Its not about east or west, its about niggaz & b*tches, power & money, ridahz & punks, which side R U on?

Tupac Shakur - Makaveli - The 7 Day theory

This page will explain the background of the often mentiond "Eastcoast - westcoast beef"!

First of all there is and never was a "Eastcoast - westcoast beef". It all started of with the friendship 2Pac and the notorious BIG begun in 1994, Tupac suported BIG, they made some tracks (Pac & BIG - runnin'...) and met pretty often.

Tupac, who is born in Brooklyn, NY - eastcoast & The notorious BIG, Bad Boy member - eastcoast havin' dinner at Pacs house. Tupac helped BIG, introduced him into Thuglive and even bought Biggies first rolex. These two started out a beef at the end of '94, which was the base for the later so called "Eastcoast - westcoast beef". BIG begun to copy Pacs style and dressed like Pac,

In "Makaveli - Hit em up" Tupac says Now its all about versace / You copied my style, he calls BIG "a pac style taker, B writer". In the 1994 shooting in NY, tupac accused Bad Boy & Biggie to have set him up or did not warn him bout the set up, later Junior Mafia (Biggies crew) becomes convicted of setting up pac. Pac started up an lyrical beef with Bad Boy, he disssed Bad Boy, Biggie dissed Tupac... Then Chino XL said Tupac was raped in jail and things like this, The beef between Death Row and some East coast artists was born. Snoop, Pac and the whole Death row and some more Westcoast rappers dissed Bad Boy and the East, they lived the Cali way. Strech Walker, long time friend to Pac (who was with 2Pac when he was shot but didn't help Pac, he pissed of) changed sides and became Biggies Sideman. Pac accused Puffy of making Mainstream MTv HipHop, and the East coast artists replyed by saiing Pac did just Gangsta shit. One year after the NY shooting, Strech walker was shot, after Pac was released from jail, everybody said it was revange for Pacs shooting in 1994, cause Strech didn't help Pac. September 13 '96 2Pac was shot, 6 month later, 03-09-1997, Biggie was shot in an nearly identy way Pac was in L.A.

So the east-westcoast beef had an end and I think its time for stopin' talking about "East or West"

All text & graphicx by B.Sweet 98