. Tupac plays Birdie, a Harlem basketball hustler. Tupac said, "To me, it's really troubling because I look over at what's successful, Marky Mark, Hammer, Vanilla Ice, New Kids on the Block selling 22 million copies, and I want that so badly, but I can't do that. I would be wrong to do that, knowing what I know and having the brain that I have, for me to even go and write some simple shit would be wrong even though I would get paid and I would get more people's money. I would rather leave something so that when people pick up 2Pacalypse Now or any of my other albums in 1999, they'll go, "Damn! Brothers had it hard back in the day, but brothers were working it out." On April 2nd, Tupac went to NBC studios in New York to watch Snoop perform on Saturday Night Live. In Snoop's dressing room he smoked weed with him and Madonna. On the 4th, Biggie came and visited Tupac in his room at the Royalton. Dream Hampton video taped the meeting with Tupac's newest video camera. On the 5th Tupac was sentenced to 10 days in a Michigan jail and 35 hours of community service for assault. Tupac went to the premiere of A Low Down Dirty Shame with Jada. On the 29th, Tupac and Maurice were pulled over for for speeding on Hollywood Blvd. A loaded 9mm was found under Tupac's seat. Tupac was arrested for investigation of carrying a concealed gun. They were charged with two felonies for having guns and weed. On May 10th, Tupac went to jail for the Hughes incident. On the 11th, he pleaded innocent. On June 6th, The Governor & The House Reps' album, Floss Mode came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Po' Nigga Bluez." On the 13th, MTV Party to Go 5 came out, 2Pac is on it with the "I Get Around" remix. Tupac met Keisha Morris at the old Chippendale's club now called the Capitolin New York. It was a Father's Day dance. Keisha came over and grabbed him, and they danced to Wu Tang's song, "C.R.E.A.M." Tupac was singing the words to it. Another girl came over and Keisha walked off. Later that night she talked to him. On the 27th, the Above the Rim soundtrack came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Pour Out a Little Liquor." The Pain single came out, on it is "Loyal To the Game." Bust It 2 came out, 2Pac is on it with "If My Homie Calls." On the 28th, 2Pac was supposed to have done a concert in Philadelphia at the Robin Hood Dell East, but it was cancelled after Mayor Rendell and chief of staff David L. Cohen decided it would have been inappropriate at a city-owned stage. On July 5th, Tupac went to the Supreme Court in New York. Tupac went to the Tunnel club. Keisha was there and he said to her, "Weren't you that girl that had on the black dress and you spoke to me for like five minutes? I've been looking for you for a month. I've been thinking about you every single day." They danced and stayed together the whole night. He kept touching her, and she kept telling him to stop. He invited her to his hotelroom at the Paramount Hotel on West 46th St., in New York City, but she said she wasn't like that. So he gave her his number and pager number, and said, "I'm supposed to fly back to Atlanta tomorrow, but I'm going to stay a day later just to take you out." At the time was a camp counselor and she said she would get home from work by 6 p.m, and gave him her number. The next day, he called her exactly at 6 and said, "Okay, I'm ready to take you out. Where do you want to go?" She said it didn't matter and he said, "I'm not coming to Harlem." She said she wouldn't go to his hotel so she didn't know what they were going to do. They debated about it for an hour, then she finally said she'd meet him in the lobby. They went to dinner at a little Italian restaurant. Then they went to Chelsea Cinemas in Manhattan to to see Forest Gump. Tupac said, "It's the number one movie in the nation." She said she didn't want to see it, and he kept saying, "You're a weirdo." He said he was supposed to read for one of the parts in there. During the movie a guy yelled at a woman to shut her kid up. Tupac said, "You know, that's a child. The baby can't help it." After the movie Tupac wanted Keisha to come back to his hotel room. She said she wouldn't so they stood there for twenty minutes. Then she said she was going home. He said, "No you're coming back to the hotel with me." So she said okay. They went back and talked. They watched TV and on E they showed a clip of Tupac spitting at a camera. She was looking at a magazine, and he said, "Ooh look! You didn't come here to look at a magazine." She said she did and that she was going home. He said, "No you're not. You can't go home." She said that since there was two beds, that she'd sleep on one and he'd sleep on one. He said, "No this is my room. I'm sleeping where you're sleeping." She okay, but slept with all her clothes on. Tupac said that least she could do is take her shoes. He went right to sleep and didn't try anything. The next morning, Friday, she woke up early, left him a note, and kissed him on the cheek. He flew back to Atlanta and left eight messages on her answering machine. She went on a camping trip to Pennsylvania for a week so she couldn't call him. She tried to find a phone to see if there was any message from him. When she came home she found his message. She decided to fly to Atlanta and paid for it herself. He was impressed and said, "I never had a girl pay for anything on her own." She went down there and they had a great time. He performed at a club called the Vixen in Atlanta. He wanted to wear shorts with a Hilfiger and Keisha told him to wear some Calvin's with a tank top and a vest and a pair of motorcycle boots. He said, "Oh, you're trying to make me look sexy." The only thing Keisha really wanted to do was go to Six Flags. Tupac said, "Oh, it's going to be difficult." She met Afeni and his family. They had cookouts, and he cooked barbeque chicken. He loved it, macaroni and cheese, orange soda, and Chinese apples (pomegranates). He would have Keisha searching to buy a hundred of them. She would start dinner and he would say, "Come on, Keisha. Move! Get out of the way. You did enough." She was going to stay for the weekend and go back on Sunday. On the way to the airport, they went in his low rider. He didn't know ho much gas he had, and they ran out. She missed her flight. She stayed a day later, and they went to Six Flags. They would run through the park trying to get to rides. Tupac loved to ride roller coasters. They had a good time, but it started to rain so they had to leave. Then she flew home. He said that he was going to New York to see her next. He went on tour. In August he did a show in Hawaii. When he came back he called Keisha everyday, five times. He sent her a dozen roses one day while she was at work. When she got home she paged him. He called back and she told him she got the roses. He called her and told her he bought her something. He said he wrote her a poem and to guess what the present was. It was about time. She didn't get it and said for him not to tell her what it was. He said, "I can't help it. It's a watch." When he came back he gave her the poem. He bought her a card and gave her the watch. They had matching ones from Gucci. On September 3rd, 2Pac went to the MECCA Arena on West Kilbourn Ave. in Milwaukee to do a concert with Boss, Big Mike, Xscape, Spice 1, and MC Eight. During his first song, "Bury Me a G," his mic started fading in and out. While Thug Life was doing their part, 2Pac was trying to get his mic to work. Half way through his second song he stopped for a moment of silence" for a girl killed in Chicago by a boy who later killed himself. Tupac said, "You better stop killing those babies, or I'll murder you myself." The audience started throwing coins at him. He said, "I don't know who the fuck you think I am. You motherfuckers better quit throwing shit at me." Then he offered a $200 reward for anyone who bring an offender on stage, and said, "He will get you paid, but he will die tonight. You all can flash them gang signs, if you want, but I'll kill all you motherfuckers." Tupac grabbed the mic stand like a sword. He said that he would continue his show for the "real Gs." A member of Thug Life pulled a gun and shots were fired. Later police had to kick in 2Pac's dressing room door. They made everyone kneel with thier hands behind their head as they searched the rooms. They found two semi-automatic weapons that no one admitted to knowing about. Tupac went to California to the studio to do work on Me Against the World. He made "I Thought You Knew," which was supposed to be on Me Against the World. It was released on on a limited basis to DJs on an Interscope sampler with "Straight Ballin," "Out On Bail," and "Are You Still Down." The "Whatta Man" video won Best Dance Video, Best R&B Video, and Best Choreography in a Video at the MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall. On the 7th two people from Milwaukee murdered Officer William Robertson and said that "Souljah's Story" was their inspiration. Tupac went to Marcus Garvey School in South Central L.A. to explain thug life to teachers and administrators. Tupac went shopping on Sunset Blvd. Tupac went to the the West Coast benefit premiere of Jason's Lyric at the Mann National in Westwood. Then he went to a party at the House of Blues for it. Tupac came back and got Keisha a blonde Cockerspaniel named Player. He called Keisha and said, "I bought you a dog." She said that she didn't like dogs and he said, "No, you're going to like this one. He's the cutest thing. He went to her house in New York. One time Keisha was at work and she wasn't expecting him. She came home and he was signing autographs in front of her building. He said, "People went home to get their CD's and tapes. That's how long I've been here." So they went upstairs and he said, "I have to have the keys." He came and visited her a lot. One day Tupac said, "Keish, do you see anything new on my finger?" She asked if he got a manicure. He said, "No, I have new jewelry. Do you see my ring?" He gave what he bought for her to the dog. It was a velvet pouch with a box in it. She got it from Player and it was a big 42 diamond, platinum ring. He said, "I'm giving it to you now. Maybe we'll get married around your birthday." On the 15th Tupac pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge for a lesser sentence in Ingham County Circuit Court in Lansing. Tupac had saved up and bought a new BMW 850. In October Tupac went to Wherehouse a music store in L.A. On the 7th, in Atlanta, Fulton County DA Louis Slaton dropped the aggravated assault charges filed against Tupac from the Whitwells incident. Tupac went to The Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd., in West Hollywood. There was a fight between Treach and some members of the Rolling Sixties. Tupac put on his vest and his guns and went to their place. He said, "Y'all looking for me? Here I am." On the 18th, Eddie F. And The Untouchables: Let's Get It On The Album came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Let's Get It On." On the 20th, Thug Life's album Volume I, came out. The idea was that the album would let gang members become musicians. There were to be several volumes of it, with a new group of gang member rappers each time. Tupac said, "I'm not talking about givin' mutherfuckers summer jobs. I'm talking about doing something real, life careers. I got these groups I took right off the streets. These niggas handlin' they buisness, now they got a deal. That's a life career. If I die, these niggas got a contract that's real. I'm helpin' mutherfuckers that help themselves." In "Bury Me," 2Pac says, "Bury me a G." In "How Long Will They Mourn Me?," he says, "This for my nigga Kato." Tyruss Himes (Syke) said that Kato was like his big brother and he was killed for his car that had $2,500 Dayton rims. 2Pac also says, "How long will they mourn me?/Bury me a muthafuckin' G. In "Under Pressure," 2Pac says right before I die I'll be cursing tha law/reincarnated bitch even worse than before/My four-four's givin' payback/My underhanded plan to get them niggas while they laid back." The "Pour Out a Little Liquor" video premiered. The "Cradle To the Grave" video premiered. Volume II My Life was supposed to come out but it was rejected by Interscope. Tupac got the script for Bullet. He read it in two hours. He went to the place for the audition and he got the part. He loved to read. He like Marvin Gaye's autobiography. He and Keisha went to see Les Miserables. Tupac loved it. He explained it to Keisha, but they had to go because they were hungry. Tupac did an ad with Thug Life for Karl Kani. Tupac was doing Bullet, and Keisha was going to be off a couple days of work from school and work. Tupac wanted his BMW 850 so Keisha said she would fly down and get it. One day she got home from work and she was walking Player. Somehow he ran out in the street and got hit by a car. Tupac said that she tried to kill her dog. He said, "I can get you another dog. Go get my car." She said no. He said, "Take the dog to the hospital, get him checked out. I'll be here. And remember, you have to go get the car tonight." She took Player to the hospital and they said it was going to cost like $1,000. Tupac said, "Oh, hell no. I'll buy you another one. He's not going to be the same anyways." Player was fine, and Keisha rushed home to pack and catch a flight out. She gots to Atlanta and the plates weren't on the car yet. They were trying to get the paperwork and everything together. She left at about 1 to drive i back up to New York. She was real tired so she pulled over to sleep. Then she started driving again. She was still tired and she drove into the grass dividing the highway in Anderson, South Carolina. The airbag came out and messed up her face. She got back on the highway and she got help. The cops told her she'd totaled it. She called Tupac and told him she had crashed the car. He said, "Stop crying. Stop being a punk. I should be crying not you. Calm down. I'm gonna call a travel agent and get you a flight home." She said that she could have been killed. He said, "You were in a $90,000 car. You weren't gonna be killed." She said he didn't care about her. He said, "No, I know you're fine. The car is gone." She said that insurance would pay for it. He said, "You don't know that yet." When she got to New York, and Tupac saw her he said, "You're lucky to have something physically wrong with you. Give me a kiss." He kissed he and said, "You're ugly. You look like Jimmy Walker." He told everyone, "You have to see her face." Two juror's for for Tupac's sex assault trial said that they didn't like him during jury selection. On the 31st Tupac was sentenced by Circuit Judge Lawrence Glazer to 30 days in the Ingham County Jail and 35 hours of community service. On November 6th, Tupac went to Club Expo in New York City with Mickey Rourke and AJ Benza. Carre Otis bought him a beer. He talked to a reporter and he said that Jacques Agnant set him up in the rape case. On the 7th, the trial was supposed to start, but the two jurors that didn't like Tupac were dismissed. The remarks were brought to the lawyers' attention by a prospective juror who overheard them. The need to select two new jurors delayed opening arguments and testimony. Jacques Agnant read about what Tupac had said about the rape case in the Daily News. Keisha would wake him up every morning which was hard because he wanted to sleep. The trial started at courtroom 120 on Centre St. in Manhattan. On the 8th, Spice 1's album, AmeriKKKa's Nightmare came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Jealous Got Me Strapped." Don Jagwarr's album, Faded also came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Skank Wit' U." Keisha would wake him up every morning which was hard because he wanted to sleep. She would get him dressed and make breakfast. Once he got up he would go right into the bathroom and write music or poetry. They would argue about the bathroom because he didn't want her to come in there. He would complain that he never saw her use the bathroom. Sometimes Tupac would have his driver pull up at a store and get some pens and spiral notebooks for him and he would write a song in like 15 minutes. Michael Warren, Tupac's attorney, charged law enforcement officials with erasing sexually explicit messages from a voice mailbox to Tupac left by Ayanna Jackson, while searching the hotel room. On the 10th was Keisha's birthday. Tupac bought her a BMW 735. He had a good system in it. Tupac met Keisha's mom. They didn't hit it off at the beginning, but later he bought he a present. They filmed Bullet in New York. On the set Tupac would call Keisha and have her bring him dinner because he was tired of catered food. He would always tell her to bring it to the wrong place. He said, "Wait, let me have someone tell you exactly where I am." One day while he sat in court there were these little kids climbing on him. During a recess he told Iris Crews, one of his lawyers, that, "If I don't work these kids don't eat." On the 21st, Ralibah Mbonisi (Talibah) testified that Ayanna was jealous of her because she was with Tupac when she came into the room, and accused Tupac of having sex with her. Tupac said, "If I have to go to jail, I don't even want to be living. I want to just cease to exist for however long they have me there, and then when I come out, I'll be reborn, you know what I'm saying? I'll be taking less problems, and that my mind would be sharper, and the venom would be more potent. So, they shouldn't send me there. They should really try to... It's like, you don't want to throw gasoline on a fire to put it out." Tupac said about religion, "I'm the religion that to me is the realist religion there is. I try to pray to God every night unless I pass out. I learned this in jail, I talked to every God there was in jail. I think that if you take one of the O's out of good it's God, if you add a D to evil, it's the Devil. I think some cool motherfucker sat down a long time ago and said let's figure out a way to control motherfuckers. That's what they came up with the Bible. Cause if God wrote the Bible, I'm sure there would have been a revised copy by now. Cause a lot of shit has changed. I've been looking for this revised copy. I still see that same old copy that we had from then. I'm not disrespecting anyone's religion, please forgive me if it comes off that way, I'm just stating my opinion. The Bible tells us that they suffered so much, that's what makes them special people. I got shot five times and I got crucified to the media. And I walked through with the thorns on and I had shit thrown on me and I had the thief at the top; I told that nigga, "I'll be back for you." Trust me, this is not supposed to be going down, I'll be back. I'm not saying I'm Jesus but I'm saying we go through that type of thing everyday. We don't part the Red Sea but we walk through the hood without getting shot. We don't turn water to wine but we turn dope fiends and dope heads into productive citizens of society. We turn words into money. What greater gift can there be. So I believe God blesses us, I believe God blesses those that hustle. Those that use their minds and those that overall are righteous. I believe that everything you do bad comes back to you. So everything that I do that's bad, I'm going to suffer for it. But in my heart, I believe what I'm doing in my heart is right. So I feel like I'm going to heaven. I think heaven is just when you sleep, you sleep with a good conscience, you don't have nightmares. Hell is when you sleep, the last thing you see is all the fucked up things you did in your life and you just see it over and over again, cause you don't burn. If that's the case, it's hell on earth cause bullets burn. There's people that got burned in fires, does that mean they went to hell already? All that is here. What do you got there that we ain't seen here? What, we're gonna walk around aimlessly like zombies? That's here! You ain't been on the streets lately? Heaven now, look! We're sitting up here in the living room. Big screen TV, this is heaven, for the moment. Hell is jail I seen that one. Trust me, this is what's real. And all that other shit is to control you. If the churches took half the money that they was making and gave it back to the community, we'd be alright. If they took half the buildings that they use to "praise God" and gave it to motherfuckers who need God, we'd be alright. Have you seen some of these got damn churches lately? There's ones that take up the whole block in New York. There's homeless people out here. Why ain't God lettin' them stay there? Why these niggas got gold ceilings and shit? Why God need gold ceilings to talk to me? Why does God need colored windows to talk to me? Why God can't come where I'm at where he sent me? If God wanted to talk to me in a pretty spot like that, why the hell he send me here then. That makes ghetto kids not believe in God. Why? So that's wrong religion. I believe in God, I believe God puts us where ever we want to be at. It doesn't make sense that God would put us in the ghetto. That means he wants us to work hard to get up out of here. That means he's testing us even more. That makes sense that if you're good in your heart, you're closer to God but if you're evil than your closer to the devil; that makes sense! I see that everyday all that other spooky shit, don't make sense. I don't even believe, I'm not dissin' them but I don't believe in the brothers, I've been in jail with 'em and having conversations with brothers; "I'm God, I'm God." Yo God, open the gate for me. You know how far the sun is and how far the moon is, how the hell do I pop this fuckin' gate? And get me free and up outta here. Then I'll be a Five Percenter for life." One night Keisha wanted to go out because Tupac was going to a New York restaurant about business. She had to beg him. He said, "Where are you going? Who are you going with? What are you going for. She said that she was just going to dinner. He said, "All right, but you have to be back by 10 p.m." It was already 9 so he said, "Okay, midnight." She knew she wouldn't be able to make dinner, but her friends were going to the Tunnel afterward. She knew he would be proccupied so she went. Tupac showed up and went up to one of her friends and asks her where she is. He said, "Your man allows you here, but her man don't allow her here." She said that she was at home. He said, "You're lying. I dont't believe you." Keisha went out the side door and went home. Tupac came home at 4 a.m. He said, "I'm so proud you didn't go out. I saw your little friends too." She told him the truth later. If everything was in a tither for Tupac he would play the Les Miserables soundtrack. He knew the whole story. I everything was cool he listened to Celine Dion's "Everything I Am, I Am Because of You" or Gerald and Eddie Levert Sr.'s "The Wind Beneath My Wings." If he was in a work mood he listened to his or other rap music. He listened to blues, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Beethoven. On the 24th Tupac went to court. Tupac and Keisha went to Atlanta for Thanksgiving dinner. After the first day of deliberations, Tupac left for a publicity stop in Harlem while the jury was deliberating. On the 29th, Keisha went back to New York. Tupac flew back an hour later. He wanted to have their own Thanksgiving dinner. Tupac had to go to the studio. Keisha asked him to come home and he said, "Well, get my pomegranate, and I'll be home." Ron G called Tupac. "He's, like, 'Pac, I want you to come to my house and lay this rap down for my tapes.' I said, 'All right, I'll come for free.' So I went to his house, me, Stretch, and a couple other homeboys." He made "Representing For Ron G" with Stretch. Ron G later added a verse by Keith Murray. William Johnson had Puffy under extortion so he had to tell him Tupac's pager number because Jimmy Henchman didn't know it. Jacques was with Jimmy Henchmen, and Tupac said, "After I laid the song, I got a page from this guy Booker (Jimmy Henchmen), telling me he wanted me to rap on Little Shawn's record. Now, this guy I was going to charge, because I could see that they was just using me, so I said, "All right, you give me seven G's and I'll do the song." He said, 'I've got the money. Come.' I stopped off to get some weed, and he paged me again. 'Where you at? Why you ain't coming?' I'm, like, 'I'm coming, man, hold on.' When I called him back for directions, he was, like, 'I don't have the money.' I said, 'If you don't have the money, I'm not coming.' He hung up the phone, then called me back. 'I'm going to call Andre Harrell and make sure you get the money, but I'm going to give you the money out of my pocket.' So I said, 'All right, I'm on my way.' As we're walking up to the building, somebody screamed from up the top of the studio. It was Little Caesar, Biggie's sideman. That's my homeboy. As soon as I saw him, all my concerns about the situation were relaxed." Tupac had felt nervous because Booker knew Jacques Agnant. Tupac said, "I didn't want to tell the police, but I can tell the world. Nigel had introduced me to Booker." Tupac said, "Everybody knew I was short on money. All my shows were getting canceled. All my money from my records was going to lawyers. All the movie money was going to my family. So I was doing this type of stuff, rapping for guys and getting paid." At 12:20 a.m. on the 30th, Tupac, Seywika's boyfriend, Zayd, his manager Freddie Moore, and Stretch, get to Times Square's Quad Recording Studio and Jacques Agnant is "outside in army fatigues with his hat low on his face. When we walked to the door, he didn't look up. I've never seen a black man not acknowledge me one way or the other, either with jealousy or respect. But this guy just looked to see who I was and turned his face down. It didn't click because I had just finished smoking chronic. I'm not thinking something will happen to me in the lobby." While their waiting to get buzzed in, Tupac saw William Johnson sitting at a table reading a newspaper. Tupac said, "He didn't look up either. So first I'm, like, these dudes must be security for Biggie, because I could tell they were from Brooklyn from their army fatigues. But then I said, wait a minute even Biggie's homeboys love me, why don't they look up? I pressed the elevator button, turned around, and that's when the dudes came out with the guns, two identical 9 mms. I'm thinking Stretch is going to fight, he was towering over those niggas. From what I know about the criminal element, if niggas come to rob you, they always hit the big nigga first, but they didn't touch Stretch, they came straight to me. They started grabbing at me to see if I was strapped. They said, 'Take off your jewels,' and I wouldn't take them off. The light-skinned dude, the one that was standing outside, was on me. Stretch was on the floor, and the dude with the newspaper was holding the gun on him. Then I got scared, because the dude had the gun to my stomach. All I could think about was piss bags and shit bags. I drew my arm around him to move the gun to my side. He shot and the gun twisted and that's when I got hit the first time. I felt it in my leg. I didn't know I got shot in my balls. I dropped to the floor. Everything in my mind said, Pac, pretend you're dead. They started kicking me, hitting me. I was quiet as hell. They were snatching my shit off me while I was laying on the floor. I had my eyes closed, but I was shaking, because the situation had me shaking. And then I felt something on the back of my head, something real strong. I thought they stomped me or pistol-whipped me and they were stomping my head against the concrete. I didn't hear nothing, and I couldn't see nothing, it was just all white. So I'm going unconscious, and I'm not feeling no blood on my head or nothing. The only thing I felt was my stomach hurting real bad. My sister's boyfriend turned me over and said, 'Yo, are you all right?' I was, like, 'Yes, I'm hit, I'm hit.' And Fred is saying he's hit, but that was the bullet that went through my leg. So I stood up and I went to the door and the shit that fucked me up as soon as I got to the door, I saw a police car sitting there. I was, like, "Uh-oh, the police are coming, and I didn't even go upstairs yet." They had taken Tupac's $30,000 diamond ring and $10,000 worth in gold chains. They left Tupac's diamond-encrusted Rolex. They also took $5,000 worth of Fred's jewelry. Fred chased Jacques Agnant and William Johnson, but collaped in front of a strip club next door. Jacques and William ran back upstairs to the studio because the police were coming and they didn't have the time to get on the train. Tupac's friends dragged him into the elevator and up to the 8th floor studio to give him first aid. Tupac said, "I looked around, and it scared the shit out of me because Andre Harrell was there, Puffy was there, Biggie. There was about 40 niggas there. All of them had jewels on. More jewels than me. I saw Booker, and he had this look on his face like he was surprised to see me. Why? I had just beeped the buzzer and said I was coming upstairs. Little Shawn bust out crying. I went, 'Why is Little Shawn crying, and I got shot?' He was crying uncontrollably like, 'Oh my God, Pac, you've got to sit down." I was feeling weird, like, 'Why do they want to make me sit down?' I didn't know I was shot in the head yet. I opened my pants, and I could see the gunpowder and the hole in my Karl Kani drawers. I didn't want to pull them down to see if my dick was still there. I just saw a hole and went, 'Oh shit, roll me some weed.' I called my girlfriend and I was, like, 'Yo, I just got shot. Call my mother and tell her.' I noticed that nobody would look at me. Andre Harrell wouldn't look at me. I had been going to dinner with him the last few days. He had invited me to the set of New York Undercover, telling me he was going to get me a job. Puffy was standing back too. I knew Puffy. He knew how much stuff I had done for Biggie before he came out. That was the last time Tupac ever saw Puffy. They started telling me, 'Your head! Your head is bleeding,' but I thought it was just a pistol-whip. Then the ambulance came, and the police." Two of the first four police officers that came were William Kelly and Joseph Kelly and seconds later, Officer Craig McKernan arrived. Craig had supervised the Kellys in Tupac's arrest at the Parker Meridien and had just testified at the rape trial. Tupac said, "Hi, Officer McKernan." An EMS team put a brace around Tupac's neck and strapped him to a board. The stretcher didn't fit into the elevator, so he had to be propped upright, blood streaming down from his wounds. Craig helped carry him out past a photographer. Tupac said, "I can't believe you're taking my picture on a stretcher," and flipped him off. Tupac said, "When I got to Bellevue Hospital, the doctor was going, 'Oh my God!' I was, like, 'What? What?' And I was hearing him tell other doctors, 'Look at this. This is gunpowder right here.' He was talking about my head. I said, 'Oh my God. I could feel that.' And that's when I said, 'Oh shit, they shot me in my head.' They said, 'You got shot five times.' I could only remember that first shot, then everything went blank. I felt God cared for me from the first time the niggas pulled the gun out. The only thing that hurt me was that Stretch and them all fell to the floor." Tupac continued to bleed heavily all day, so at 1:30 P.M., Dr. Leon Pachter, chief of Bellevue's trauma department, 11 other doctors operated on the damaged blood vessel high in Tupac's right leg. At 4 he was out of surgery. Billy came to visit him, and they renewed their relationship. Tupac said, "I knew my life was in danger. The Fruit of Islam was there, but they didn't have guns." At 6:45, he checked himself out of the hospital and Afeni, who had flown up from Atlanta, wheeled Tupac out the back door, through a crowd of reporters. On December 1st, he went to Manhattan Supreme Court in New York. Tupac didn't have to go, but he said, "I felt like if the jury didn't see me, they would think I'm doing a show or some shit, because they were sequestered and didn't know I got shot. So I knew I had to show up no matter what. I sat there in a wheelchair, and the judge was not looking me in my eyes. He never looked me in my eyes the whole trial. So the jury came in, and the way everybody was acting, it was like a regular everyday thing. And then I start feeling they're going to do what they're going to do. Then I felt numb. I said, "I've got to get out of here." He checked into into Metropolitan Hospital Center on East 97th St. under the name Bob Day. Tupac was acquitted of the three sodomy counts and the weapons charges, but convicted of two counts of sexual abuse. A few jurors had argued for full acquittal and saw the verdict as a compromise. Richard Devitt, one of the jurors, said that there was not enough evidence. Sentencing was delayed because of Tupac's condition, and he remained free on $25,000 bail. Tupac said, "They gave me a phone and said, 'You're safe here.' But the phone would ring and someone would say, 'You ain't dead yet?' So I checked myself out." Tupac went to Jasmine Guy's house in New York City. Tupac said, "The bullets didn't hurt. Nothing hurt until I was recovering. I have headaches. I wake up screaming. I've been having nightmares, thinking they're still shooting me. All I see is niggas pulling guns, and I hear the dude saying, 'Shoot that motherfucker!' Biggie came and visited him at Jasmine Guy's house. The investigation was stopped because Tupac didn't cooperate with the police. William Johnson, was a suspect in his shooting. Law enforcement investigated him after he said to a confidential informant that Tupac is a sucker and not a real gangster. He also said that he shot him. On the 6th Tupac was supposed to go to court for a hearing on weapons charges from the speeding incident, but didn't. On the 7th, a judge ordered his arrest. Puffy wrote to Tupac telling him he wanted to see him and how much love he had for him. Tupac wrote back: Well Puff everything's cool. Ain't no problem like that. I really don't want us to have a meeting about it like that. Tupac said, "Sit down and conversate with Puffy and Biggie, cause that's like Scarface sitting down with the dude he overthrough. They not on my level, but I can sith down with the OGs from there, which is what we doing. People don't even know we not beefing with the Eastcoast. On the 23rd, Tupac surrendered to police and went to Bellvue's prison ward. Tupac was friends with Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders. On January 15th, 1995 he went to the NFC Championship Cowboys/49ers game at Candlestick Park in San Fransisco. Tupac did an interview with Kevin Powell for Vibe at Riker's Island called Ready To Live. On the 24th, Too Short's album, Cocktails came out, 2Pac is on it with, "We Do This." On the 25th a judge extended an arrest warrant for Tupac. On February 7th, in a New York State Supreme courtroom, he was sentenced to one and a half to four and a half years. Tupac was sent to Clinton Correctional Facilities in Dannemora, New York. At first they put him in general population. Then he got moved to involuntary protective custody. Keisha came and visited him. She brought him $1000 of his, but you could only leave $50 a day. Ayanna brought a civil suit against Tupac, but it was settled. Paul Brenner said that police planted the gun. Robert "Yummi" Sanderford, who was a gang member in Chicago, was found dead in a gutter. He was killed by members of his own gang because they said his killing were getting too much police attention. On March 1st, Tupac went to Downstate Correctional Facility in Fishkill, New York. On the 14th, 2Pac's album, Me Against the World, came out. It was supposed to be called Crucify. It went double platinum. In, "If I Die 2Nite," 2Pac says, "I hope they bury me and send me to my rest/ headlines reading, Murdered to Death/my last breath." In "Young Niggas" he says, "I wanna dedicate this one to Robert "Yummi" Sanderford and all tha other little young niggas that's in tha rush to be gangstas." In, "Lord Knows," he says, "I wonder if the lord will forgive me/and bury me a G." In, "Death Around The Corner," he says, "Bury me as a G, nigga." There is a mistake in "Can U Get Away." 2Pac talks to a girl on the phone, and at the end of their conversation he asks her, "What's wrong with you eyes? Why you got on them glasses?" E-40's album, In a Major Way, also came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Dusted 'N Disgusted." The "So Many Tears" video premiered on MTV, in it there is a Tupac double. On the 21st, the Bad Boys soundtrack came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Me Against the World." Pump Ya Fist: Hip-Hop Inspired By The Black Panthers also came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Throw Your Hands Up." Tupac said, "My music is not for everyone. It's only for the strong-willed, the street soldiers. It's not like party music, I mean you could gig to it, but it's spiritual. It's like Negro spirituals, except for the fact that I'm not saying, We Shall Overcome. I'm saying that we are overcome." Tupac went to the Reds/Dodgers game at Plant City Stadium in Plant City, Florida. Tupac is on the cover of the April issue of Vibe. Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member by Sanyika Shakur (Monster Kody) was published. In the acknowlegdments he gives bulletproof unity to Tupac Shakur. On the 29th, Tupac married Keisha in prison. Attendance was limited to officials, but Keisha's mom and Tupac's cousin witnessed it. When the woman who performed the wedding said ...with all your worldly possesions..., Tupac said, "Well Keisha, can't have my pool table or my big screen TV." They talked about moving to Arizona and what they would name their kids. Tupac started to oganize his finances, and tried to settle his lawsuits. Charles Ogletree represented Tupac in his appeal. On May 11th, an Appellate Division judge changed Tupac's bail to $1.4 million. B.I.G.'s single Big Poppa came out. In "Who Shot Ya," B.I.G. says, "Who shot ya?/Seperate the weak from the obsolete/Hard to creep them Brooklyn streets/It's on nigga, fuck all that bickering beef/I can hear sweat trickling down your cheek/Your heartbeat sound like Sasquatch feet/Thundering, shaking the concrete/Finish it, stop/when I foil the plot/Neighbors call the cops/said they heard mad shots/Saw me in the drop." Puffy says, "West coast motherfuckers/ As we proceed/to give you what you need." Preston Holmes, a close friend of his contacted him to say he was interested in setting up a studio deal where Tupac would create and develop projects with another writer when he got out of prison. Tupac had been working on a few screenplays, one was an ensemble piece to star himself and other young black people, another was to be set in a mental facility, and another was to dramatize Nat Turner's slave revolt with himself as Nat. When he told Preston about it he said, "Why do you think I have 1831 tattooed on my back? That's for Nat. I been studying this brother. That's a bad motherfucka." Tupac had know Preston's daughter since she as little. One time he invited them to the set of one of his music videos. Preston's daughter and her friend spent the day dressing and when they got there Tupac looked at them and said, "What are you doing dressed like that. Ya'll had better go home and put some clothes on." On the 23rd Tupac did a concert with E-40 and Tru Dis at the World Music Theatre in Tinley Park, Illinois put on by 106JAMZ. A guard smelled weed from Tupac's prison cell, so he tested for it, and the tests came out positive. Tupac said, "It's not a new allegiance to the west coast, I've been on the west coast all this time. Some people, not all, some people on the east coast are on their dicks so hard, they never heard me say that I'm living on the west coast. I always gave New York their props. On Me Against The World, I took a whole song to give it up. So now on the next album, I wanna give it up, for my home, where I'm at, everybody got a problem. Why don't they have a problem with Biggie saying Brooklyn in the house every fucking show he do. They just did a Sprite commercial with the Bridge and KRS, why isn't it hip-hop when I do it? When I do it, it's war. That's all I'm doing. All I'm doing is saying that I'm tired of you talking about where you're from. If that's what we're gonna do now. I've done more for the east coast than the east coast did. I put them niggas on to more weed gates and weed spots and safe havens and safe spots than the east coast did. I put more rappers on than they did. I gave Biggie his first shows! I was that bridge that niggas used to walk on to get over here." Jamie Foster Brown came to visit Tupac in prison and met Keisha. Tupac said, "I was looking at like serving three years, I called Suge and said, "Yo, I want to be with the Row. I want you to manage me because I'm in jail and no one is handling my business while I'm in jail, nobody's putting it down like I want to put it down." I knew he's a man that would put things down. I trust him, his word, you know. I really couldn't trust nobody in business no more, so I chose him." Suge said that David Kenner, the Death Row lawyer, who visited him prison often could win permission to post bail. One of his lawyers, Stewart Levy came to visit him in prison. Tupac had two rectal searches. On the 25th 2Pac did a concert in L.A. with Snoop and Dre. In June Tupac was confined to his prison cell for 23 hours a day for two months for the weed incident. He also lost two months of good behavior time and other privileges. The "Dear Mama" video, directed by Lionel C. Martin premiered on Yo! MTV Raps. Tupac is in pictures and video clips in it. On the 15th he went to the United Center on W. Madison to do a concert with Ice Cube and Mack-10. On the 24th, he went to Blake Shine's birthday party. In July Kevin Times became his bodyguard. On the 3rd 2Pac did a concert in Compton with Snoop and Dre. Despite the $600,000 Interscope advanced Tupac, he had no money because of his legal fees. Tupac said, "I was demanded to go into bankruptcy. I was just about to do it, when a friend of mine advised me not to, 'cause it would lower my credibility. So, instead I went to court, and won." On the 28th, Casper premiered. In it they play "Same Song." On August 1st, Smooth's album, Smooth came out, 2Pac is on it with, "P.Y.T.(Playa Young Thugs)." Raekwon's album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... also came out. In "Heaven & Hell" Raekwon says, "Yo, he knew we knew him/so we blew him/Took thirty Gs worth of jewels of that nigga." On the 3rd, the Source Awards were held. Above the Rim won Motion Picture Soundtrack of the Year and "Natural Born Killaz" won Video of the Year. Tupac said, "I felt like because I was this big Black Panther type of nigga, I couldn't be friends with Madonna, and so I dissed her, even though she showed me nothing but love. I felt bad, because when I went to jail, I called her and she was the only person that was willing to help me. Same thing with Mickey Rourke, he just befriended me. And from now on, it's not going to be a strictly black thing with me. I even apologized to Quincy Jones for all the stuff I said about him and his wives. I'm apologizing to the Hughes brothers, but not John Singleton. He's inspiring me to write screenplays, because I want to be his competition. He fired me from Higher Learning and gave my idea to the next actor." 2Pac did a concert in Alberquerque at the Tingly Collessium with Dre and Snoop. Tupac said, "I feel close to Marvin Gaye, Vincent Van Gogh. Nobody appreciated his work until he was dead, now it's worth millions. I feel close to him, how tormented he was. Him and Marvin too." On the 8th, The Show soundtrack, came out, 2Pac is on it with, "My Block." 2Pac did a concert in at the Coca-Cola Starlake Amphitheatre in Pittsburg with B.I.G., Dre, and Snoop. Tupac said, "I'm going to team up with Mike Tyson when we get out. Team up with Monster Kody from California. I'm going to start an organization called Us First. I'm going to save these young niggas, because nobody else want to save them. Nobody ever came to save me. That's why Thug Life to me is dead. If it's real, then let somebody else represent it, because I'm tired of it." Puffy said that he hope Tupac thug life shit was over and that if you're going to be a thug you have to live and die a thug, because there's no jumping in and out of thugism. He also said that the only thugs he knew were dead or in jail. Or about to be. Tupac said that Wendy Williams and Donnie Simpson made light of his thug life existence. Tupac said, "They're just begging for me to whip their ass." Tupac said, "We are in the midst of a very dangerous, non-productive, self-destructive civil war. And it's not just rap shit. It's ideals. And this rap shit is just bringin' it to a head. The east coast believe one thing, and the west coast believe another thing. The east coast got one way of life, the west coast got another way of life, it always coexisted. We're coming on the turn of the century where we gotta mash together, but we can only do it one way, one style. And that's what we're trying to figure out now, and I think the world is watching that." Tupac had friends to star in a series of vignettes shot in an L.A. hotel for his video "Temptations." They finished the video on the 21st. The "Temptations" video, directed by David Nelson with Coolio, Ice-T, Salt-N-Pepa, Dre, Yo Yo, Jada, Treach, and B-Real premiered on MTV. Tupac started the group Outlaw Immortalz (Napoleon (Yafeu Fula), Ahmeed, Komain, Homai, Mussolini, Hussein Fatal (Duane Hitchings), E.D.I. Mean (Malcolm Greenridge), and Kastro), which names came from famous war dictators and political outlaws. He didn't let them or Syke sign with Death Row, because he "didn't want any of them to live in bondage." OUTLAW stands for Operating Under Thugs Laws As Warriors. Tupac is on the cover of the September issue of the Source. On the 16th Suge and David Kenner presented Tupac with a three-page contract that named David Tupac's legal representative and Suge the controller of his business affairs. It also said for 2Pac to do three albums in exchange for his freedom. The first album was to be based on material already recorded, the second would be released in '96, and the third would be released in '97. Tupac would receive an advance of $1 million for the first album, in addition to $125,000 for a car, a $120,000 expense allowance for one year, a $250,000 legal fund to be spent as Tupac desired, and David's legal services. Tupac would be paid a royalty of 18% for sales of the first album, plus a bonus of 1% if it went Gold, and another 1% if it went Platinum. For the second and third, Tupac would be paid an advance of no less than $1 million, or $1 million for every million copies of the prior album which was sold, and he would be paid a royalty of 18% of sales, plus a bonus of l% if it went Gold, and another 1% if it went Platinum. Tupac signed it in prison. Interscope gave Tupac a verbal release, and Tupac also signed a handwritten letter of memorandum to them, which said that no people other than Suge and David were authorized to represent Tupac in connection with his music and recordings. Mental Illness, a friend of Tupac through Syke, was killed, and Syke's brother commited suicide. On the 19th, Tupac went to the Mike Tyson/Peter McNeeley fight at the MGM Grand with Kevin Times, Suge, and The Outlaws. He met Chuck Black. Tupac said, "The real tragedy is that there are some ignorant brothers out here. That's why I'm not on this all white or all black shit. I'm on this all real or all fake shit with people, whatever color you are. The same niggas that did Malcolm X, the same niggas that did Jesus Christ, every brother ain't a brother. They will do you. So just because it's Black, don't mean it's cool. And just because it's white, don't mean it's evil." On the 21st, Tupac went to lunch in L.A. with the son of a member of the CIA that he was working with. On the 31st, MTV Party To Go 7 came out, 2Pac is on it with the, "Dear Mama" radio version. In October Tupac went the Source Awards in New York City. Then he went to the afterparty at a club called Mars. During Wantani's last meeting with Tupac in prison Tupac said, "I know I'm selling my soul to the devil." The New York Court of Appeals granted him leave to post bail. $850,000 was raised by Atlantic Records, which was posted in a corporate guarantee. The rest was put up with a $300,000 bail bond and $250,000 in cash from Suge or Interscope. It was all secured by the future royalties earned by Tupac. On the 19th, Tupac was released from prison. Tupac said, "When I was in jail, Suge was the only one who used to see me. Nigga used to fly a private plane, all the way to New York, and spend time with me. He got his lawyer to look into all my cases. When I got out of jail, he had a private plane for me, a limo, five police officers for security. I promised him, "Suge, I'm gonna make Death Row the biggest label in the whole world. I'm gonna make it bigger than Snoop even made it." I'm gonna take it to the next level." Tupac said another factor for him signing to Death Row was that Interscope was going to maybe leave Time Warner. He said, "I was like, 'Dang, they don't care about us.' I mean, it's not Interscope's fault, but they really don't owe us anything and at any minute we could be alone without a contract after you put all your heart on the line, your music on the line, you went out there and gave all your talent up and all of a sudden, it's not good enough any more and they'll kick you off. So I was like, by going to Death Row, it's like two superpowers joining up. It would be similar to the U.S. and England teamin' up against anybody. So I felt it was like joining two super powers. And if rap music was going to have to fight for its right to be uncensored, then this was the team for me to get on, to wage that battle." Josh Herman was a friend of Tupac's. He made $50,000 in commissions from bail bonds from him. Tupac went to L.A. He had dinner with George Pryce. He annulled his marriage. He went to Can-Am recording studios on Oxnard St. the studio for Death Row, in Tarzana, California on the 21st. On the 22nd, he had already completed four songs. He met Faith in L.A., while he was recording. Faith said that he was cool and that she saw him at some parties. Before going back to New York, she recorded a reference vocal for him, and the next thing she new people were telling her she was in "Wonda Why They Call U Bytch." She bought him a suit on a shopping spree. It was rumored that Faith sold her wedding ring to do so. Tupac said, "Stole my lyrics, I stole his bitch. He touched my style, I touched his wife." When asked about Faith Tupac said, "You know I don't kiss and tell." Tupac said, "When I sat down to write this album, I thought a lot about the night I got shot and how I thought I was going to die and shit." I thought about the kids I'd never have. The words began to flow." On the 25th 2Pac had finished 14 songs. Tupac got with Da Brat and made "So So Crazy," which supposed to be on All Eyez on Me. Tupac didn't have a Porsche, but Steve Cantrock and Suge did. He was charged $23,857 for repairs to one. Tupac wanted a backup group so he held a talent show. The first prize was the chance to perform with a Death Row artist. The people left were The Plague, about 30 rappers that eventually had to break up. Tupac wrote a movie called, Live To Tell. Tupac was talking about doing a movie with Snoop, that Pooh was working on. Tupac said, "Doing eleven months of maximum security penitentiary time for a crime you didn't commit would definitely make you a little bitter, but I'm trying not to be bitter. I'm trying to let that be my ambition. Now I'm very ambitious. This year will mark a new ground for Tupac where I'm relentless. There's no boundaries. I'm not looking at no stop signs. I'm going full speed ahead. I'm planning on touching everything with my name on it, and there's a lot of stuff with my name on it, so I'm out there." Tupac liked Jim Carrey. Tupac met Quincy Jones' daughter Kidada at a club, it wasn't good though because she was mad at him for what he said about her dad. The second time he saw her he apologized and gave her his phone number. On their third meeting Tupac introduced her to Afeni. He said, "I love her she's going to be my wife, she's having my children." Tupac went to Ted's office on Wilshire Blvd. in L.A and said he had co-offers with Interscope. Tupac said, "I don't have to talk about whether or not I got raped in jail. If I wouldn't lay down on the floor for two niggas with pistols, what the fuck make you think I would bend over for a nigga without weapons? That got started either by some guards or by some jealous niggas." The prosecution and the defense have agreed to delay further action on Tupac's appeal until May because of juror misconduct and police failured to disclose that the arresting officer had once been suspended for flashing his gun at customers in a restaurant. Tupac and Kidada went to a L.A. deli one night. Quincy came to their booth and said he needed to talk to him. Tupac said, "Mr. Jones, I need to have a few words with you too, sir." They went to another table and talked, then they hugged. On the 27th he did an interview with Tabitha Soren for MTV. He bought a 2.2 acre house with six bedrooms in Stone Mountain, Georgia for Afeni. She grew a garden outside the master bedroom window that didn't gro very well. In November, One Million Strong came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Runnin'." On the 3rd, A Marin County Superior Court jury was seated for the wrongful death lawsuit against Tupac and Interscope for the Marin City incident. They offered a $300,000 settlement, but it was rejected. On the 4th, Tupac did an interview with Street Heat in the back of Suge's office. He said the media wants "to show is one side, which is distorted. That's a distorted view. If they would show the good things and the bad things, I would have no complaints, and it would even make them look better. When you just show me doing all this bad stuff, then people gonna just start thinking like 'Wait a minute, this dude can't be doing all this bad stuff.' I mean, come on. They don't show nothing else. So it's really helpin' me, cause it's making it look one-sided and untrue. I'm not gonna harp on everything that's unfair, cause life is unfair. Nobody said it's gonna be easy or fair. I'm not even gonna trip off it. I'm just gonna push forward. When I stop, I stop. When the wheels fall off, the wheels fall off, but until then I'm gonna put the foot to the metal." 2Pac and Tha Dogg Pound performed at Club 662, on E. Flamingo Road, in Las Vegas after the Riddick Bowe/Evander Holyfield fight at the MGM Grand. On the 6th, the a civil suit started. Tupac's lawyer, Dennis Cunningham said that he was attacked by a mob of angry people who were insulted by remarks that Tupac had made about Marin City in a broadcast interview. The case was supposed to take a month, but on the 7th, it was settled out of court. Judge Gerald Ragan called the 12 member jury back to the courtroom, dismissed them and ordered the case file sealed from public view. Interscope paid $300,000 to $500,000 to Ocita Teal and Darrell Walker. South Central Cartel's album, 'N Gatz We Truss came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Gangsta Team." On the 21st, LL Cool J's album Mr. Smith came out. In "Hip Hop" LL Cool J says, "Survival Of The Fittest/Mobb Deep and Lost Boyz lickin' shots/got the game hot/They even flipped on Tupac. In "I Shot Ya" he says, "What's up with that I shot ya deal?/Light shit, niggas slip now how the bullet feel?/New York appeal/in L.A. they gang bang/but if you touch a mic your motherfuckin' ass hang/That's facts/niggas don't recieve no type of slack/cause if they do/they ass is always runnin' back/Not this time, but next time I'm a name names/LL shittin' from on top of the game/I shot ya." On the 23rd, Thanksgiving, Death Row paid for free food to be passed out on the block of a South Central L.A. community center at 11 a.m. Tupac and Suge got there late. Tupac helped pass out $400,000 worth of turkeys. Tupac snarled at the Dutch TV crew. On the 30th, Stretch was found murdered execution style in Queens. In December Tupac went to Stretch's funeral in New York City. On the 5th, The MTV Interview debuted, Tupac's interview with Tabitha Soren was on it. 2Pac got with Smoke and Thug Life to make "Comrades" which was supposed to be on All Eyez on Me. In it he says, "I bust a Bad Boy middle finger to Da Brat/go get your young ass smacked." On the 15th, Tupac helped pass out 850 toys to kids at Foster Elementary School in Compton. On the 17th on FOX on The Simpsons they aired the episode Marge Not Be Proud. At the beginning Bart and Lisa are watching TV and the announcer says stay tuned for a video Christmas card from Tupac Shakur--We wish you a gangsta Christmas. They filmed the "California Love" video at El Mirage Desert Dry Lake Bed in California. The set cost $600,000. He talked to Vibe and did a TV interview in his trailer. Tupac talked to Vibe on the phone. Tupac went to a Death Row Christmas party at the Chateau Le Blanc mansion on Astral Dr. in Hollywood. Bad Boy promoter Mark Anthony Bell went upstairs to a room where Tupac, Suge, and their crew were drinking. He was tied to a chair a interogated and beaten with champagne bottles. Mark got $600,000 from Death Row, and didn't press charges. Tupac went to the Waiting Exhale party. 2Pac went on the Ice Breaker 95 Tour. On the 31st, Tupac went to Death Row's New Year's party with Salli Richardson. On January 1, 1996, the Sunset Park soundtrack came out, 2Pac is in it with, "High 'Til I Die." 2Pac was suppossed to do a concert on tour at Miami Arena on the corner of 34th St. and 7th Ave., but he got sick and it was canceled. Tupac and Dre hosted a special MTV Jams with Bill Bellemy. At the end they premiered the "California Love" video, directed by Hype Williams with Chris Tucker. It's California in 2095 and based on Mad Max. It's a battle betwween East and West. Monster is a symbol of East Coast rap. At the end 2Pac wakes up and the screen reads: TO BE CONTINUED. On the 3rd, 2Pac was supposed to do a concert on tour at Gund Arena on the corner of Ontario and Huron in Cleveland, but it was postponed until the 4th because of a blizzard. Tupac was charged $10,994 rent in connection with an apartment on Wilshire Blvd. that other Death Row artists lived in. $1,728 $1,828 When Wylef Jean met Tupac, he thought he was the funniest guy in the world. Tupac talked about how he wanted to work with him, and liked his unconventional approach. They hung out that night. On the 12th Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood premiered. In it a guy comes in a mini mart and shoots someone. Then he scratches his name off of a list in his hand that also has Tupac's name on it. Warren Beatty spent time late at night with Tupac. On the 22nd, Tupac was arrested for violating his probation by failing to do a work crew assignment, but was freed after posting bail an hour later. In the February issue of Vibe Tupac is on the cover with Suge, Dre, and Snoop. Tupac went to Tanger Factory Outlet Center's parking lot in Commerce, Georgia for a photo shoot for a magazine. He posed with Mustangs. Tupac went to Richmond with . He went to house on 41st and Barrett and to the St. Paul's school dance. On the 6th Tupac went to the Los Angeles County Criminal Court Building to Snoop's murder trial. He said, "Today is We Love Snoop Day." On the 7th, Tupac was charged $4,800 rent for the Wilshire Blvd. apartment. Tupac, who was in New York at the time, talked to Suge and another Death Row representative, who were in California at the time, on the phone, in which they told him that he had spent $2 million more than he was entitled to receive. Tupac went to Def Jam's 10th Anniversary celebration in New York. On Friday the 13th, 2Pac's album, All Eyez on Me, came out. It went sextimple platinum, and was the first solo rap artist double album. The discs are entitled Book 1 and Book 2. Book 1 and Book 2 are by Machiavelli. On the inside cover, there are pictures that show all of his tatoos from the chest up some of them were; On the right side of his chest he had Queen Nefertete's head with 2.DIE.4 underneath it. On his left shoulder he had a panther head. On his left upperarm he had Jesus's head on a burning cross, and to the left of it, it said Only God can judge me. On his left inner arm he had Trust Nobody. On his left forearm he had OUTLAW. He had four tribals tatoos above and below it. On his right shoulder he had westside. On his right upperarm he had HEARTLESS with a skull crossbones underneath it. Underneath that he had My only fear of death is coming back reincarnated. On his right forearm he had Notorious. On the back of his neck he had a crown with PLAYAZ underneath it. Underneath it he had FUCK THE WORLD. On a cross on his back he had Exodus. On each side of the cross is a clown mask. The mask on his right is crying and under it, it says cry later. The mask on his left is smiling and it says SMILE NOW. On the bottom of his back is BALLIN. In, "Ambitionz Az a Ridah," 2Pac says, "But I'm back reincarnated." In "Got My Mind Made Up," he says, "It's similar to Rhythm Nation, but thugged out/Forgive me Janet." Tupac said, "If anybody finds Janet, tell her I'm looking for her. That's why I said that shit in my song, but give me Janet. I feel like she got shit twisted and people gone made her my enemy. I ain't mad at her. I want her to know that. She met me at a time in my life when I was real immature. I was comin' up and going through a lot. Now she probably sees me in a whole different light. Maybe not and maybe she will. I want that opportunity. When I see Janet, I'm gonna try to make right where we made wrong." In, "No More Pain," he says, "When I die, I want to be a living legend." He also says, "My only fear of death is reincarnation/A heart of a soldier with the brains to teach a whole nation." That might refer to Machiavelli or Jesus. In "How Do U Want It," he says, "I wanna live my life and ball, make a couple million/and then I'm chilin', fade em all/These taxes for me crossed up with people trying to sue me/media in my business actin' like they know me/but I'm mash out, peel out." He also says, "DeLores Tucker you's a muthafucker/Instead of tryin' to help a nigga, you destroy a brotha." In, "Heartz Of Men," he says, "Convinced this is my year like I'm the chosen man/Give me money and label me as a god/If niggas is having problems smoke 'em fire and bomb/I died and came back." In, "Life Goes On," he says, "Bury me smiling, with G's in my pocket/Have a party at my funeral, let every rapper rock it." In "Only God Can Judge Me," Rappin' 4Tay says, "Remember Tupac and 4Tay/them same two brothers died from bullets representin' the Bay." Tupac said, "Because I can't always be in the Bay. I know how the Bay is. The Bay is the type of place where if you ain't there they're gonna talk about you. Rappin' 4Tay has always been raw to me and I like his style. When I was in jail I used to always listen to stuff so when I got out we clicked and did the song. Now he's in jail and I gotta do what he did for me." In "Tradin' War Stories" he says, "Machiavelli as my tutor/Donald Goines my father figure." "Can't C Me" was supposed to be on The D.O.C.'s album Helter Skelter, but Suge got rid of Dre and Ice Cube's vocals without Dre's permission and put Tupac on it. In "Holla At Me" 2Pac says, "Are you confused/You wonder how it feels to walk a mile inside tha shoes/Of a nigga who don't have a thing to lose/When me and you was homies/No one informed me it was all a scheme/You infiltrated my team and sold a niggas dreams/How could you do me like that/I took ya family in/I put some cash in ya pocket/Made you a man again." He also says, "I lost respect for you nigga/We can never be friends/I know I'm runnin' through your head now/What could you do/If it was up to you/I"d be dead now/I let tha world know nigga you a coward/You could never be live/Until you die." Faith said that Death Row sent a letter requesting clearance for her to sing on 2Pac's album, but the two labels could not reach an agreement. Acccording to Death Row, the vocalist for "Wonda Why They Call U Bytch" is Jewell. In it 2Pac says, "Dear Ms. DeLores Tucker, keep stressin' me fuckin' with a muthafuckin' mind. I figured you wanted to know you know why we call them hoes bitches and maybe this might help you understand. It ain't personal, strictly business baby. In, "Check Out Time," he says, "Plus room all up in Vegas/I'm a boss playa/death before I let these bitches break us." In, "Ain't Hard 2 Find," he says, "I heard a rumor I died/murdered in cold blood dramatized/pictures of me in my final stage/You know mama cried/but that was fiction/some coward got the story twisted/Like I know longer existed/mysteriously missing." He also says, "Why the fuck you cowards be running/too scared to fight a G?/For the life of me/I cannot see/how motherfuckers picture livin' life after a night of fuckin' around with me/And if you don't like this rhyme/then bring your big bad ass to California/cause we ain't hard to find." Bruce, a Rolling 60s Crip and member of a local Blood gang in L.A., managed Dramacydal and allowed Suge to use him on All Eyez on Me as part of the Outlawz. Bruce asked for his royalties, but Suge wouldn't give them to him and said he was keeping Dramacydal. Bruce was murdered and days later his girlfriend was also murdered. They were found together in a car. Tupac called Bruce's dad to tell him that he had nothing to do with the killings. Tupac said, "If you come to Death Row, you will see your art brought to a bigger plateau, and you will be paid one of these days." Tupac went to Brooklyn to visit Biggie and his daughter Tarnia. Tupac started his own production company called Euphanasia. He had Yaasmyn Fula to come to L.A. to run it with Molly Monjouze. Yaasmyn tried to organize Tupac's business affairs, and Molly did his financing for an at risk youth center, the bankrolling of year round South Central sports teams, and the setting up of an 800 number that would allow kids to call him when they had a problem. Tupac and Yaasmyn stayed at the Westwood Marquis Hotel and Gardens on Hilgard Ave. in Beverly Hills for several months. Tupac had another company called 24/7, for his music and video work, the scripts he was writing, and the books he would begin as soon as he finished the plans he was doing with Leila to reform the educational system. He was also working on tutoring for the Outlaws. Tupac told Hammer that he wanted to do free concerts for schools and the only way you could get in was to have at least a C average. Tupac wrote "Unconditional Love" he gave it to Hammer as a gift. Tupac was charged $115,507 for three pieces of jewelry from B.L. Diamonds, Suge said that the jewelry was a gift to Tupac from Suge, but the bills were never paid. On the 17th, 2Pac performed his verse in "California Love," "Shed So Many Tears," and "I Ain't Mad At Cha" and on Saturday Night Live on NBC. On the 18th, Tupac went to Chasity and Old Dirty Bastard's wedding. Tupac went to South America with Snoop. On the 21st, Tupac went parasailing with Snoop. Tupac performed with Hammer, Tha Dogg Pound, Danny Boy at Snoop's post verdict party hosted by Suge at Monty's Steak & Seafood on Glendon Ave. on the 21st floor of a Westwood apartment building. On the 28th, Tupac went to the Grammy Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A., and presented the Best Pop Vocal Performace of the Year award with Kiss. He was nominated for best Rap Solo Performance for "Dear Mama" and best Rap Album for Me Against the World. He went to MCA's afterparty. Tupac said, "If Colin Powell was president, I'd follow him. I wanna get into politics. That's the way for us to overcome a lot of our obstacles. Nothing can stop power or recognize power but power. If Bosnia disrespects America, they gonna go to war. 'Cause America wants its respect." Tupac was looking after two kids who'd been orphaned in a drug killing. Tupac would send Kidada a poem and rose everyday. Tupac is on the cover of the March issue of the Source. On the 3rd, Tupac was charged rent for the Wilshire Blvd. apartment. Tupac went to a meeting about Sam Sneed at Death Row's Westwood offices. The artists watched Sam's latest video in a conference room. He had put a couple of East Coast people in it and that was a problem. Sam got beat up by everyone. They wanted him to reveal who Dre's homosexual lover was. Dre left Death Row. Tupac said he got Dre pushed off Death Row. He said, "Suge is the boss of Death Row, the don. But I'm the underboss, the capo. That's my job, to do what's best for all of Death Row. My decision wasn't based on comin' to Death Row and taking shit over. My decision was based on Dre not being there for Snoop during his trial. Also, other niggas was producing beats, and Dre was gettin' the credit. And I got tired of that. He was owning the company too and he chillin' in his house. I'm out here in the streets, whoopin' niggas' asses, startin' wars and shit, droppin' albums, doin' my shit, and this nigga takin' three years to do one song." He also said, "Dre is doing his own thing. It doesn't effect us. My take on what happened was that Snoop went on trial for murder for his life. Somebody said Dre was in the car. The jury believed that we needed Dre to be able to say he wasn't there, once they would've saw that he wasn't there that would've saved Snoop's whole case. Dre never showed up. He said he was too busy. I don't wanna be a part of him or around him. Plus I feel that what was done in the dark will come to light. There are secrets that everybody's gonna find out about." Tupac went to the Luxor Hotel and Casino on S. Las Vegas Blvd. They filmed the "To Live & Die in L.A." video. Suge took Tupac to Mexico and Hawaii. Tupac filmed some St. Ides commercials. Tupac said, "I passed a young child who was hungry. There is not a bigger curse than a young child hungry. If we are not concerned about the incest, the rape, about our children dying at the rate that they are dying, I cannot imagine why we would be making all this noise about a word, any word." On the 13th, Chino XL's album, Here To Save You All came out. In "Riiiot!," Chino says, "I'm trying not to get fucked like Tupac in jail." On the 16th, Tupac and Suge went to the Mike Tyson/Frank Bruno fight at the MGM Grand, and Tupac gave Mike a hug. Afterwards he went to Club 662 to perform. Tupac went to McCarren International Airport and flew with Suge to Los Angeles International Airport on Southwest Airlines on the 17th. He looked at a bunch of magazines during the flight and signed autographs. He left in a limo. Tupac took the step daughter of a murdered friend to her prom. Tupac said, "If you grow up in a ho house, you gonna see something wrong with the prostitution, cause you gonna hate that. I spent a lot of time in a crack house. That's where I had to lay, and had to get up when a mutherfucker came to fuck. So I know what I'm talking about. You gonna hate that, but you know that. That's what makes money. The reason you know that is you see the money come in. Just like if your daddy taught you about stocks and bonds, whether you like it or not is irrelevent. That's the family businness, now they gotta deal. That's what you inherit, but that doesn't mean it's good. That's just what mutherfuckers gave us--guns, dope, weed. Thats your career option." On the 29th, Tupac went to the Soul Train Music Awards at the Shrine Auditorium. He was supposed to perform, but it got cancelled by the show's producers. He won Rap Album of the Year for Me Against the World. He talked to LL Cool J for the last time. Later, when he and Suge were driving to the backstage parking gate, they met Biggie. They started yelling, and someone from Biggie's crew pulled a gun on Tupac. No one was arrested. Kidada moved in with Tupac in his Death Row leased house in Calabasas. Afeni and Sekyiwa and her two kids would visit for long stretches. The Outlaws, his teenage cousins would also stay there. Tupac installled banks of video games and slot machines there. The Outlaws were free to use them as long as they listened to Tupac's talks that he gave under his most prized possesion, a print of The Starry Night, which Afeni had given him. Tupac went to the House of Blues and danced with a woman in a wheelchair for four hours. In April Famous Mugs; Arresting Photos and Felonious Facts for Hundreds of Stars Behind Bars by Michael Cader came out. In it is accusations of Tupac killing someone. On the 4th, Tupac went to court for violating his probation in L.A. and New York for not working with California Department of Transportation work crew as part of his 15 day community service sentence for the Hughes incident. His lawyer David Kenner said that Tupac didn't do it because he feared for his safety. Los Angeles Municipal Court Judge Abraham Khan sentenced Tupac to 120 days in a L.A. jail. He was also fined $1,000. As Tupac was leaving he said to Assistant City Attorney Bernie Brown, "Man, why couldn't you just give me the 60 days? I wouldn't do that to you." He appealed the sentence, and the judge said he could remain free pending the resolution of it. Tupac said, "`What really scares me is the prosecutor's zeal to get me in prison. They can put me in jail for 120 years, but I'll still be richer than all of them." 2Pac did a concert in Merced, California then went to the after party. They filmed the "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted" video in L.A. Tupac said, "We're gonna be better than Lethal Weapon, better than Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. We're gonna make you think about 48 Hours. When Quentin Tarantino, when he put out his pictures, they all gangster pictures, and they all get critically acclaimed. We get treated like the bad messenger and he gets treated like King Solomon, which I don't want no harm to come over Quentin Tarantino cause I enjoy his movies, but I'm just showing how we both doing the same thing and we're both looked upon totally different." On the 8th, Tupac was charged rent for the Wilshire Blvd. apartment. He did an interview on 106 KMEL called In His Own Words. Tupac said, "It's the game of life. Do I win or do I lose? I know one day they're gonna shut the game down, but I gotta have as much fun and go around the board as many times as I can before it's my turn to leave. He also said, "We're about to start Death Row East with Eric B and all the OG niggas out there. We got Big Daddy Kane, Christopher Williams we're trying to get Bobby Brown. We're trying to get the East coast Death Row to be like the West coast Death Row and make it major. We're trying to get Wu-Tang, I feel as though they represent the east coast the way we represent the West coast and I love them." He also said, "I'll be putting out a rap soundtrack. I'm gonna do it like a 2Pac album with me doing a whole bunch of solo songs and Snoop on there doing some songs. When things get real slow, we'll release a home video with "Ambitionz Az a Rider" and a couple of the hardcore songs." He also said, " I have my own restaurant, which I got right now with Alanis or Suge or Snoop. I just wanna expand. I'm starting to put out some calendars for charity. I'm gonna start a little youth league in California. I wanna have like a Pop Warner League except the rappers fund it and they're the head coaches." Tupac did a song with Alanis Morrisette. Tupac didn't like Mobb Deep. He said, "They been talking alot of shit and I got them. I got this song called "When We Ride On Our Enemies," and I be like, "Nigga you barely living. Well hell, how many niggas wanna be involved? See was only talking to Biggie, but I'll kill all ya'll." When they came out with that song when they was like, "Thug life we still living it." I took it as a dis, so from jail I'm calling my little homies in Atlanta, "You they got a show out there get with them busters." So my homeboys rolled them niggas like, "Wassup niggas," cowards in the car looking forward like they didn't see my homeboys going, "Thug life motherfucker." And those are some young busters who getting souped up by they block to come up against a motherfucker they don't even know. Now if was someone I couldn't fuck with, I'd tell you, but Mobb Deep, I'd swallow them niggas. They both weigh like a hundred pounds. That's why I'm not even addressing the Mobb Deep issue, cause they not even on my level." On the 16th, Funky Aztecs's album, Day of the Dead came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Slippin' Into Darkness." They filmed the "How Do You Want It" video with Tupac and Kevin Swain directing it. He said, "I got Nina Hartley from the Bay, and all the big time people. It's the dirtiest nastiest video I've ever done. I got a Playboy version and a regular version. We got nudity. It's the most amazing video you'll ever see." In it 2Pac is with Piggy and his manager Buffy. They are accused of setting Tupac up and then are confronted. Tupac said, "I just did a remix to "What'z Ya Phone #" with all new lyrics. We took that MC Lyte beat from her new song she has out, it's so freaky you won't believe it. The "2 of Amekicaz Most Wanted" video premiered. On the 19th, Tupac did an interview with Sway on KMEL. On the 20th, Tha Dogg Pound had a concert the Eastmont Mall Pavilion in Oakland which had a three hour long delay. There was a big fire, people ripped clothes off women, and fired guns. Assistant City Manager Lamont Ewell rejected a permit for a 2Pac concert planned for May at the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center in Oakland because of it. Tickets had been sold and promoter Jennifer Moore said that the Police Department, which initially denied her request, led her to believe that she would be granted the permit. On the 30th, Tupac, FOX, and Interscope settled a lawsuit with David Deleon. Oakland's city manager Craig Kocian turned down an appeal to issue a permit for the Oakland concert. There was an estimated 5,000 people expected to attend, and Craig said that too many officers would have to be diverted away from other needs in Oakland. He also said that Jennifer had not presented a parking plan. On May 2nd, Tupac was charged $14,500 rent for a house in Malibu which David Kenner lived in. $21,600 On the 4th 2Pac was supposed to have done the concert in Oakland. On the 6th, Tupac went to court for weapon charges from the speeding incident. He plead guilty in a plea bargain where prosecutors dropped a charge for possession of a loaded firearm to a lesser charge for a concealed firearm, and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Harvey Schneider put off sentencing after his agreement to put on a benefit concert in California for under privilaged youths, instead of getting jail time. On the 7th, Tupac was charged rent for the Wilshire Blvd. apartment. 2Pac did a concert at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim Arena on Douglas Rd. with Mack-10, Ice Cube, and Wu-Tang. Tupac went to a see a movie in L.A. with Kidada. Tupac was just with Kidada because he wanted to get on her dad's good side. At hotels he would use the bodyguards room to have sex with girls because Kidada was usually staying with him in his room. On the 21st, Too $hort's album Gettin' It (Album Number 10) came out. In " Too $hort says, "Like Tupac said you need a thug in ya life." On June 2nd, Nas's album, It Was Written, came out. In "The Message" Nas says, "Fake thug, no love." He also says, "So dumb felt my leg burn then it got numb/Spun around and shot one/Heard shots and dropped son/Caught a hot one/Somebody take his biscuit before the cops come/Then they come asking me my name/what the fuck/I got stitched up and went through the left hospital that same night." "Street Dreams," sounds like "All Eyez On Me." On the 4th, Young Lay's album, Black 'N Dangerous came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Got 2 Survive." They started filming Gang Related. Tupac was late for the first day of rehearsals, missed the second day, and was late on the third day. James Belushi told him he wasn't committed to acting and that he should just get off the set. ˙They started arguing and Tupac said he was more committed to acting than James would ever be and he'd made bail to be able to loop Gridlock'd. ˙Jim Kouf said that he let James and Tupac go at it for a long time before he stopped them and told them it was a fantastic rehearsal because they'd become their volatile characters. Later James and Tupac bonded. Tupac always had his bodyguards with him, and on some days he'd come to the set with extra protection because of death threats. He said he had nine lives but they were going real quick. He considered Lela Rochon a real square because she wouldn't hang out with him because she was too scared. They did a scene in a cemetary, and Tupac made everyone walk on the sidewalk, because he was upset stepping on the graves. On the 7th, Tupac was to start his sentence, but he was allowed to remain free on bail until his appeal was settled. Tupac went to Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Bulls/Supersonics at the United Center in Chicago. He stayed at the Hilton. On the 11th, Tupac was charged rent for the Wilshire Blvd. apartment. He was also charged $100,000 rent for David Kenner, and on the 12th, he was charged $12,000 more. On the 13th, Tupac was charged $2,700 for Nate Dogg's child support payment. Tupac said to Charles, "Can I be a lawyer?" Then Charles sent him a Harvard Law School sweatshirt. Tupac helped design his Makaveli logo. It was the work MAKAVELI with a sword through it and a crown on it. The diamond on top of the I has seven lines coming off it. In the Bible, Revelation 1:16, reads: In his right hand he held seven stars, and out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword. His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance. 17, When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead. Then he placed his right hand on me and said: "Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last. 18, I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades. 2:8, "To the angel of the church in Smyrna write: 'These are the words of him who is the First and the Last, who died and came to life again. 10, Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life. 11, He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes will not be hurt at all by the second death. 12, "To the angel of the church in Pergamum write: 'These are the words of him who has the sharp, double-edged sword. 3:1, "To the angel of the church in Sardis write: 'These are the words of him who holds the seven spirits of God and the seven stars. I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead. On the 18th, the How Do U Want It single came out. The chorus of "Hit 'Em Up," sounds like the chorus of "Player's Anthem," by Junior M.A.F.I.A. In it Makaveli says, "That's why I fucked yo bitch, you fat motherfucker" He also says, "You claim to be a player, but I fucked your wife/First off, fuck your bitch and the click you claim/West side when we ride/come equipped with game/You claim to be a player but I fucked your wife/We bust on Bad Boy niggaz/fucked for life/Plus Puffy tryin ta see me/weak hearts I rip/Biggie Smalls and Junior M.A.F.I.A./some mark ass bitches." He also says, "Little Ceaser, go ask ya homie how I leave ya cut your young ass up/leave you in pieces/now be deceased/Lil' Kim, don't fuck around with real Gs/quick to snatch yo ugly ass off tha street/so fuck peace/I let them niggas know it's on for life/so let the West side ride tonight/Bad Boy murdered on wax, and killed/Fuck wit' me and get ya caps peeled/you know. He also says, "Biggie Smalls just got dropped, Little Moo, pass the Mac/and let me hit him in his back/Frank White need to get spanked right/for settin' tracks little accident murderer/and I ain't never heard a ya. He also says, "But they burned muthafucka/you deserve to die/Talkin' bout you gettin' money/but its funny to me. He also says, "Biggie, remember when I used to let you sleep on my couch/and beg the bitch to let you sleep in the house/Now it's all about Versace, you copied my style." He also says, "Little Cease, I bring you fake G's to your knees/Coppin' please cause this ain't your area/Lil' Kim, is you coked up/or doped up?/Get ya lil Junior Whopper click smoked up/what the fuck is you stupid? He also says, "Whole Junior M.A.F.I.A. click dressin' up tryin' to be us/How the fuck they gonna be the mob when we always on our job?/We millionaires, killin' ain't fair/but somebody gotta do it/Oh yeah, Mobb Deep, you wanna fuck with us?/You little young ass motherfuckers/Don't one of you niggaz got sickle cell or somethin'?/You fuckin' with me nigga you fuck around and have a seizure or a heart attack/You better back the fuck up/'fore you get smacked the fuck up/That's how we do it on our side/any of you niggaz from New York that wanna bring it bring it/But we ain't singin', we bringin' drama/Fuck you and your motherfuckin' mama. We gonna kill all you motherfuckers. Now when I came out I told you it was just about Biggie. Then everybody had to open their mouth with a motherfuckin' opinion. Well this how we gonna do this, fuck Mobb Deep, fuck Biggie, fuck Bad Boy as a staff record label and as a motherfuckin' crew, and if you wanna be down with Bad Boy then fuck you too, Chino XL, fuck you too." He also says, "We the realest, fuck 'em, we Bad Boy killin'." King Sun's single NY Love came out. In "NY Love" King Sun says, "You going overboard with all that 'fuck New York' shit trying to dis Brooklyn/but the Boogie bout to talk shit and ain't no fun/if the Dula can't get none/Risin' in the East, I'm bout to set it on the West, son/Listen, I ain't even down with who you dissin'/far as I'm concerned NY been ass kissin'/for the longest, on the live side/I'ma dead it you ain't a trooper/I know that's all super unleaded gas you inhaled/from all your record sales/Cause you went to California and blew up/but you fail tryin' to dis the big apple." He also says, "You actin' like you wanna beef, but talking below me you ain't a real thug/You a real Caliphoney." He also says, "Who shot ya? No it wasn't me and my peeps/You're talking bout New York, wordup, like something sweet. Don't fool yourself, this ain't New York Undercover. It's real like the history of your father and mother. I'm sayin' think about that shit that you did. Had a shootout in NY, raped a bitch, did a bid. Like you proud of that, then let the world know it happened. First of all you fuckin' up for other nigga's rapping. How you makin' movies, selling records, doin' tours. Then be up in Dannemora scrubbin' other nigga's drawers. The whole point in being criminal is gettin' paid. Son, you paid already, actin' crazy like Eddie. Fuck a thug life." He also says, "Now you're one of Suge Knight's sons. Runnin' for election against Snoop Dogg for that top dog spot. Death Row, Prisoner of the Month on lock." He also says, "Now everybody know you from them roles you be playing. So all that make a record shit ain't even worth saying." He also says, "I could never dis my peeps in the west but, that dissin' Biggie shit, we still ain't impressed ." Tupac had a birthday party in Las Vegas. On the 25th, Hip Hop's Most Wanted came out, 2Pac is on it with "So Many Tears." Tupac said, "I'm in this shit for the honor and the respect. That's why this shit feels so good. To be known as something. To get this dark cloud off of us as a race. Some kind of sunshine, some kind of exceptional deed. So we can all stop sucking Malcolm X and Michael Jordan dick. You know like we don't ever have to be shit cause we got Jordan and Malcolm X. I'm not with that." They filmed the "I Ain't Mad At Cha" video. Tupac was charged $5,845 for jewelry that Suge bought from XIV Karats Ltd. VIBEonline did an interview with Tupac. He said, "I was about to be sent to jail for an old gun case that I had. The judge was like, "You can tell your side of who you are," and the prosecutor gave this big, fat envelope of everytime I got arrested and all this stuff that made me look like a crazed animal. We got someone who didn't work for us to write my life's story talking about everybody in my family and the people that I helped. We were planning already to do this big concert with me and my homeboys to raise money to have a center in North Central were we can have the at risk kids come to a spot that they can call home. So instead of it just being a program with me and Tyson like I planned it, cause it's me sitting in the penitentiary thinking, it's now moved into this program called A Place Called Home that I'm working closely with. There's also a program called Celebrity Youth League with me, Hammer, Suge and all of these sports figures are each going to sponsor a youth group all year in football, baseball, and basketball. We sponsor the team, buy the uniforms, hire the coach, and start out own little league." Tupac also planned to fund a chain of day care centers. On the 28th, Tupac filmed a taping of Soul Train in New York, he performed "Life Goes On." Tupac said, "I love my east coast fans. I'm eating New York Pizza, I drive New York jeeps but I'm saying let's keep it real for a second. Study how "Party And Bullshit" was me before I met Biggie. You don't hear my style in his raps. Study how after I met Biggie, Ready To Die comes out and his whole style changes study. Study why I would be mad when half of the major New York rappers or their managers, or their agents, or their somebody was there when I got shot and nobody couldn't give me no information. Study how when Wu-Tang got their chain snatched at six-six-duece, I not only found who did it, but gave them the message that if they wanted to see the niggas that did it, they could see them." On July 1st, Tupac was charged rent for the Wilshire Blvd. apartment. On the 4th, the "Hit 'Em Up" video premiered. In it Tupac walks from a elevator covered with blood while Biggie begs for his life blaming Puffy for the set up. There are clips from the "Made Niggaz" video in it. Tupac said, "It's going to happen. All good niggas who change the world die in violence. They don't die in regular ways. Motherfuckers come take their lives." They filmed the "Toss it Up" video with Tupac and Kevin Swain. directing it. Tupac went to Roscoe's House of Chicken N' Waffles to eat with Suge on Pico Blvd. in L.A. Tupac went to Snoop's house at Claremont in L.A. for a barbeque. Tupac hosted a taping of Saturday Night Special with Ice-T in L.A. It aired on some FOX affiliates. He performed part of "Only God Can Judge Me." Ice T whined and complained to Tupac to do a song off his new album, and Tupac agreed, if they could perform the song they "were singing backstage." Tupac did his part, then they did Barbra Streisand's "You Don't Bring Me Flowers." Tupac said, "People took that Vibe interview so wrong, I was not in no danger. I was walking around in fucking $200 sweatsuits at Riker's Island. You know I mean living, eating good. It was love. It was outta that love that I was like, 'Yo, thug life is dead.' I was like while I'm in jail this is going to jail with me. I though I was going away for years. And I was seeing how many soldiers I had by coming to jail. I was like no, this shit, I gotta stop it. I gotta rethink it, cause I didn't plan thug life. So that's why I killed it, murdered it, choked it. All them niggas that was rappin' with me, I murdered and choked their careers as far as being with me. Cause if it was thug life shit would have happened different. I woudn't have got shot like that. I never thought I was necessary the best rapper, the best nothing. I think I'm the realest nigga out there. I'm the nigga that'll where a suit when everybody else got on khakis. I'll be bald headed when everybody wearin' braids. I'll wear braids when they all bald headed. I don't have no insecurities, I do but I, I take my insecurities and show everybody. You know like my mom and my life, my me bein' little." Travon Lane (Tray), Kevin Woods, and Maurice Combs, Mob Pirus Bloods, went to Foot Locker at the Lakewood Mall in Compton. As they went back to their '96 Lexus they were confronted by a group of the Southside Crips, and Orlando Anderson (Baby Lane), from Lakewood, who was beaten by members of Death Row at a party months before, stole Tray's Death Row medallion. Tupac saw Jada for the last time, they argued then stopped speaking to each other. Tupac wrote the scene in Gang Related where Kool Moe Dee gets killed to show how Stretch was killed. Tupac said, "This nigga Biggie, he three times bigger than me, and everybody sympathizes with him. Like I'm bullying him. This nigga three times bigger than me and I'm asking this nigga to have a fight." Bad Boy has beef with the Boot Camp Clik (Heltah Skeltah, Originoo Gunn Clapazz, Steel Tek, Smiff N Wessun, and Buckshot), so Tupac got with the BCC for One Nation, a album to calm the East\West beef and settle it as just Tupac vs. Bad Boy. Tupac flew them down to his house and they worked on the album for a week. They had water fights cause it was so hot. They spent time with his family and had fun. Tupac said, "I'm not sayin' I'm the richest nigga in the game. All these, a lot of niggas got money, but I'm sayin' it's like it's not the money that I'm bragging about when people see me with the jewels, it's not that. It's putting little niggas you see, you just seen in cuffs shot up in a wheelchair with my head wrapped up. You see me less than a fuckin' year later bailin' through this motherfucker jeweled down like Chaka Zulu, bangin' on niggas. I got this whole shit shook up. Everybody's talkin' bout this westside shit like, people like Ice Cube started it. I was in jail when Ice Cube was out, look that wasn't no problem. The day I got outta jail it was a motherfuckin' problem. To be where the fuck you was from. The day I stepped out, that's power. I didn't get that power from guns, cause there's no guns in jail. I got that power from books and from thinking and by strategizing. And that just for a year niggas think oh you been in the game so long you took all that shit didn't matter, cause the rape it vetoed all that. Soon as they charge you with rape even if you ain't do it, it veto your career. I started from scratch with Death Row a new company, I was independent when I was 2Pac. Me Against the World I just bought my own managers out I had it all now." He was up for How To Be A Player. Tupac started Makaveli Records and had Deathrow distribute it. Tupac said, "Makaveli is the first artist on that. And then One Nation is the second artist on there. And then I'm signing Greg Nice and Smooth. I gotta another group at quest, Ghetto Starz that's like a offshoot of The Outlaws. I got New Jersey as part of the westside now. It's just like war. We put our flag in Jersey. We ain't takin' over Jersey, it's still east coast, but it's just the westside there's not a westside to New Jersey. Cause westside is not a part of the map. I don't bang for the color or the land. It's not westside, California this is where I'm from, it's basic like that, but it's really deep like westside. When I be throwin' up the W it ain't for California. I love California, but the W is for just the eastside. It's the westside. It's the middle America, and we divided and that's why I throw this up. We at war right now. W for war you understand and when we all get together when the east coast and the west coast and the middle America get together we got power. And that's when I won't throw it up no more they'll only see me doin' like this. And that's when we closing arm again, but we ain't there. We all still seperate in tribes so I know what tribe I'm in. I'm in the westside. There's no way, I'm a soldier I'll always be true to those bein' true to me. And New York shouldn't be trippin' they should be lovin' this, cause they are the ones that gave me the game to do this. What made me raw is that I'm both. When we manufact the best of the westside and the best of the eastside and we bring that together. When east coast G's have sex with west coast G's. G's being women and when they have kids that's gonna be the new breed." 2Pac performed at a Death Row Festival in California with Dre, Lady of Rage, Snoop, Tha Dogg Pound, and the Outlaws. Tupac was charged over $28,000 for a Chevy Suburban Title. It was taken in Tupac's name initially, but was given to Suge's brother-in-law, Norris Anderson. On the 31st, Tupac was charged $51,425 in connection with the cost of transferring the car to Norris. In August Tupac was charged $2,965, for an American Express bill from Suge's wife. He saw Steven Ivory at Can-Am while he was recording and smoking weed. Tupac called weed candy. During a break while filming Gang Related, Tupac did an interview with Rob Marriott in his trailer. They started working on an autobiography about his life. On the 7th Tupac was charged rent for the Wilshire Blvd. apartment. On the 8th, B.L. Diamonds and its owner Brian Lemberger filed a lawsuit against Death Row, its accountants, Interscope, Coopers & Lybrand, Gelfand, Rennert, & Feldman for more than $1 million in Los Angeles Superior Court. It was for unpaid Death Row jewelry bills for gifts to their employees, Tupac, and other stars. The debt is $1,254,676.66. The suit was filed over breach of oral and written contract, goods sold and delivered, fraud, conspiracy to defraud, and negligent misrepresentation. It also claims that Suge assaulted Steven Cantrock, and that he was forced to sign an agreement to repay him and Death Row's creditors. Fearing for his safety, Coopers & Lybrand engaged a private security firm. On the 11th, Tupac went to KKBT The Beat 92.3's Summer Jam in L.A. Tupac had dreams of what he called Thug Mansions, which were freestanding buildings in ghettos across the country that were safe houses that had artistic support, life skills, and job training. On the 13th at 9 am, Daedalus Entertainment Finance Company, a St. Louis concert promoter, announced the All Eyez on Us 25 city U.S. tour to begin in Oct. At 6 P.M., Death Row issued a statement denying any knowledge of a tour. Def Com thought they had a tour, but a deal wasn't ever struck between the companies. Death Row is planning the New and Untouchable Death Row Family Tour featuring all the artists on the label. The "How Do U Want It" video, directed by Ron Hightower premiered on MTV. The "California Love" remix video, directed by Kevin S. premiered on MTV.Tupac said, "You know what I thought when I was in jail what fucked me up was like no politicians was even getting at us. Even though I represented five million fuckin' sales. And no politicians checking for it. They're not even sending us nothin' trying to make us, they're not even thinking. And in business you if you wanna fuck with somebody, you know you try to, they're not even looking at us like that. That's means we ain't a threat. So by the next election I promise, by the next election I promise I'm gonna be sittin' across from all the candidates. I bet you, I promise you I gonna be so far from where I am now in four years. God willing I'm alive. If so I guarantee you we will have our own political party. And it won't be just for black people, it's gonna be for Mexicans, for Armenians, all you lost-tribe muthafuckas. It's gonna be for black people, it's gonna be for all medians. We need to have our own political party cause we all at the same motherfuckin' problem. We built this nation and we get none of the benefits." Tupac's had his last conversation with Preston Holmes, which was about confirming the Nat Turner movie deal. On the 15th, Tupac, Snoop, and Hammer joined Brotherhood Crusades at an event protesting an initiative that targets affirmative action in South Central L.A. standing up for affirmative action. They announced a concert called Family Time in L.A., protesting California State Proposition 209, Civil Rights Initiative, which seeks to end equal-opportunity programs in the state. Tupac said, "My record sales, we've got six million, Snoop's got four million. If we could represent that many votes, we've got to let these politicians be scared of us." Tupac blasted California's three-strikes law on mandatory prison terms, as well as Congress' repeal of certain welfare programs. Tupac said, "They were fast to pass out three strikes, but why not three meals?" Tupac went to the Winton Door in Las Vegas to Chasity's birthday party. They decided to make a movie about the life of Afeni called And I Still Rise. It was undecided if Tupac would have been in it, but he would have done the soundtrack. Tupac said, "I guarantee if people keep supporting me just buying my records, just going to my concerts, just supporting me. I'm a keep givin' money. Like Makaveli, everytime I go platinum, I'm put money up for community centers. Everytime it go platinum somebody's gonna get a big check. It's like being elected I feel like an elected official. I went through all the channels, I paid my dues, I bought my agenda, and people voted for me." Tupac was going to market a new soft drink. Tupac went to a club called Roxbury Live on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood with Kobe Bryant in his Mercedes Benz. Tupac performed at a Versace menswear show. Tupac said, "I'm gonna change the rules in this rap game. You know how, like, in politics, the Republicans are in now? Well, I represent that style. I'm the new nigga. I'ma shake up the whole Congress. Rap is like a politician's race. If I lost New York, I won the other 49 states, and that makes me in control. Now I'm the new president for the next four years. Crucial Conflict could go five times platinum, but nobody's gon' let them sign no bills. They can't make no hip hop laws." He made "Friends," it was supposed to be on The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory. Tupac said, "I posess his soul, his and Puffy. They know that I was the truest nigga involved with Biggie's success. I was the biggest help, I was the truest nigga. I don't like his rhymes, but he know how much he borrowed from me. He know how I used to stop my shows and let him touch the show. Let him blow up and do this whole show in the middle of my show. How I used to buy him shit and give him shit and never ask for it back. How I used to share, how I used to share my experiences in the game with my lessons and rules and my knowledge on the game with him. He owe me more than to turn his head and act like he didn't know niggas was about to blow my fuckin' head off. He knew. That's what I'm talking about. But for me to know like three weeks ago this happened then three weeks later your album's coming out and you a fuckin' don in your album. But you don't know who shot me in your fuckin' own niggas from your neighborhood, and I gotta find out by myself. And I don't even call myself a don I'm just a capo from the westside, and I'm on the eastside jail and I knew who touched and everything that happened. He didn't know so he just faked it, and I was mad about that. And then I'm outta jail and I couldn't believe that everyone was treatin' Biggie like the biggest fuckin' star in the world. I couldn't believe that people was buying into the playa image. And I just wanted to bring back that reality. Nobody can't never be confused and think I'm fucking Mike Tyson, and I'm a heavyweight champion. I'm a little nigga. That's why it's so raw to just watch me battle lions, cause I'm a little skinny nigga battling niggas three times my size. But Biggie is not a playa, he's never been. So my point was to prove them wrong everything that he glamourize and I personify it. He glamourize Versace. I didn't call Versace, Versace call me to come to his show and gave me few clothes and please wear my shit, please do some shit for me. Can you wear my shit? You are the image of Versace. I swear to God, you are that body that's Versace. Armani, you are so handsome. Valentino he really suits, gangsta suits. Everything he glamourize I personify. Everything he wanna have I got. Jewelry, look come on man I got more jewels than Slick Rick. Slick Rick, love the nigga to fuckin' death, but I'm definitely doin' it. The same thing they love about me they gotta admire in me, but you know they forgot, Biggie forgot. That same shit that made him wanna kick it with me is the same shit that's whuppin' his ass right now. Why didn't your homeboys tell you not to make rhymes about shootin' pregnant babies and the stuff. That's why niggas is like why'd you say that at the end of your records. Honestly I didn't write none of that shit down. I was just blowing up in the studio to keep me from really killing these niggas. They tried to shoot my fuckin' balls off, what about my kids? They was like why'd you drop that line about sickle cell. They tried to make me a parapalegic. What the fuck is going on here? I was in Riker's giving these niggas love. Mobb Deep, the guard knew 'em. I was like tell them niggas I love them niggas." Already people can't look at Biggie and not laugh. Ya'll know I was not like this before I did not attack people I was not on no east coast west coast. I was the major bridge between the east coast and west coast. But it's like the media's pumping it like east coast west coast. So some of these niggas thats old who's careers are still in. Like De La Soul, come out and talk that renaissance shit and try to clean up hip-hop. You haven't shown no records and shit ain't popping don't come in here and start critisizing as your comeback. I'm a highschool dropout and look at me now." E-40's video "Rapper's Ball" premiered, Tupac is in it. Tupac did a promotional interview for Gang Related. Tupac said, "I can't explain why I shine and no one else shines. I think everybody shines in different things, and a lot of things I can't do. I can't play basketball like every other black person in America. I can act. I know how to go to that true spot in myself, because I go there everyday. I can be me. I can be whoever because I'm true to me. I can go to neutral easily. A lot of people, black, white, Mexican, young, old, fat, or skinny, have a problem being true to their self. They have a problem looking into the mirror and looking directly into their own soul. The reason I sell six million records, the reason I can go to jail and come out without a scratch, the reason I can walk around, the reason I am who I am today, is because I can look directly into my face and find my soul. It's right there. It's not sold. I didn't sell it. It's still within me. I still feel it. My heart is still connected to my body, so any character, I'm going to bring that intensity, that truth, that honesty to it, because I have to repay for that blessing. I could be the best actor anybody's ever seen, given the chance, the opportunity and the experience and the lessons from people. I could be the best, but right now, I don't even wish to be the best, I just want to be one of them. It's so basic that we all want to be famous and noticed and watched, and money and riches, and we all want the most out of life, from the roughest gangbanger to the most virtuous police officer." On the 26th Tupac was on the set all day and at the studio all night. On the 27th, Tupac sent Yaasmyn to the studio to get tapes of what he had done because he wanted to listen to them. They said no, David Kenner wouldn't allow it. Tupac fired him. Yaasmyn wrote a letter saying that Tupac had finished his last album and he wanted to leave Death Row. Tupac gave Yaasmyn permission to hire another lawyer. Tupac said, "Like now people be like he's blasphemy, he's sayin' black things as blasphemy. Or he's acting like he's the leader, he's like the Muslims or he's like a Five Percenter. I plotted every single step from this to this, everything is plotted." On the 29th, A Place Called Home, a safe house for kids, celebrated the opening of it's new location at Central Ave. and 28th St. in South Central L.A. On the 31st, on Afeni and Sekyiwa's way to the airport back to Atlanta, they stopped at the Wilshire Blvd. apartment, which Tupac used when he was working late. Afeni buzzzed him down to the lobby. He said, "Why didn't you just come up?" She said she wanted to give him space. Tupac hugged her and said, "Got plenty of space. How many mothers do I have?" He went out to their car to say hi to Sekyiwa. She had just enrolled in cosmetology classes. Tupac said, "I'm very proud of you." Tupac was paying a criminal law firm to appeal his New York incident and he supported Afeni with more than $16,000 a month. On September 2nd, Tupac did an interview with the Swedish magazine OKEJ called My Dream Came True. Tupac said, "Jan. 1st I'll start doin' 300 pushups each day. I'd really like to do something regularly, and I'd like to be some kinda rolemodel so that the next generation actors, entertainers, and people in general try to get in better shape." He also said, "I love the Swedish. I've been to Sweden and I loved it!." He said he was planning on going on tour. Tupac went to an L.A. grocery store and saw Swamp Dogg. On the 3rd, Tupac was charged with expenses associated with Michel'le Toussa's Range Rover for $1,453.51. He was also charged rent for the Wilshire Blvd. apartment. They finished filming Gang Related. Tupac finished "Thug Love" with Bone, and was planning to later make a second take. Tupac celebrated the wrap of Gang Related by taking one of his lawyers Shawn Chapman to dinner at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. They left with his midnight blue Rolls-Royce with the top down playing Fank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon." There was a meeting with all the Deathrow people and they announced Makaveli's new album and showed the cover art for it. On the 4th, Tupac went to New York. He partied with Snoop and Bone. Then he went to the MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall, on the Ave. of the Americas, in New York City with Suge. He held a walkie talkie during the evening as a security precaution. He did an interview with Master T. Tupac said, "If you believe in God believe in Death Row East. We plan to take the same strategy we used with Death Row West, which is mind over matter, taking all our weeknesses and making them into our strengths and numbers. We already run these's streets out here. So now we gonna just gonna help some of these brothers get there money on. Cause we know they got talent. We got the ways to make them use there talents to the maximum affect. We rap to make money. We do business. Ain't no other record company out there that sold as many records as we did. We outsold Bad Boy, Laface, every black record label out there we outsold them in one year! And I'm a convict and my homeboy just got off a murder case. So that tells you it's pure talent. No hype, we don't got no all around American smiles. They don't even wanna buy our record, but they gotta buy our record cause we represent the streets. So Death Row East is gonna be a personification of what we did on the West Side we gonna do it to the East Side. We gonna prove once and for all that all these people talking bout a East Coast West Coast war they like the Juda's was to Jesus. They only here to cause confusion. We here to bring money and to bring change. All these weak rappers, Nas and all these suckas they battling off East and West like it's a game. This ain't no game. If this was chess, we'd be yelling checkmate three mothafuckin' years ago. We out here trying to help out people make money, we trying to get out of this three strikes circle they got us in and start getting our paper on. By strength and numbers we coming to the East coast to prove there is no fear, there is no problem there ain't nothing but approtunaty and approtunaty is overthrow the government ya'll got right now which is Bad Boy and Nas and all that bullshit. And we will bring a new goverment right here that will fear every person in New York." He and Snoop presented the Best Hard Rock Video. Tupac said, "We are businessmen. We are not animals. It's not like we're going to see them and rush them and jump on them. If they see us and they want drama, we're goin' to definitely bring it like only Death Row can bring it." He was nominated for Best Rap Video for "California Love." In the lobby during the afterparty, Tupac got into an argument with Nas and five other men because he said something about Tupac in an interview. Then Suge slapped Nas. Police were called to break it up. Tupac called Kidada and said that when he got back, they'd chill a couple weeks in Hawaii. Then they'd move out his house in Calabasas house and into a new apartment he'd found for them on the edge of Beverly Hills. Then, maybe they'd get serious about having the baby they'd been talking about the last two months. He said what he said to her every night, "I'd take a bullet for you." Tupac wanted to name his first kid Star. On the 5th, Jennifer got city permission for a 2Pac concert in Oakland in Oct. to prove that they could do a rap show safely. It will be a daylight event with increasing security and R&B performers. On the 6th, Tupac went to Tower Records in New York to sign albums. Tupac said, "I see myself having a job at Death Row owning stock at Death Row. An artist that can drop an album like Paul McCartney every five years. Having my own production company, which I'm close to right now. Doing my own movies." That night he saw Keisha. He wanted her to become a lawyer. On the 7th, Tupac went back to L.A.. Tupac decided he wasn't gonna go to Las Vegas, but to Atlanta to settle problems with some relatives instead. Suge got him to change his plans though. Tupac told Kidada that morning there was a heavy-weight bout that night at the MGM Grand , and weeks before he'd promised Suge he'd go to it with him. He also said he didn't want to go, but he'd given Suge his word. He said she could come along, not to the fight, he didn't want her with that roudy bunch, but to the party Suge was having afterward at a club he owned downtown, and if she were beside him it would be ok. When they got back his house in Calabasas, Kidada started packing. When she reached for his bulletproof vest that he always wore. Tupac said, "No, It'll be too hot." Then they left. They stopped at a gas station and Tupac bought five magazines about guns. He read them until they reached the Luxor Hotel. Tupac went to Suge's mansion southeast of downtown. They partied for a while. Tupac made a video of him calling Keisha and another girl. Then he went to the MGM Grand to watch the Mike Tyson/Bruce Seldon fight. He was mad because Suge showed up at the last minute. He sat in section 4, row E, seat 2. Tupac said, "Did you see Tyson do it to him? Tyson did it to him! Did ya'll see that? We bad like that. Come out of prison and now we running shit." He went backstage and hugged Mike. At 8:45 P.M., Travon Lane (Tray) was walking near the hotel's Grand Garden with Death Row's crew. Tray pointed out Orlando to Tupac. Tupac ran down the hallway until he met up with Orlando. Tupac asked, "You from the South?" It escalated into a fight and Tupac started beating the shit out of him. Later the rest of the Deathrow crew arrived and helped him beat him up. There was only one bodyguard with the crew, and he had to pull Tupac out of it twice. They knocked Orlando down and began kicking and punching him. A security camera recorded the incident on tape. The fight was stopped by hotel security, and Orlando was held for questioning by the police, then was allowed to leave after he declined to press charges. As left he gave his signed $1000 ticket's stub into the fight to a guy. He said, "Here you go, boy. Enjoy this." Tupac left at 8:55, to go back to the hotel. Tupac went up to Hammer's car and told me about the incident that had just happen. Hammer asked him some questions about it and he said it was all squashed and not to worry about it. While he was getting in his car he was bragging about how Tyson took him out in 50 punches and all he had to do was three punches and the dude was on the ground. Tupac's bodyguard said he had trouble getting him to wear his vest, and he wouldn't wear it very often. He didn't wear it at all the whole night. Since they were in Las Vegas they legally couldn't carry guns, but guns were brought anyways. They were in a hurry leaving the fight though, and the bodyguard forgot his gun in his car. When he got to the hotel he told Kidada, "Some nigga started a fight with me for nothin.' Something's up, you stay here." He was also upset because he couldn't find the Outlaws, who were supposed to be at the fight. He changed clothes then went back to Suge's house. They got ready for party at Club 662, where 2Pac was going to perform. Tupac had wanted to drive his Hummer, but Suge said that they had things to discuss and got Tupac to ride with him. Two hours later, Suge in his black, tinted-window '96 BMW 750 sedan left the mansion with Tupac in the passenger seat, and the 10-car entourage behind them. They were listening to The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory very low in the BMW. At 10:55, Tupac rolled down the window and a photographer took their picture at a red light. At 11:00, they were stopped on Las Vegas Blvd. by Metro bicycle cops for playing his car stereo too loud and for not having license plates, which were in the trunk on his rented car. He was not cited and was released a few minutes later. At a red light, on Flamingo Road, near the intersection of Koval Lane, in front of the Maxim Hotel two girls distracted Tupac and Suge on the driver's side, and at 11:15, a white, four-door, late-model, Cadillac with California plates pulled up. Tupac had been standing up through the sun roof. Two of the four men inside the car got out and fired thirteen rounds into the passenger side of the car, from a Glock .40 caliber handgun. He tried to get into the backseat, but Suge pulled him down, and a bullet bounced off of his right hip bone and hit is lung. He was also hit in his right hand and chest. Suge was barely hit by a bullet, and suffered a minor head wound. Immediately after the shooting, the Cadillac went south on Koval. Suge made a U-turn from the left lane of Flamingo and sped West toward Las Vegas Blvd., away from the nearest hospital. Suge said that he told Tupac he'd get him to a hospital, and Tupac said, "I need a hospital? You're the one shot in the head." Patrol officers on an unrelated call at the Maxim Hotel had heard the gunshots and called for back-up. Two other officers followed the BMW, which took a left on Las Vegas Blvd. South, and police reached the car when it was caught in traffic at the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd. and Harmon Ave. The officers called an ambulance. The BMW was covered with blood and pieces of gold, from Tupac's jewelry, on the inside, and had two flat tires. They brought Tupac out of the car and layed him down on the stretcher. He kept saying, "I can't breathe, I can't breathe." The ambulance took Tupac and Suge to the University of Nevada Medical Center. Sgt. Kevin Manning was assigned as leading investigator, and Cathy Scott was named lead reporter for the shooting. When the police questioned the bodyguard they continously asked if he had shot back, and when he said no they asked who had shot back. The bodyguard thought it was Suge's friends which were mostly blood members. Yafeu Fula had been in the car behind the BMW with bodyguards. He told the police that he could do a photo lineup and gave them his number. A man told Compton police that at Club 662, he heard Tray say that the shooter was Orlando's uncle Dwayne Keith Davis (Keefee D). Tupac lost 22 oz of blood on the way to the hospital. As he was being carried to the emergency room he said, "I'm dying." Tupac was admitted and listed in critical condition. His injuries included a gunshot wound to his right chest with a massive hemothorax and a gunshot wound to the right thigh with the bullet palpable within the abdomen. He also had a gunshot wound to a right finger with a fracture. The preoperative diagnosis was a gunshot wound to the chest and abdomen and post-operative bleeding. Just before midnight he was taken to UMC's Trauma Center. He was wheeled into the recovery area and was resuscitated according to advanced trauma life support protocol and a full trauma activation was called. He was placed on life support machines. Two liters of blood that had hemorrhaged into his chest cavity were removed. His pulse was very thready and initially he had a minimal blood pressure, which rapidly declined. He was taken immediately to the operating room for operative intervention and further resuscitation. He underwent surgery which consisted of ligation of bleeding, and a surgeon removed a bullet from his pelvic area which was done at midnight and finished at 2:35am on the 8th. The BMW remained in the impound lot at Ewing Bros. Auto Body and Towing lot in North Las Vegas it's right front and rear ends damaged. Police found no guns inside the car, just a cigar case and a Motorola cell phone. He underwent another operation that started at 6:25 p.m. and lasted an hour. It was exploratory surgery, and his punctured right lung was removed to stop internal bleeding. He was back in his room at 7:45. American Express said that Suge had rented 21 Las Vegas hotel rooms at $50 each for last night. Tupac was put in a medicinally induced coma and on life support to take pressure off his body. Three Blood sects met at Lueders Park, and talked about retaliation against the Southside Crips for the attack on Tupac. At 2:58 p.m., on East Alondra a man who Las Vegas police said may have been in the Cadillac was shot in the back on the 9th. At 8 P.M., 20 of Tupac's friends ran across the street from the trauma center's lobby to a car whose driver police had stopped to talk to. Sgt. Cindi West said that they had pulled up to see what was going on and a guy misunderstood and wouldn't cooperate. The people came out not knowing what was going on and got in the way and were pushing some of the officers. The police handcuffed four men who were later released. Two men were found with butts of marijuana cigarettes, but weren't arrested. He opened his eyes once, while Kidada was putting Don McLean's "Vincent" into a player next to his bed. She asked him if he heard her and to move his feet. He did. She asked if he knew she loved him. He nodded. Then he went into a coma. On the 10th, Blackstreet's album, Another Level came out. "No Diggity," sounds like "Toss It Up." 2Pac had the song done with Aaron Hall before Dre did it, and "Toss It Up" is actually a remix of the original song, because Dre copied it. Aaron Hall, ex-partner of Teddy Riley was the original writer. "Don't Leave Me" sounds like "I Ain't Mad At Cha." 2Pac's concert in Oakland was cancelled. His next concert will be in Oakland if city officials will agree to it. On the 11th, Bobby Finch, a Southside Crip who Compton cops said may have also been in the Cadillac, was gunned down on South Mayo at 9:05am. Suge and three lawyers spoke with METRO police for an hour and left them with nothing in the way of leads towards suspects or motives. In Compton, Orlando's cousin Jerry Bonds drove the white Cadillac into an autoshop on White and Alondra with another guy at 3 P.M.. On the 12th Tupac was supposed to have gone to court for sentencing on weapons charges for carrying a concealed gun when he attacked Allen HughesOn Friday the 13th, doctors tried to resuscitate Tupac several times, then Afeni said not to try again. When Tupac took his last breath Gloria Jean praised his body and could bear witness to who it was. He died at 4:03 (4 + 0 + 3 = 7) p.m. at the Intensive Care Unit. He was pronounced dead by Dr. Lovett of respiratory failure and cardiopulmonary arrest. The bodyguard had been at Suge's house, and Suge was mad at him and blaming him for not having his gun with him. He was coming towards him in a threatening way when the phone rang, and he found out Tupac died. Suge told the bodyguard that it didn't matter now because he's gone, and his voice was cracking up like he was going to cry. Afeni made a positive identification of Tupac's body at 5. A mortuary van took his body to the Clark County Coroner's office at 5:10. They did an autopsy. It determined that Tupac didn't have any illegal drugs in his body, but was heavily sedated. The autopsy report is on file at the office, but is not deemed by Nevada state law to be public. There were ballistics tests, but the results have not been made public. They took six pictures of him which were put on file at the office. Two general assignment detectives took Polaroid pictures of Tupac at the morgue for a police training book, but later were removed from the book and destroyed. They sent his blood to Long Beach Genetics, who did the DNA testing to find the probability of Afeni and Billy 99.97% parentage. Two more Bloods were shot and killed by an assailant who fled on foot. He was cremated. On the 14th, Afeni spread some of his ashes on a hill in L.A. and some on her garden, which has now flourished. Tupac's family held a private funeral for him in Las Vegas. On the 15th, he was mourned during a memorial service at The House of the Lord Pentecostal Church in Brooklyn, where he was still listed as a member of the congregation. Police had thought that the man at the MGM Grand could have been a suspect, but was ruled out because security was still holding him when Tupac had left the building. Because Tupac didn't have a will, Afeni had to file court papers as the only living heir and that she was the administer of his estate. Death Row emptied the apartment and took the furniture which Tupac was charged over $100,000 for. Cathy got an autopsy photo of Tupac dissected on a table at the morgue. It is not an official coroner or police photo, and was offered $100,000 for it from The National Enquirer. On the 18th, MTV premiered the "I Ain't Mad At Cha" video, directed by Kevin Swain and Tupac. In it, Tupac is shot, then dies in an ambulance. Later, he is in heaven riding with someone in a limo that looks like the BMW. Then he is met at the gates by Redd Foxx, who is hosting a jam session with Jimi Hendrix and other dead stars. Clark County Office of Vital Statistics has a copy of Tupac's death certificate which was filed with Clark County's vital records section by County Coroner Ron Flud. Dr. Ed Brown with Coroner's office signed it. A county seal was stamped on it, making it an official document. The only copy was released to Afeni. The original is on file with the county. It acts as the official notice of death. A candlelight vigil was held in New York City at Bryant Park on 42nd St. at 7 p.m. for Tupac. Because Tupac's shooting may have been gang-related, Las Vegas police got with L.A. police on the 19th, regarding two of the six drive-by shootings that had happened that week. The LVPD also got with New York City police. There was supposed to be a Death Row memorial service at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in L.A. at 11:30 a.m., but it was because a site couldn't be found large enough to hold the expected crowd it was cancelled. On the 22nd, there was a Tupac memorial service called, A Hip-Hop Day Atonement, at Mosque No. 7 in Harlem, by The Nation of Islam, but due the large turnout they were forced to move across the street to the Dempsey multi-service center. On the 27th, 2Pac was supposed to have performed at Family Time. On the 30th, the Supercop soundtrack came out, 2Pac is on it with, "Made Niggaz." In it he says, "Fuck 'em all who don't understand my plot to get richer. Outlaw to the grave, a muthafuckin' made nigga I got a plan to get richer. Take my picture." E.D.I Mean says, "Picture the scenery so now you gonna have to imagine. Call me a prophet cause I predicted what's going to happen." He also says, "Since the start of this E.D.I. Mean born July seven (7/7)." 2Pac says, "Call me a Bad Boy killer. Murder motherfuckers daily. Know the fed trail me. So my alias is Makaveli. Gettin' lessons from niggas in penitentieries. Game when I'm high. Help me survive several centuries ."In October Afeni threatened to block the release of The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory, unless she recieved accounting to the money due to Tupac. Interscope paid Tupac's estate an advance of $3 million for it, and increased Tupac's take from 1 to 20%. ˙His royalty rate for his first three Interscope albums also was upgraded from 12 to 18%, an adjustment that yielded $6 million. On the 23rd, Suge was arrested on a probation violation from the night Tupac was shot and put in the L.A. County Jail. Afeni called Richard Fischbein, and he was appointed as co-adminstrator of Tupac's estate. He found out that Tupac had no mutual funds, IRA, or real estate. He owned no stocks or bonds, and had a checking account that had less than $105,000. He also didn't own his Woodland Hills house in San Fernando Valley that he had recently thought he had bought. There was a five-figure life insurance policy, the beneficiary was Sekyiwa, a $61,000 Jaguar that Suge got for Tupac's appearance in a commercial, and a Hummer. His apartment, Rolls-Royce, and Mercedes were listed in Death Row's name. On the 25th, Jay-Z's album, Reasonable Doubt came out. In, "Brooklyn's Finest," B.I.G. says, "If Faith had twins, she'd probably have two Pac's. Get it, Tupac's." On the 29th, MTV Party to Go 10 came out, 2Pac is on it with the "California Love" long radio edit. Tupac is on the cover of Rollingstone. Tupac is on the cover of the November issue of Vibe and the Source. On the 5th, Makaveli's album The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory came out. It was originally an EP of six songs, but later made to 12. It went platinum. Tupac spelled Machiavelli , Makaveli, you can use the letters in Makaveli to spell make alive or I am alive. In the mob, The Don is the head man. Tupac said, "The niggas was tellin' me about this Illuminati shit while I was in jail, right. That's another way to keep your self esteem low that's another way to keep you unconfident. And I'm putting the K cause I'm killing that Illuminati shit. Trust me if these niggas wanted to kill you, why the fuck they gonna tell Pharacon. Why they gonna tell the Nation of Islam? Why they gonna tell this nigga in jail about the plan? How did he know, how did it lead to him? Who told him, the Pope? Who, cause they like the Pope and the money." H e was shot on the 7th, and on the seventh day he died. He was 25, (2 + 5 = 7). He died seven months after All Eyez On Me came out. Biggie was killed six months and one day (6 + 1 + =7) after Tupac was. Seven months after he was shot is seven days after Easter. On the cover it has him on a cross like Jesus. His arms and head make a W. On the cross are seven Westcoast cities; Oakland, Hollyood, So Central, Los Angeles, Watts, Compton, and Long Beach. There are six Eastcoast cities; Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Harlem, Bronx, and East Orange. There are three Southcoast cities; New Orleans, Atlanta, and Houston. He is raising seven fingers, and his left hand is shaped like a gun at Brooklyn. There are three Ws of light shining out of the holes. It was supposed to have been the cover of Me Against the World because it represented the media crucifying Tupac. In the background there are seven red clouds. On the inside cover it reads: Exit-2Pac Enter-Makaveli. The executive producer is Simon. In the Bible, John 1:42 reads: And he brought him to Jesus. Jesus looked at him and said, "You are Simon son of John. You will be called Cephas" (which, when translated, is Peter). 1 Corinthians 15:1, Now, brothers, I want to remind you of the gospel I preached to you, which you received and on which you have taken your stand. 2, By this gospel you are saved, if you hold firmly to the word I preached to you. Otherwise, you have believed in vain. 3, For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, 4, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, 5, and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve. Simon could be Suge. There is a ink blob that is covering a hand throwing up the Westside sign. In the "Intro," Napoleon says, "Suge shot me." It says, "Nas the alleged ring leader is furious of Tupac's excuse me, Makaveli's verbal assault on Mobb Sleep, Notorious P.I.G., and several other New York rappers. Jay-Z of Hawaiian soapy fame, Big Little whatever and several other corny sounding motherfuckas are understandibly shakin' up by this release." It also says, "2Pac rather, Makaveli was not available for comment." In "Bomb First (My Second Reply), Makaveli says, "I'm a Bad Boy killa, Jay-Z die too. Looking out for Mobb Deep. Nigga when I find you. Weak muthafuckas don't deserve to breathe." He also says, "Plan plot strategize." "Hail Mary" is the second part of "I Ain't Mad At Cha." In "Toss It Up," Makaveli says, "No longer Dre day, arive derche long and forgotten, plottin' for plottin' child's play check your sexuality, as fruity as this alizhay quick to jump ship, punk trick, what a dumb move cross Death Row, now who you gonna run to." He also says, "Screamin compton, but you can't return, you ain't heard brothas pissed cause you switched and escaped to the burbs." He also says, "How can some non-players do a song about tossin it up." It says, "Puffy." Then Makaveli says, "I read your little interview buddy come on you still ain't touching us, all that peace talk, I don't care if you kiss my ass from here to across the street boy, it's on." In "To Live & Die in L.A.," he says, "Neckbone, Tray, Head Ron, Punchy too. Big Rock got knocked, but this one's for you." He also says, "California Love Part muthafuckin' 2 without gay ass Dre." In "Blasphemy," when a guy says, "And as the Lord does return in the coming seven days" Makaveli says, "Seven years." He also says, "Living by the Nile where the water flow, I'm completing, plotting, thought where I thought I'd go. Niggas getting shot coming back resurected." In "Life of an Outlaw," someone says, "All for the street fame on how to be managed, six months in advance to what we plotted, approved to go on swole and now I got it." In "Krazy," he says, "Makaveli the Don puttin' it down to the fullest. Maximum overload three day theory." In the Bible, In "White Man'z World," he says, "My time away just made perfection, you think I'd die?" He also says, "Hopin' they bury me with ammunition, weed, and shells." He also says, "We ain't never gonna walk off the planet unless ya'll chose to." In "Me and My Girlfriend" the woman's voice is Tupac's. In "Hold Ya Head," he says, "Young brotha buried, was it me?" He also says, "Hope to God, get me high when I'm buried." In "Against All Odds," in the chorus he says, "Up in the studio gettin' blowed, tell the truest shit I ever spoke." He also says, "Dressed in fatigues, black jeans, and boots. Disappeared is the crowd all you see is troops. This little nigga named Nas, think he live like me. Talk about how he left the hospital. Took five like me. You living fantasies I reject your deposit. We shook Dre punk ass. Now we out of the closet. Mobb Deep wonder why nigga blowed them out, next time grown folks talk, nigga close your mouths." He also says, "Puffy, lets be honest you a punk or you gonna see me with gloves. Remember that shit you said in Vibe about me being a thug, and you can tell the people you roll with whatever you want, but you and I know what's going on. Pay back. I knew you bitch niggas from way back. Witness me strapped with macs knew I wouldn't play that. All you old rappers trying to advance. It's all over now, take it like a man. Niggas looking like, Larry Holmes flabby and sick." He also says, "I heard he was light skined, stocky with a Hatian accent." He also says, "A real live tale about a snitch named Hatian Jack. Knew he was working for the feds, same crime different trial. Niggas picture what he said. And did I mention, promised a payback. Jimmy Henchmen. In due time I knew you bitch niggas was listening. The world is mine. Set me up. Wet me up. Niggas stuck me up. Heard the guns bust, but you tricks never shut me up." He also says, "Here we come gunshots to Tut." He also says, "Puffy gettin robbed like a bitch, to hide that fact he did some shit he shouldn't have did. So we ride him for that. And that nigga that was down for me, restin' dead. Switched sides guess his new friends wanted him dead. Probably be murdered for this shit that I said." He also says, "God don't like ugly It Was Written. Hey Nas your whole damn style is weak. You heard my melody, read about my life in the papers. All my run-ins with authorities, felonious capers. Now you want to live my life." Richie Rich's album, Seasoned Veteran also came out. On the inside cover it reads: I would like to dedicate this album to the memory of my patna Tupac Amaru Shakur. How fast we forget the ones who never forget us. Tupac you touched so many while you were with us and so many more upon your departure and although I wasn't ready 4 you 2 go I trust that God needed that power in a much better place. See you at the luv, Richie Rich 9/17/96. 2Pac is on it with, "Niggas Done Changed." In it he says, "I've been shot and murdered, can't tell you how it happened word for word but best believe that niggas gonna get what they deserve." He also says, "Biggie Smalls got his eyes swollen." In, "Do G's Get To Go To Heaven," Richie says, "I dedicate this to my my Tupac, rest in peace boy you know it's all love." The probate court granted Afeni personal living expenses of $16,340 a month, including $1,200 a month in tuition for grandchildren and $2,000 a month in security for herself, Seywika, Tupac's two nieces, two cousins, an aunt, and two uncles. Kadafi, went to the Tyson/Holyfield fight on the 9th at the MGM Grand. Later he was shot in the head and found in a third floor hallway of an apartment in East Orange, New Jersey at 3:48am on the 10th. He was taken to University Hospital in Newark, where he died that afternoon. There was a Tupac memorial called, Keep Ya Head Up! The Celebration of Tupac Shakur, at the Atlanta Civic Center by Jasmine. On the 12th, Snoop's album, Tha Doggfather, came out. On the inside cover there is a picture of Snoop and Tupac with the words: In Loving Memory of My Homeboy Rest In Peace Tupac Amaru Shakur 1971-1996. 2Pac is on the "Outro." Mobb Deep's album, Hell on Earth also came out. In "Drop a Gem On 'Em," Havoc says, "Knocked out the box and got rocked, got raped on the Island, you officially got kick that thug shit, Vibe magazine on some love shit, keep it real kid, you don't know who you fuckin' wit." Prodigy says, "Now yo wanna got at my team, you must of been drunk when you wrote that shit. Too bad you had to did it to your own self, my rebellion, I retaliate. I had the whole New York state aimin' at your face at the gate, bottom line of top soon as you came through shot through. He also says, "You gotta gatt you betta find it and use that shit think fast and get reminded of robberies in Manhattan, you knew what happened 60 G's and one for gun clappin'. Who shot ya? You'd probably scream louder than an opera. New York gotcha, now you wanna use my mob as a crutch. What makes you think you can't get bucked again?" B-Legit's album The Hemp Museum also came out. On the inside cover it reads: Tupac Shakur RIP June 16, 1971-September 13, 1996. On the 18th, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas Circuit Court judge Judge H.A. Taylor granted Jacquelyn McNealey $16.6 million from Tupac's estate after his lawyers didn't come to the hearing. She had already won $500,000 from the promoter, and had a lawsuit pending against Death Row, Interscope, and Time Warner. On the 19th, Foxy Brown's album, Ill Na Na came out. On the inside cover it reads: R.I.P. Tupac Shakur. She had met Tupac at a Death Row party. Kool DJ Red Alert Presents... also came out, 2Pac is on it with "California Love." On the 22nd, Tough Love: Familial Observations on the Life and Death of Tupac Shakur, by Michael Datcher and Kwame Alexander, with an epilogue by Mutulu came out. Las Vegas Police said that they consider the Tupac shooting case complete. They think Orlando Anderson is responsible, but are not prosecuting because of lack of evidence and witness cooperation. Orlando and two of his relatives, are the LVPD's three remaining suspects. Tupac was shot for not making money for Death Row and was covered up by a robbery. Did history repeat itself? E-40's video "Practice Lookin Hard" premiered with Tupac. On the 26th, E-40's album, Hall of Game came out. On the inside cover it reads: Tupac Shakur RIP June 16, 1971-September 13, 1996. 2Pac is on it with "Million Dollar Spot." In it he says, "Fans can't understand my ghetto slang, so I evade and plot and plan a life of better things." In December, Unsolved Mysteries' producers began working on Tupac's murder. On the 3rd, In His Own Words came out. The double album, Death Row's Greatest Hits, came out, 2Pac is on it with "Keep Ya Head Up," "Dear Mama," "Me Against The World," the "I Get Around" remix, "Pour Out A Little Liquor," "Hit 'Em Up," and "Smile For Me Now." "Smile For Me Now" is the same as "Smile." The Billboard Music Awards were held at Aladdin Hotel's Theater for the Performing Arts on the 4th. 2Pac won Top R&B Album Artist and Hot R&B Singles Sale, Hot Rap Single, and Hot Dance Music Maxi-Singles Sale for How Do U Want It/California Love. He was nominated for Best Rapper. On the 13th, Afeni filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in L.A. against Death Row, it's merchandise manufacturer Cronies/Reproductive Images, it's distributor Globex, and David Kenner for fraud accusing that they cheated Tupac out $1 million from sales of hats, T-shirts, and sweatshirt sold by advertising in a flier in All Eyez On Me. Tupac's estate won merchandising rights to Tupac's image. Previously, it received nothing. A MTV premiered the "To Live & Die in L.A." video, directed by Tupac and Kevin Swain. In it you can see a new tatoo under his right arm, MOB. The Source named 2Pac their Rapper of the Year. On January 11, 1997, The Box premiered the "Toss It Up" video with Lisa Raye. In it Makaveli breaks a mirror, which is supposed to bring seven years of bad luck. The "Is There A Heaven For A Gangsta?" video premiered, there is a Tupac double in it. The phone number for Euphanasia was disconnected and the office in California was closed. They began filming Thug Immortal: The Tupac Shakur Story in the Bay Area. On the 14th, the Rhyme & Reason soundtrack came out. In "Is There A Heaven For a Gangsta?" Master P says, "He told me don't trust nobody his best friend was the trigger man. I see tears in his sister and his mama eyes. His old lady standin' at casket askin God why. The church is full of killers." He also says, "Now he's in the dirt." On the 20th, Gridlock'd, directed and written by Vondie Curtis Hall, with Tim Roth, and Thandie Newton, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Tupac plays Ezekiel Whitmore, but is called Spoon, a drug addict who wants to kick it. In it you can see a new tatoo on the right side of his neck, Makaveli. When Spoon and Stretch go to get breakfast on the menu you can see seven 7s: 175, PATTYMEL7, BLT, CHILLI, and there is one in the bottom left hand corner. When Spoon and Stretch are in the alley deciding where Stretch should stab him, Spoon feels the right side of his chest and says, "I know my lung's right here and I definitely don't want a puncture there." At the end, it states: FOR TUPAC "ONE LOVE," R.I.P. Tupac said, "Me and Tim always joke that we're the new Danny Glover and Mel Gibson, only I'm the Mel Gibson and he's the Danny Glover. "If you look at us, we look like the two most unlikely action stars in the world." On the 21st, Federal Judge William Matthew Byrne ruled that the companies were to stop all sales of Tupac merchandise without getting the permission of the estate and were to pay up to $500,000 in back revenues. He also ruled that Afeni is entitled to 18% of all money made from Tupac merchandise in the last quarter of '96. Johnny Lee Jackson (JJ) sued Death Row because he says he is owed for co-writing and producing 11 songs on All Eyez On Me. He said he was promised a $10,000 advance per song royalties of 3%, and he repeatedly asked Death Row for payment, but has been refused. The Let Me Clear My Throat single came out. On it is "Let Me Clear My Throat" (Tupac Tribute edit). 2Pac won an American Music Award on the 27th, for Best Rap Artist. Brandy accepted the award for him. On the 28th, a album dedicated to Tupac "Makaveli" Shakur called, Master P Presents West Coast Bad Boyz II came out. On "R.I.P. Tupac" Master P says, "Tupac don't leave. That's what they screaming, but these niggas on this earth is tha demons. God called my dog, Makaveli time to move on. You were right two jump in tha BMW and to cruise on." He also says, "We scream, Makaveli to our enemies you like a ghost to those niggas in tha Eastcoast. Makaveli number one in every record store." The Gridlock'd soundtrack also came out, 2Pac is on it with "Wanted Dead or Alive." It is part two of "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted." In it Snoop says, "My nigga Tupac rest in peace." He also says, "My nigga Tupac Makaveli." He is also on it with "Never Have a Friend Like Me." In "Why," in the chorus Nate Dogg says, "Why did my homie have to die? With tears in my eyes I came to say goodbye." He also says, "Just passin' through to let you know that I remember the times we shared. Your mother prayed for us both night and day. I guess this is what she feared. The picture in my room keeps your image sharply in my head, all in my head. I just can't let go of the memories I had. Will this madness ever end?" He also says, "I often wonder if you'd still be here if you had worn your vest." He also says, "Gonna tell everyone I know. How we, used to send them to the floor. Have we forgot to mourn. 2Pac is also on it with "Out the Moon." In it he says, "Go tell 'em busters up at Bad Boy that Treach got a big mouth. He is also on it with "Life is a Traffic Jam." On the 29th, Gridlock'd premiered. C-Bo's album One Life 2 Live came out. In the inside cover it reads: RIP to On the 31st, Tru's double album, Tru 2 Da Game came out. In "Gangstas Make the World," Silkk the Shocker says, "Rest in peace Tupac AKA Makaveli." The "Heaven 4 A Gangsta (Tru Remix)" is on it. In February the "Wanted Dead Or Alive" video premiered on MTV. In it are clips of Tupac from Gridlock'd. Unsolved Mysteries' producers and a film crew rented a BMW and a Cadillac, and staged a re-enactment of Tupac's shooting. They interviewed Cathy on a studio set in a hotel room. On the 5th, Afeni and Suge were on Primetime Live, on ABC. Afeni said that she found out that his Rolls Royce was not his so she didn't want it. Suge said that even if he knew who shot Tupac he wouldn't tell police. In Japan, Strictly Dope's EP came out. On the 8th, on America's Most Wanted, on FOX they reinacted Tupac's murder. In Japan, Static: A Tupac Shakur Story came out. There was a Tupac interview on Starz! The Grammy Awards were held at Madison Square Garden on the 26th. 2Pac was nominated for best Rap Performance By a Group or Duo for "California Love" and "How Do U Want It," and best Rap Album for All Eyez On Me. On the 28th, Judge Stephen Czuleger sentenced Suge to seven years and 355 days for violating his probation the night Tupac was shot. The "Wanted Dead or Alive" video premiered, at the end Snoop says, "Tupac Rest in Peace." In March, Malcolm Greenridge and Frank Alexander, one of Tupac's former bodyguards came forward and said they would look at a photo lineup for Tupac's killer. They were both in the car behind the BMW, where Frank, the driver of the car, said he saw the shooter's face. Malcolm said that he saw the gun come from the back seat out through the driver's front window and that he saw the driver. They originally said that they didn't see anything. On the 5th, Rhyme & Reason, directed by Peter Spirer, with Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde, The Fugees, The Alkoholiks, Biggie, Heavy D, Salt-N-Pepa, Speech, Biz Markie, Lil' Caesar, Chuck D, Craig Mack, LBC Crew, Redman, Mack 10, KRS-ONE, Cypress Hill, MC Eiht, Kris Kross, Nas, Puffy, The Luniz, LL Cool J, Da Brat, Spice 1, LV, Master P, Lost Boyz, The Click, Too Short, Wu-Tang, Tha Dogg Pound, Jermaine Dupri, Jay-Z, and Dre came out. Tupac is interviewed in it, and coverage of his murder was a late addition to it. On the 6th, filming for the "Hail Mary" video was finished. The Soul Train Music Awards were held on the 7th at the Shrine Auditorium. 2Pac won Best Rap Album. On the 8th, on America's Most Wanted, on FOX. Suge said what he knew about Tupac's murder. He said he loved Pac and denied robbing him of his money. He said in four or five months Tupac spent $2.4 of $2.5 million. He also said that the cops have all the information they need on Tupac's killers. On the 9th, at 12:35am, Little Ceasar, Biggie, and his bodyguard, Damian drove up to a red light, in Biggie's GMC, with Biggie in the passenger seat. A Chevy Impala pulled up, and six to 10 shots were fired into the passenger side of the car from a 9-mm. Biggie was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and was pronounced dead at 1:15. On the 10th, Tupac won Outstanding Hip-Hop Artist at the Bay Area Music Awards at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. He was nominated for Oustanding Album for All Eyez on Me. On the 11th, Scarface's album, The Untouchable came out. On the inside cover it reads: RIP to Seagram Miller, Tupac Shakur, Rappin Ron and Pinkhouse. I love you all niggas and I'll see you when I get there. 2Pac is on it with "Smile." On the 12th, on Primetime Live on ABC they did a special on Biggie's murder. They said that law enforcement think's that it may be connected to Tupac, and were speculating that the killer could be from Death Row or a Tupac fan. On the 14th, on Unsolved Mysteries, on NBC, they showed Tupac's murder as unexplained death. Robert Stack asked why Tupac's trusted bodyguards were unarmed, why the killer targeted only Tupac, and why was no one willing to talk. On the 17th, MTV had a special on Tupac's murder. On the 18th, Biggie was cremated. Jacques Agnant is suing Tupac's estate for $200 million. He said he fears for his life and can't find work as a music producer because he is fingered as a federal informant in "Against All Odds." On the 20th, the "Hail Mary" video, directed by Frank Sacremento premiered on MTV. In it shows a Makaveli grave struck by lightning then opening up. Three of his enemies who are gang members play Super Nintendo, and later die while his friend sits in jail. On the 25th, B.I.G.'s double album, Life After Death came out. In "Notorious Thugs," B.I.G. says, "Look at all the bullshit I been through. So called beef with you know who." In "Playa Hater," he says, "I'd like to take you back to the classic." He also says, "Playa turn your head around. Lay on the ground, you've been robbed. Wake up, open the door." He also says, "Wake up, wake your ass up. Take off your jewels. You fucking fools, you've been robbed. This is a robbery nigga." In "Long Kiss Goodnight," he says, "You fucking maniac, put my names in raps." He also says, "Slugs go, touchy-touchy. Ya bleeding lovely, with yo, spirit above me or beneath me, ya whole life ya live sneaky. Now ya rest eternally, sleepy, ya burn when ya creep me. Rest where the worms and the weak be what kinda shit is that, now you rest eternally sleep." Tupac is on the cover of Yo! with Snoop. Death Row asked a Nevada Resort to see if they would buy the BMW, but they said no. On April 1st, Rebel for the Hell of It: The Life of Tupac Shakur by Armond White came out. The publisher, Thunder's Mouth Press, made changes in it including cutting out the acknowledgements and changing the introduction so that it links Tupac's shooting with Biggie's. Afeni took Tough Love: A Familial Observation on the Life and Death of Tupac Shakur off the market because she wasn't getting paid for it. The Assassins' album Hitmakers Volume 1 will come out, 2Pac is on it with "Real Bad Boyz." Death Row filed a lawsuit against Tupac's estate for $7.1 million for reimbursement for money they advanced to Tupac for cars, houses, jewelry, furniture, and recording and video costs. On the 18th, Afeni filed a lawsuit against Death Row, Suge and David Kenner for $150 million, claiming they cheated Tupac out of millions of dollars. Besides seeking unpaid royalties and repayment of disputed expense billings, the countersuit from Tupac's estate wanted to invalidate the '95 handwritten contract Tupac signed. It also asked that 152 2Pac songs be ordered into court-appointed receivership. Citing the contract, Death Row claimed 2Pac's unreleased recordings are its property, and wanted 20% of Tupac's earnings over the last 18 months as a management fee. Some unreleased songs are "Men At Arms," "Danger Time," "Rap Figures," "Don't Call Me Bitch," "Just Watchin," "What Goes On," "Cause I Had To," "Resist The Temptation," "Open Fire," "Ghetto Gospel," "House of Pain," "Who Do Ya Luv," "Who Do You Believe In?," "Still I Ride," "This Thug's Story," "Why Me," "Thug Poetry, "When We Ride on Our Enemies," "Tearz of a Clown," "You Don't Know Me," "So So Crazy," "The Untouchables," "You Don't Have To Lie," "Niggaz Don't Know My Style," "Thug For Life," "All I Ever Wanted To Be Was A Soldier," "Black Jesus," "Wiping Niggaz Off The Map," "Under Pressure II," "Black Jesus 2," "Bad Boy Killers," "Young Niggas Did You Pray Today," "Thug Nation," "Where Ever U R," "Never Be Peace," "Fuckin' Wit The Wrong Nigga," "Catching Feelings," "My Closest Road Dogs," "You Don't Have To Worry," "Fright Night," "Good Life," "Late Nite," "Street Fame," "Pac's Life," "Thug In Me," "The Struggle Continuez," "Things Are Changing," "Troublesome 96," "Let 'Em Have It," "Fair Xchange," "Military Mind," "World Wide Dime Piece," "Until The End Of Time," "When Thugs Cry," "Still I Rise," "Secrets Of War," "Hell 4A Hustler," "All Out," "What's Next," "Fade Me," "Letter To The President," "Everything They Owe," "Happy Home," "Why U Turn On Me,"and "Niggaz Is Like That." In it he says, "Fuck Jay-Z, he's broke and I smoke daily." He also says, "Tricks in drag, tell Dre that bitch he can kiss my ass." He also did "They Wanna Bury Me." In it he says, "They wanna bury me, I'm worried." He also says, "I see visions of me dead." He also says, "Never will I die, I'll be back. Reincarnated as a muthafucking mac." He also did "Hit 'Em Up 2." In it he says, "Niggas talk much shit, so much played shit. I fucked ya bitch cause she's easy to get. Witness the hit. Talk bad about a nigga when I got blasted. I hope you made a lil' money while it lasted. I heard they call ya Big Poppa, nigga how ya figure? Cause to me you'll always be a phoney fat nigger. I can't see you in versace, nigga you look rough." He also says, "You bitch niggas are gettin blown away. You crosseyed, down syndrome, crack baby. You and puffy are tough now that's crazy." Tupac was charged with expenses that he never agreed to pay which were attendant to the production of albums released by Death Row. He was charged $3,421,842 in video production costs and $663,012 in audio production costs. Tupac was never told that he was being charged for it. On the 22nd, Trapp's album, Stop the Gunfight came out, 2Pac is on it with "Stop The Gunfight." It sounds like "Runnin'." In it someone asks, "Who Shot Tupac?," then it says, "Suge, Suge, Suge." He is also on it with "Be The Realist." It sounds like "Lets Get It On." Tupac is on the cover of the May issue of Word Up. On the 1st Bullet, directed by John Flock, with Tupac and Mickey Rourke came out on video. Tupac plays Tank, a drug dealer. The "Smile" video directed by Paul Hunter premiered. In it there is a Tupac double tied up, and at the end someone lets him down and he disappears into some water. Scarface says, "Say a prayer for my homie Pac." 3X Krazy's video "Keep It On The Real" premiered. In it they are rapping at a casino, and throwing a W upside down. They also rap in a boxing ring, and afterwards they get into a fight in the hotel lobby. At the end, a black BMW is going down a desert road. Then a white Cadillac pulls up in front of the car, and a group of women get out, and take a guy out of the BMW and then leave with him. On the 10th, on America's Most Wanted, on FOX, they had a special on Biggie and Tupac. MOP's video "Dead and Gone" premiered. When the words: the set up, come on Napoleon says, "Suge Shot Me." On the 13th, Thug Immortal: The Tupac Shakur Story directed by George Tan came out. Some versions come with a album of the interview with Rob. Afeni won the suit against Death Row, and a court ordered that Tupac's estate has the ownership over all of 2Pac's master tapes. On the 20th, the I'm Bout It soundtrack came out. In "Heat" Skull Drugrey says, "Who gives a damn that Pac's been shot? To me he's just another nigga that was on another nigga's block, who got caught up and got popped." On the 29th, during a gang raid L.A. police found a Chevy Impala whose owner is Keefee D, in the backyard of his girlfriend's house. In June they started filming And I Still Rise in New York. On June 1st, the Men In Black soundtrack came out. In "Just Crusin'" Will Smith says, "Pop albums BIG's and 2Pac's." On the 10th, Geronimo Pratt was freed on $25,000 bail at 12:35 P.M.. Judge Everett Dickey ruled the jury in his case never were told that a witness, Julius Butlerwas a paid informant for the FBI and police. On the 17th the Lost Boyz' album Love Peace & Nappiness came out. In the inside cover it thanks 2Pac. In "Beasts From The East," Redman says, "I return like Makaveli." "Friends" is dedicated to Tupac. On the 23rd, 1 in 21 A Tupac Shakur Story came out in Australia. It's the same as Static A Tupac Shakur Story. On the 24th Yo! MTV Raps came out, 2Pac is on it with "I Get Around." The Lady of Rage's album, Necessary Roughness also came out, 2Pac is on it with "Big Bad Lady." On July 1st, Frost's album When Hell Freezes Over came out, "Heaven and Hell" is a tribute to Tupac and Easy-E. Big Syke's album, Be Yo Self also came out. On the inside cover it reads: Tupac R.I.P. and he also gives thanks to 2Pac. Puffy's album No Way Out also came out. In "Pain" Puffy says, "May you rest in peace. To the families, I never meant to cause no pain I know the truth, but if you want, then I shoulder the blame. He also says, "But before my shit drops, I stand accused." On the 15th, Ant Banks Presents Big Thangs came out, 2Pac is on it with "4 Tha Hustlas." Words Never Die, a documentary on Tupac's life also came out. Gianni Versace was shot in the head and killed. On the 29th, Bone's double album, The Art of War came out. It is dedicated to Biggie, Makaveli, and Easy-E. The Art of War is by Machiavelli. In "Handle the Vibe," Bizzy says, "Now I'm rollin' with Makaveli, pinning, my pistols steady." 2Pac is on it with "Thug Luv." It's not the original version. The original had Bizzy Bone, 2Pac, and Layzie Bone and a slightly different intro and beat. They made a second version with II Tru and were gonna put it on The Art Of War, but Bone decided that they all wanted to be on the track so II Tru's part was taken out, Layzie was added in, and Bizzy's second verse was deleted so parts could be added for Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone. In it Bizzy says, "Wait til Pac get schizophrenic." 2Pac says, "Police be rushin' when they see me, I flaunt it America's Most Wanted live on TV." He also says, "I caught a plane out to Cleveland late last evenin' to help my niggas clean up some niggas no longer breathing. Now who do you believe in? Hit the weed and grieve. It's a cold ass world, niggas. Kill you in your sleep, watch me until they stop me, bury, murder me, or drop me." Bizzie also says, "Pac Pac run with us run with us, run with us. Pac Pac run with us. Pac and RIP with thug luv." "Look Into My Eyes" is a tribute to Tupac. In August, DeLores Tucker sued Tupac's estate for $10 million in federal court in Philadelphia, saying that "How Do U Want It" and "Wonda Why They Call U Bytch" caused her great humiliation, mental pain and suffering. She said the anguish caused by the sexual references to her undermined her sex life. On the 4th, the non-jury trial in which Billy is trying to get 50% of Tupac's estate started. Tupac said, "I thought my father was dead all my life. After I got shot, I looked up there was this nigga that looked just like me. And he was my father; that's when I found out. We still didn't take no blood test but the nigga looked just like me and the other nigga's dead so now I feel that I'm past the father stage." The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show premiered on FOX. They showed the video of Jada and Tupac lip singing. On the 5th, the How To Be A Player soundtrack came out. On the inside cover it reads: To The Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac, the ultimate players, rest in peace. 2Pac is on it with "Troublesome." In the "Interlude," Max Julien a/k/a. Goldie says, "Tupac came to me this morning in a vision, scratching his head, wondering why. Said looking back over his life he understood why he had to die. Said it would've been nice to see things the way he sees them now without being dead. If he only had more time he would've been able to tell us what really should have been said. Well, I saw it anyway, young prince. In spite of your agony, I saw the love in your eyes. Even though I only knew you for too, too short a time, I loved you to death, man, and will always remember your smile." Billy testified that Tupac gave him a picture signed: To pops, tell my family to come see me. KMEL's Summer Jam was the 9th at the Concord Pavilion, it was dedicated to 2Pac and B.I.G. Afeni was there and told about about losing Tupac and how we can keep his spirit alive. Leila told about how much she loved Tupac and he loved her and her kids. Tupac had towards her and her children. Tupac Shakur, by the editors of Vibe was published. It has a forward by Quincy and memorial tributes from John, Ernest, and Chuck D. Wu tang's single Triumph Pt.2 came out in the United Kingdom. In "Diesel," Old Dirty Bastard says, "I need help the government is after me. I need help someone help me please. Someone help me. They already did Tupac in, Biggie Smalls." On the 12th, The Alkaholiks' album Likwidation came out. In "Captain Hook" someone says, "Cause Theo only plays you if you R&B or 2Pac." On the 26th, Jacquelyn McNealey filed a suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Tupac's estate demanding that she get her money. An appeal is pending. Richard Fischbein is trying to set aside this judgment; Tupac's estate's Arkansas court papers carried the names of 17 attorneys, and asserted that Tupac was never even notified of this lawsuit. Coolio's album, My Soul came out. In "My Soul" Coolio says, "That's why I poured out a little drink for the homie Pac." A class started at the University of California at Berkeley this semester taught by Arvand Elihu called History '98: Poetry & History of Tupac Shakur. Leila Steinberg will help with it. Tupac tried to help black people who think they need to sell drugs to make money make a living in the music or other industries so Afeni started the Tupac Amaru Foundation. There is a clothing line and when you buy something a some of the money goes to the foundation. There will be scholarships given out in Tupac's name for women going back to school against the odds and for men getting off the streets to learn. They want to build an Art Institute in the name of Tupac over in Marin City where Qu'id Teal was killed, and would like to leave something there that goes on everyday and provides help for somebody in that community. On September 7th, the killing of Tupac Shakur by Cathy came out. In it is her photo of Tupac. Death Row dropped it's suit against Tupac's estate. On the 8th, Tupac's estate and Billy's trial resumed. Orlando Anderson filed a lawsuit in L.A. against Tupac's estate, Death Row, and Suge for nearly $1 million for physical and mental injuries he suffered from the night Tupac was shot. Metro Police started an internal investigation about who gave Cathy the photo. Barbara Warren is suing Death Row for the $69,074.01 she was owed in '96 for her work and expenses that they refused to pay. She said that in the spring of '94 she made an agreement with Death Row to provide costuming, styling, wardrobe, and shopping services for Tupac and other rappers. An L.A. jewelry company filed a $1 million lawsuit against Death Row, its accountants, and Interscope. They claims they haven't been paid for diamond watches, studs, pendants, and other trinkets that were worn by Death Row employees and handed out as gifts to Tupac and other stars. American Express is suing Suge and David Kenner for $1.6 million in unpaid charges for charter flights to Las Vegas, limo rides, and bills at hotels in Beverly Hills and Las Vegas. It says that Death Row gave 80 people authority to use Suge and David's Platinum and Gold cards. The "Mourn You Til I Join You" video, directed by David Nelson and Treach, premiered on BET. It is dedicated to Tupac, and shows Treach looking at Tupac pictures and books of him. It also has clips of Tupac when he got arrested, and some of him and Treach together. On the 12th, Afeni filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Orlando in California Superior Court alledging he fired the shots that killed Tupac. It also names Southside Crips member, Jerry Bonds as the guy who drove the Cadillac. It also claims that Afeni was totally dependent on him for her support and maintenance, and that Tupac's estate incurred medical bills for his hospitalization and lost earnings and loss of income from the seven days he was in the hospital. The suit seeks damages to be determined at trial, plus the recovery of medical, funeral, and cremation expenses sustained by the family. On the 13th, on VIBE on FOX there was supposed to be a tribute show to Tupac, but it was cancelled after Afeni's request because they released Tupac Shakur without her permission. On the 16th, Jon B.'s album Cool Relax came out. 2Pac is on it with "Are U Still Down." Master P's video "I Miss My Homies" premiered on MTV. In it it shows a Tupac double praying and someone says, "Makaveli." Later he is walking around in a graveyard praying. Master P says, "Smile for the dead. R.I.P. Tupac, Makaveli, Biggie Smalls." The "Just Crusin" video premiered on MTV. In it it lists Tupac on the list of his albums in between Biggie and Jay-Z. MGM is sending out an Electronic Press Kit containing the Gang Related interview. They found out who rented the Cadillac and which agency it was from. On the 23rd, Busta Rhymes's album When Disaster Strikes came out. On the inside cover it reads: To Tupac: Soldier, Warrior, may Allah bless your family, your daughter, her mother, your mother (Afeni Shakur). Rest in peace. On October 1st, DeLores Tucker filed a $5 million defamation lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia against Time and Newsweek for their reports her suit against Tupac's estate, for printing that her sex life was impaired. In Time there was an article that said that the lyrics caused her so much distress that she and her husband couldn't have sex. Black Haze's video "Holla At Cha" premiered on The Box. In it they never show Black Haze's face and there is this guy trying to find out who he is. It starts with someone coming out of a grave, then a newspaper flashes Is he alive? At the end the newspaper says He's Back!" On the 7th, the Gang Related soundtrack, which is a double album, came out. On the inside cover it reads: 2Pac Rest In Peace. He is on it with "Made Niggaz," "Lost Souls," "Staring Through My Rearview," and "Life's So Hard." In it he says, "Catch me slippin' empty the clip and bury me. Hell nah nigga have to plug me twice. Ain't no slippin' when you thug for life, motherfucker can you see?" Janet Jackson's album The Velvet Rope also came out. "Together Again" is a tribute to Tupac. In it she says, "There are times when I look above and beyond there are times when I feel your love around me baby. I will never forget my baby. I'll never forget you." On the 8th, Gang Related, directed and written by Jim Kouf, with Lela Rochon, James Belushi, Dennis Quaid, and James Earl Jones premiered. Tupac plays Rodriguez, policeman who sells drugs for extra money. In it, his badge number is 115, (1 + 1 + 5 = 7). When DaVinci does the deal with the undercover DEA agent, they are in room 7. Joe the bum was reported to have disappeared for seven years. Who Killed Tupac? came out. Murder At Death Row the story of Tupac and his attempt to leave Death Row came out. On the 14th, LL Cool J's album Phenomenon came out. In "Phenomenon" LL Cool J says, "Baby girl was draped in Chanel. Said she loved Tupac, but hates LL." He also says, "Said a man get paper, but he don't live right. All these emotions flowing inside the club. Do you really wanna thug, or do ya want love?" Bone's video "If I Could Teach the World" premiered on MTV. In it 2Pac says, "Where my thugs at?" At the end everyone is in white having a meal and a storm comes and Bizzie says, "Pac Pac run with us run with us, run with us. Pac Pac run with us. Pac and RIP with thug luv." Metro Police closed their investigation about the photo. The two assignment detectives and seven other employees of Metro Police and the Clark County coroner's office were questioned, but they all denied giving the photo and no one was charged. On the 21st, Rappin 4-Tay's album 4 Tha Hard Way came out. In "Playaz Dedication" there is a interview between Sway and Tupac. On the 25th they started filming the "I Wonda If Heaven Got A Ghetto" video in New Mexico. On the 28th Spice 1's album The Black Bossallini came out. "The Thug In Me (Dedicated to Tupac Shakur: R.I.P)" is on it. Timbaland and Magoo's album Welcome To Our World also came out. In "Clock Strikes" Magoo says, "Peace to Tupac cause he was dope as it get." The Luniz's album Lunitik Muzik also came out. In "Y Do Thugz Die" Numskull says, "2Pacalypse took hot ones now." Yukmouth says, "First Pac now Biggie/what really goes on?" He also says, "This goin' out to all the fallen soldiers who died in the line of duty/you know what I'm sayin?/My playboy Tupac/rest in peace." Tupac and Biggie are on the November issue of Right On! Tupac is on the cover of Word Up. On the 4th, Naughty By Nature's single Nothin' To Lose single came out. Tupac is on it with "Mourn You Till I Join You," which dedicated to him. In it he says, "It's gonna be alright, you gotta believe that." Treach says, "I wanna praise you and drop off a message to Pac/I was sittin' here lookin at your picture my nigga/It was 90 on the P. E. tour when we mashed down/Doesn't even seem like seven years passed/Both rodies now homies out the hood on the scene/You did the Humpty with the D.U." He also says, "Stealin' backstage passes to hit hoes in coleseums/We was two lil' niggas, both skinny and broke/Happy if we scrap pennies for smokes/Tours over we were out yeah and you called with the news/You was over in New York to film this movie called Juice/Called you back you told me back up me and you and Stretch could shack up." He also said, "You remember when the cabby said daddy wouldn't pick up our rings/You beat his ass then you spit in his face/ remember on the set from the trailer feins stole your jewels/and Big Stretch punched him out his shoes." He also says, " Damn, I wish they knew how much you loved New York." He also says, They brought you up, locked you up when you did Above the Rim/They let you out. You called us up. We came as thugs again/We were here 'ah-ha rapist' they shout/Ya'll was talkin shit that ya'll didn't know a damn thing bout." He also says, "Fuck the judge, fuck the court, and every bitch that lied/A little time ticked by/my ho and I got rocked/my lady waking me up yelling Treach/Pac got shot. Soon as I get there I find Afeni urgin' me/Think I missed my baby, don't leave after surgery." He also said, "So we kicked it as they stayed and I asked what you need/You say a pound for comin' nigga and a hit of some weed/So I asked you not to go over and over God knowsYyou done smiled and said 'Nigga help me get on my clothes'/So we got over that, you held up got locked." he also says, "They fucked up by givin' you too much time to think. I remember your release and we met up in L.A." He also says, "Even yourself predicted that last night in Vegas." On the 18th, Force One Network's album Soul Network Program II came out. 2Pac is on it with "Static," the "Static" remix, and the "Static" Max mix. On the 24th, Suge was sentenced for 18 more months for a '94 federal firearms trafficking violation due to his involvement in the fight the night Tupac was shot. A year of the new sentence will be served concurrently with his current one. The remaining six months will be added on at the end, and he will be transferred to a federal prison. Afeni signed a deal with Jive Records for them to be the exclusive distributor of Amaru Records which she started to release 2Pac's songs for educational purposes, and 2Pac's four Interscope albums. She also has the rights to songs from Interscope and Death Row. On the 25th, 2Pac's double album R U Still Down (remember me) came out. On the inside cover there is a picture of Tupac that looks like a van Gogh painting. On the back cover there is Tupac merchandise for sale including and a limited phone card set. "I'm Gettin' Money" is the same as "Str8 Ballin." "Only Fear Of Death" is the same as "You Don't Know Me." In it he says, "I don't fear death. My only fear of death is comin' back, reincarnated. This is dedicated to Mental, R.I.P. And Big Kill, R.I.P. On December 1st the "Made Figgaz" video premiered on BET. It is the same as the "Made Niggaz" video, but they added clips of Tupac from Gang Related. On the 2nd, Legends came out. 2Pac is on it with "Panther Power," "My Burnin' Heart," "Never Be Beat," "Case of the Misplaced Mic," the "Static" Extended Club Mix, and the "Static" Silent Mic Mix. On the 13th, Assassin Presents Born and Raise Various Artist 2 came out. 2Pac is on it. On the 27th, "I Wonda If Heaven Got A Ghetto" video, directed by Lionel Martin premiered on MTV. At the beginning it reads: September 14 Rukahs, New Mexico. There is a Tupac double walking around. It reads: 6 days later. Which would be the 20th (1 + 4 + 2 + 0 = 7). He gets in a truck with the license plate 061671. Then drives a bus picking up seven dead people on the way. He goes to a hotel up to room 7. Then he goes to Amaru Diner where the clock is at 4:03 (4 + 0 + 3 = 7). Afeni won the case against Billy. The Judge said that he may have given $300 and visited Tupac four times. In January of 1998, Roger Sinclair Williams (Neckbone), once the manager of the Lady of Rage, was sent to jail without bail after he showed up late for sentencing in a drug case, but was released on $25,000 bail. He helped beat up Orlando the night Tupac was shot, but was not charged for it. Wendy Day is setting up a scholarship fund in Tupac's name. She was a friend of his. On the 13th, The Lox's album Money, Power, & Respect came. In "We'll Always Love Big Poppa" someone says, "Right now, you and Pac in harmony/probably hugging. Chino XL's single Rise came out. In "Jesus" he says, "Ever since Pac dissed me/Jersey tried to front on me." He also says, "Pac died and I cried/but I'm a represent it/When it comes to dissing my shit/make Makaveli sound like Macarena." The University of Wyoming, is offering a course this semester called: 2pac Shakur: A Seminar. It will focus on Tupac's life, music, poetry, and movies. A federal judge in Philadelphia ruled that DeLores Tucker's suit against Tupac can proceed to trial, but U.S. District Judge Ronald L. Buckwalter warned that DeLores's failure to file a timely claim in California against him, a technicality required by California law, might make it impossible for her to get any money from the estate even if she wins. Silkk The Shocker's album Charge It To Da Game came out. On the inside cover it reads: RIP 2Pac AKA "Makaveli" & Biggie Smalls, Keep your eyes on the enemy and watch your friend, out your life in your own hands or your life will end. In "Who Can I Trust" Silkk says, "Who can you trust/rest in peace Biggie rest in peace Pac." On the 24th, Scarface's double album My Homies came out. 2Pac is on it with the "Homies and Thuggs" remix and "Homies and Thuggs." On the 25th, Will Smith won a Grammy for "Men In Black" at Radio City Music Hall. He dedicated it to Tupac and Biggie. Tupac was nominated for Outstanding Album and Outstanding Hip-Hop/Rap album for The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory for the Bay Area Music Awards on the 7th at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Chosen By Fate, My Life Inside Death Row Records by McKinley Lee and Frank B. Williams will come out. McKinley was a bodyguard for Snoop, and he was the trigger man in Snoop's case. The "Homies and Thuggs" video premiered on BET. Above the Law's video "Adventures Of" premiered on BET. At the end they show a picture of Tupac. The "Do For Love" video, directed by Bill Parker premiered on BET. It is animated and has a Tupac clay figure. It shows Tupac gambling on the streets and he rolls a 5 and a 2 before the cops come. Cocoa Brovaz's video "Spanish Harlem" premiered. In it they show a New York City mural of Tupac. The "Homies and Thuggs" remix video premiered on an underground video show in the Bay Area. It's the same as the original except it shows 2Pac rapping in a studio. The "Everyday" video premiered on The Box. At the beginning there's a picture of Tupac and a news clip about him getting shot and killed. It shows pictures of Tupac and Fatal together throughout it and at the end it reads: Pac and Kadafi, Rest in Peace. C-Murder's video "2nd Chance, A" premiered. In it is a Tupac and Biggie double. They start out sitting across from each other. Then after two clips of them, Tupac moves over and hugs Biggie. On the 31st R&S Antiques Inc. in Beverly Hills filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Tupac alleging that he custom-ordered a diamond encrusted white gold bracelet for $38,000 and a gold chain to go with his Versace Medusa medallion for $45,000, which was sent to Germany to be lengthened. Before it got back to the U.S. Tupac died and the jewelry was put in a safe, and never paid for. They want more than $93,000 for the jewelry and interest accrued. Daz's album Revenge, Retaliation, And Get Back came out. Makaveli is on it with "Initiated." Fatal Husein's album In the Line of Fire also came out. In "Everyday," Fatal says, "And this shit's so hot/watch it ressurect Pac." He also says, "Serving all you niggas since I˙mashed with Pac." "The World Is Changin" is dedicated to Tupac and talks about what's gone on since he died. Cocoa Brovaz's album The Rude Awakening also came out. On the inside cover it gives mad shoutouts to the Shakur family. It also says RIP to Tupac Makaveli. Gang Starr's album Moment of Truth also came out. In "In Memory Of..." someone says, "Tupac Shakur, Rest in Peace." In April Body Guard: My Life in Tupac's Last Year by Frank Alexander and Heide Sigmund Cuda was published. Have Gun Will Travel: The Spectacular Rise And Fall Of Death Row Records, by Ronin Ro about Tupac and Biggie's murders was published. On the 7th, Do or Die's album Headz Or Tailz came out. On "Lil SumSum" someones says "It's just you and me against the world like Tupac." On the 16th, Gangsta Gangsta: The Tragedy of Tupac Shakur aired in the UK. It's a portrait of Tupac's life and death. On the 28th the He Got Game soundtrack came out. In "Is Your God a Dog" someone says, "Representing the best in the west/died from four bullets/two in the chest/ worshipped from the wrong side of them tv sets/had mad fans coming outta both sex/sold, multi-platinum/eight times gold/but died of homicide 25 years old/Heard he died in debt too." MTV Ultra Sound: Rock and Roll Feuds aired May 10th. It looks back at the rivalry between Biggie and Tupac. On the 19th Soulja Slim's album Give It 2 'Em Raw came out. In "From What I Was Told" Soulja Slim says, "From what I was told/gotta hit No Limit like Pac hit Death Row." Tupac's friend from Death Row, Heroin, who Fox undercover interviewed in '97, was killed. He was shot 17 times on a Compton street corner and authorities said it was connected with Death Row. On the 29th Orlando Anderson, Michael Stone,and his nephew, Jerry Stone were in a shootout outside a carwash in Compton. They died at King-Drew Medical Center in L. A. Michael Reed Dorrough Another guy was wounded and later arrested. Orlando's attorney Rene Campbell will proceed with his civil suit filed against Tupac's estate on behalf of his heirs. On June, 2nd, Master P's double album MP Da Last Don came out. In "Ride" Master P says, "They couldn't save Biggie/but what about Tupac?" 3 Beam Circus came out. 2Pac is on it with "Real Bad Boys." On the 12th and 13th there was a festival commemorating Tupac's birthday organized by the Shakur Family Foundation. On day one there was a party and a Jon B. concert in Atlanta. Day two was devoted to workshops, a talent show, and another concert held in Mayfield, Georgia. The Shakur Family Foundation began a program to underwrite a performing arts camp aimed at reaching inner city youth. On the 16th, Bay Area Compilation Vol. 2 Cell Block will came out. 2Pac is on it. On the 23rd BioRhythyms premiered on MTV. Tupac was the featured celebrity. On July 6th, it was made public that Superior Court Judge Arnold Gold said that Tupac's estate won't have to pay Jacquelyn McNealey because it's lawyers were not allowed to present a defense. Arnold also said Tupac was never served with the original lawsuit and the court administrator named to represent his estate after the Arkansas court didn't defend the estate. On the 14th, Nate Dogg's album G Funk Classics: Vol. 1 came out. 2Pac is on it with "Me and My Homies." OFTB's album Operation From the Bottom will come out. 2Pac is on it with "Time After Time." E-40's album Element Of Surprise will come out. 2Pac is on it. There is a tribute song to Tupac on it. Mac's album Soldier Story will come out. On it is "Pac Lives." On September 13th, a tribute album to Tupac will come out. Bizzy Bone's album Heaven's Movie will come out. 2Pac is on it. In November Charlie Hustle with E-40 will come out on video. Tupac is in it. Storm's album Mixed Nuts will come out. In it are references to Tupac. Makaveli and Dillinger will come out. 2Pac is on it with "Don't Fall Asleep." One Nation Compilation Disc I will come out, 2Pac is on two songs on it. The "Still I Rise" video will premiere on MTV. One Nation Compilation Disc II will also come out, 2Pac is in four songs on it. "Snoop's EP, Doggumentary will come out, 2Pac is on it with "Streetlife." "How Many Brothers Fell" is dedicated to Tupac. The Gang Related soundtrack will be rereleased. 2Pac is on it with "Made Niggaz," "Lost Souls," "Staring Through My Rearview," "Life's So Hard," and "Fame and Fortune." In it he says, "Searching for fortune and fame. Something we all adore. The one thing worth dying for." He is also on it with "Going Back To Cali." The Outlaws' album Retribution will come out, 2Pac is on four songs on it. Black Haze's album will come out. "Holla At Cha" is about Tupac, Stretch, Jacques Agnant, Ayanna, and Biggie. Hammer's double album Family Affair will come out, 2Pac helped him name it and is on it with "Unconditional Love," "Too Tight," and one other song. In it 2Pac says, "I ain't shit without my homeboys rather be buried." The What It Is soundtrack will come out. 2Pac is on it. Down South Hustlers Volume II will come out, there is a song dedicated to Tupac on it. Omar's album This Is Not A Love Song will come out. In "Say Nothing," Old Dirty Bastard says, "CIA told me not to say nothin' about Biggie and Tupac. Life's a little somethin' whenever there's no witnesses. You know the government had to do with this." He also says, "You thought they were dead, Biggie and Tupac live in me." Marvellus & Marcellus Presents Heat will come out. "Raise Up Off These Nuts" is a remix of "Static." Cradle To the Grave, a Tupac biography by Julio Padnernos will come out. And I Still Rise, directed by Jasmine Guy will premiere. In it it has an anthem Tupac wrote and recorded called "Mother." Rebel for the Hell of It: The Life of Tupac Shakur, directed by Matty Rich will premiere on HBO. Richard Fischbein will sell Tupac merchandise and is negotiating for a studio-scale biopic. Static will come out, but is facing distribution problems in the U.S. because of the legal problems in Tupac's estate. The Tupac Tribute Album is controversial and lawyers for his estate, might stop the release, 2Pac is on it with "I thought U Knew" and "Leave Us Kids Alone." The producers changed the name to, Tribute 9.13.96: An Unauthorized Tribute To Tupac Amaru Shakur, and added a disclaimer saying that the are by The Infamous MC New York. 2Produce and Create, which has over 200 of Tupac's poems that he wrote between '89 and '93, will come out. The Poetry of Tupac Shakur will come out. Love Poems, by Nikki Giovanni which is dedicated to Tupac will come out. Women Studies at Temple University will give a Tupac Amaru Scholarship. A movie about Tupac with Ray Luv will come out on video. Keisha is writing a book about her life with Tupac, and that will come out. In 1999, Suge Knight, Death Row will come out. 2Pac is on it. In 2002, the seventh year Tupac will have been dead, September 13th, is Friday the 13th. In 2003 (2 + 0 + 0 + 3) is seven years after his death.