Tupacslast 24 hours



On the 7th, Tupac went back toL.A.. Tupac decided he wasn’t gonna go to Las Vegas, but toAtlanta to settle problems with some relatives instead. Suge gothim to change his plans though. Tupac told Kidada that morningthere was a heavy-weight bout that night at the MGM Grand , andweeks before he’d promised Suge he’d go to it with him.He also said he didn’t want to go, but he’d given Sugehis word. He said she could come along, not to the fight, hedidn’t want her with that roudy bunch, but to the party Sugewas having afterward at a club he owned downtown, and if she werebeside him it would be ok. When they got back his house inCalabasas, Kidada started packing. When she reached for hisbulletproof vest that he always wore. Tupac said, "No,It’ll be too hot." Then they left. They stopped at agas station and Tupac bought five magazines about guns. He readthem until they reached the Luxor Hotel. Tupac went toSuge’s mansion southeast of downtown. They partied for awhile. Tupac made a video of him calling Keisha and another girl.Then he went to the MGM Grand to watch the Mike Tyson/BruceSeldon fight. He was mad because Suge showed up at the lastminute. He sat in section 4, row E, seat 2. Tupac said, "Didyou see Tyson do it to him? Tyson did it to him! Did ya’llsee that? We bad like that. Come out of prison and now we runningshit." He went backstage and hugged Mike. At 8:45 P.M.,Travon Lane (Tray) was walking near the hotel’s Grand Gardenwith Death Row’s crew. Tray pointed out Orlando to Tupac.Tupac ran down the hallway until he met up with Orlando. Tupacasked, "You from the South?" It escalated into a fightand Tupac started beating the shit out of him. Later the rest ofthe Deathrow crew arrived and helped him beat him up. There wasonly one bodyguard with the crew, and he had to pull Tupac out ofit twice. They knocked Orlando down and began kicking andpunching him. A security camera recorded the incident on tape.The fight was stopped by hotel security, and Orlando was held forquestioning by the police, then was allowed to leave after hedeclined to press charges. As left he gave his signed $1000ticket’s stub into the fight to a guy. He said, "Hereyou go, boy. Enjoy this." Tupac left at 8:55, to go back tothe hotel. Tupac went up to Hammer’s car and told me aboutthe incident that had just happen. Hammer asked him somequestions about it and he said it was all squashed and not toworry about it. While he was getting in his car he was braggingabout how Tyson took him out in 50 punches and all he had to dowas three punches and the dude was on the ground. Tupac’sbodyguard said he had trouble getting him to wear his vest, andhe wouldn’t wear it very often. He didn’t wear it atall the whole night. Since they were in Las Vegas they legallycouldn’t carry guns, but guns were brought anyways. Theywere in a hurry leaving the fight though, and the bodyguardforgot his gun in his car. When he got to the hotel he toldKidada, "Some nigga started a fight with me fornothin.’ Something’s up, you stay here." He wasalso upset because he couldn’t find the Outlaws, who weresupposed to be at the fight. He changed clothes then went back toSuge’s house. They got ready for party at Club 662, where2Pac was going to perform. Tupac had wanted to drive his Hummer,but Suge said that they had things to discuss and got Tupac toride with him. Two hours later, Suge in his black, tinted-window’96 BMW 750 sedan left the mansion with Tupac in thepassenger seat, and the 10-car entourage behind them. They werelistening to The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory very low in theBMW. At 10:55, Tupac rolled down the window and a photographertook their picture at a red light. At 11:00, they were stopped onLas Vegas Blvd. by Metro bicycle cops for playing his car stereotoo loud and for not having license plates, which were in thetrunk on his rented car. He was not cited and was released a fewminutes later. At a red light, on Flamingo Road, near theintersection of Koval Lane, in front of the Maxim Hotel two girlsdistracted Tupac and Suge on the driver’s side, and at11:15, a white, four-door, late-model, Cadillac with Californiaplates pulled up. Tupac had been standing up through the sunroof. Two of the four men inside the car got out and firedthirteen rounds into the passenger side of the car, from a Glock.40 caliber handgun. He tried to get into the backseat, but Sugepulled him down, and a bullet bounced off of his right hip boneand hit is lung. He was also hit in his right hand and chest.Suge was barely hit by a bullet, and suffered a minor head wound.Immediately after the shooting, the Cadillac went south on Koval.Suge made a U-turn from the left lane of Flamingo and sped Westtoward Las Vegas Blvd., away from the nearest hospital. Suge saidthat he told Tupac he’d get him to a hospital, and Tupacsaid, "I need a hospital? You’re the one shot in thehead." Patrol officers on an unrelated call at the MaximHotel had heard the gunshots and called for back-up. Two otherofficers followed the BMW, which took a left on Las Vegas Blvd.South, and police reached the car when it was caught in trafficat the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd. and Harmon Ave. Theofficers called an ambulance. The BMW was covered with blood andpieces of gold, from Tupac’s jewelry, on the inside, and hadtwo flat tires. They brought Tupac out of the car and layed himdown on the stretcher. He kept saying, "I can’tbreathe, I can’t breathe." The ambulance took Tupac andSuge to the University of Nevada Medical Center. Sgt. KevinManning was assigned as leading investigator, and Cathy Scott wasnamed lead reporter for the shooting. When the police questionedthe bodyguard they continously asked if he had shot back, andwhen he said no they asked who had shot back. The bodyguardthought it was Suge’s friends which were mostly bloodmembers. Yafeu Fula had been in the car behind the BMW withbodyguards. He told the police that he could do a photo lineupand gave them his number. A man told Compton police that at Club662, he heard Tray say that the shooter was Orlando’s uncleDwayne Keith Davis (Keefee D). Tupac lost 22 oz of blood on theway to the hospital. As he was being carried to the emergencyroom he said, "I’m dying." Tupac was admitted andlisted in critical condition. His injuries included a gunshotwound to his right chest with a massive hemothorax and a gunshotwound to the right thigh with the bullet palpable within theabdomen. He also had a gunshot wound to a right finger with afracture. The preoperative diagnosis was a gunshot wound to thechest and abdomen and post-operative bleeding. Just beforemidnight he was taken to UMC’s Trauma Center. He was wheeledinto the recovery area and was resuscitated according to advancedtrauma life support protocol and a full trauma activation wascalled. He was placed on life support machines. Two liters ofblood that had hemorrhaged into his chest cavity were removed.His pulse was very thready and initially he had a minimal bloodpressure, which rapidly declined. He was taken immediately to theoperating room for operative intervention and furtherresuscitation. He underwent surgery which consisted of ligationof bleeding, and a surgeon removed a bullet from his pelvic areawhich was done at midnight and finished at 2:35am on the 8th. TheBMW remained in the impound lot at Ewing Bros. Auto Body andTowing lot in North Las Vegas it’s right front and rear endsdamaged. Police found no guns inside the car, just a cigar caseand a Motorola cell phone. He underwent another operation thatstarted at 6:25 p.m. and lasted an hour. It was exploratorysurgery, and his punctured right lung was removed to stopinternal bleeding. He was back in his room at 7:45. AmericanExpress said that Suge had rented 21 Las Vegas hotel rooms at $50each for last night. Tupac was put in a medicinally induced comaand on life support to take pressure off his body. Three Bloodsects met at Lueders Park, and talked about retaliation againstthe Southside Crips for the attack on Tupac. At 2:58 p.m., onEast Alondra a man who Las Vegas police said may have been in theCadillac was shot in the back on the 9th. At 8 P.M., 20 ofTupac’s friends ran across the street from the traumacenter’s lobby to a car whose driver police had stopped totalk to. Sgt. Cindi West said that they had pulled up to see whatwas going on and a guy misunderstood and wouldn’t cooperate.The people came out not knowing what was going on and got in theway and were pushing some of the officers. The police handcuffedfour men who were later released. Two men were found with buttsof marijuana cigarettes, but weren’t arrested. He opened hiseyes once, while Kidada was putting Don McLean’s"Vincent" into a player next to his bed. She asked himif he heard her and to move his feet. He did. She asked if heknew she loved him. He nodded. Then he went into a coma. On the10th, Blackstreet’s album, Another Level came out. "NoDiggity," sounds like "Toss It Up." 2Pac had thesong done with Aaron Hall before Dre did it, and "Toss ItUp" is actually a remix of the original song, because Drecopied it. Aaron Hall, ex-partner of Teddy Riley was the originalwriter. "Don’t Leave Me" sounds like "IAin’t Mad At Cha." 2Pac’s concert in Oakland wascancelled. His next concert will be in Oakland if city officialswill agree to it. On the 11th, Bobby Finch, a Southside Crip whoCompton cops said may have also been in the Cadillac, was gunneddown on South Mayo at 9:05am. Suge and three lawyers spoke withMETRO police for an hour and left them with nothing in the way ofleads towards suspects or motives. In Compton, Orlando’scousin Jerry Bonds drove the white Cadillac into an autoshop onWhite and Alondra with another guy at 3 P.M.. On the 12th Tupacwas supposed to have gone to court for sentencing on weaponscharges for carrying a concealed gun when he attacked AllenHughesOn Friday the 13th, doctors tried to resuscitate Tupacseveral times, then Afeni said not to try again. When Tupac tookhis last breath Gloria Jean praised his body and could bearwitness to who it was. He died at 4:03 (4 + 0 + 3 = 7) p.m. atthe Intensive Care Unit. He was pronounced dead by Dr. Lovett ofrespiratory failure and cardiopulmonary arrest. The bodyguard hadbeen at Suge’s house, and Suge was mad at him and blaminghim for not having his gun with him. He was coming towards him ina threatening way when the phone rang, and he found out Tupacdied. Suge told the bodyguard that it didn’t matter nowbecause he’s gone, and his voice was cracking up like he wasgoing to cry. Afeni made a positive identification ofTupac’s body at 5. A mortuary van took his body to the ClarkCounty Coroner’s office at 5:10. They did an autopsy. Itdetermined that Tupac didn’t have any illegal drugs in hisbody, but was heavily sedated. The autopsy report is on file atthe office, but is not deemed by Nevada state law to be public.There were ballistics tests, but the results have not been madepublic. They took six pictures of him which were put on file atthe office. Two general assignment detectives took Polaroidpictures of Tupac at the morgue for a police training book, butlater were removed from the book and destroyed. They sent hisblood to Long Beach Genetics, who did the DNA testing to find theprobability of Afeni and Billy 99.97% parentage. Two more Bloodswere shot and killed by an assailant who fled on foot. He wascremated. On the 14th, Afeni spread some of his ashes on a hillin L.A. and some on her garden, which has now flourished.Tupac’s family held a private funeral for him in Las Vegas.On the 15th, he was mourned during a memorial service at TheHouse of the Lord Pentecostal Church in Brooklyn, where he wasstill listed as a member of the congregation. Police had thoughtthat the man at the MGM Grand could have been a suspect, but wasruled out because security was still holding him when Tupac hadleft the building. Because Tupac didn’t have a will, Afenihad to file court papers as the only living heir and that she wasthe administer of his estate. Death Row emptied the apartment andtook the furniture which Tupac was charged over $100,000 for.Cathy got an autopsy photo of Tupac dissected on a table at themorgue. It is not an official coroner or police photo, and wasoffered $100,000 for it from The National Enquirer.