Response to Reporters that said he was Acting and about his own Racism

My momma told me this. That when Malcolm was alive, white people said shit like that. And when he died that same nigga would be talkin' about, He interviewed me, He'd be writing a b ook about my life. And I just don't like that. If you don't understand me, Don't write about me! I don't ask black leaders to jock me. I'm just sayin' be honest. You know you doin' something I can't do and I'm doin' somethin' you can't do. I respect you. Respect me! You know theres no nigga out there like this. I don't have no insecurities about that, and no delusions. Ain't no nigga like Tupac puttin' it down! My weaknesses and my strengths. Everybody knows that my strengths Definatly outweigh my weaknes se s. To all the doubt, I'm a human being. Like everybody else. And if I meet somebody who is perfect then they can train me. And they can help me be perfect. But there ain't nobody out there that is perfect. So We'll all just get along with each other. Th at's how I feel. I mean I feel it was wrong for them to do that cuz I was always raised there's certain times you don't f*ck with a nigga. When he's down ya don't kick a nigga. That's what I thought. Ya know what I mean. And all this really taught me abou t this black people thing. I'm black, I believe in my poeple but I believe in my people as it relates to my tribe. I don't believe in this overall,just imaginary niggas. Black people attacked me. I mean not all black people, and thats why. some people be sa yin' that I don't like black people no more. It's not that. I love black people. I love, I am black. I'm not Racist anymore! It used to be like I go somewhere and somebody see me with a white girl and be like Pac! I can't believe it. But it's not to me. I t' s like I'm a totally new human being. Before I was like that but I was just bitter, and that's why I was so evil towards black sista's when I went to jail. Cuz I felt like, I didn't sleep, I didn't f*ck with them bitches to be down for ya'll. And ya'll ca n put me in jail! I was wrong to have that kind of thought. Cuz I don't think all, black women... don't owe me shit. And I don't owe them shit.