WestSide! What The Kids Should Know

Everybody in this rap world, all they talk about is money. You know what I'm sayin. I'm not saying I'm the richest nigga in the game. All these... There's lots of niggas with money but I'm sayin' its like, It's not the money that I'm bragging about. Th ese people see me with these jewels, It's not that! It's for these little niggas. These kids that have just seen me in cuffs shot up in a wheelchair with my head wrapped up. Yet you see me less than a f*ckin' year later bailin' through this motheaf*cka jeweled down like the Zulu! Bangin' on niggas! I got this whole shit shook up. Everybody talin' bout this WestSide. Ice Cube started it. I was in jail when Ice Cube was out, that wasn't no problem. The day I got outta jail it was a motherf*ckin' problem! To be where the f*ck you was from! The day I stepped out. That' s Power! I want these little niggas to see that. I didn't get that power from guns cuz there are no guns in jail. I got that Power from BOOKS, and from thinking, and by strategizin' That's what I want little niggas to see.