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- Tupac was shot the September 7 and died September 13, thats exactly 7 days.

- The first Album that was released after Tupacs death is named the 7day theory, it's released under the alias Makaveli. Machiavelli was a 16th century italian philosopher and revolutionary who advocated thestaging of one's death in order to evade one's enemies and gain power. Remember the week after 2Pac was shot: the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and the 13th. Does the title the 7day theory mean that 2Pac the rapper didn't die, that he just turned into Makaveli the revolutionary and moved into the underground? In "Hold ya head" he says "Switched my name to Makaveli, had the rap game closed." does this also indicate that his time as a rapper is over, and that he has a new job as Makaveli?

- Tupac's album All Eyes on Me was released on Feb.13, 1996. Tupac "died" on Sept.13, 1996. It is quite a coincidence that the two dates are exactly 7 months apart.

- Tupac officially died at 4:03 PM. 4+3 = 7 at an age of 25 years. 2+5 = 7.

- In the video for "I Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto" the town it takes place in is called Rukahs. "Rukahs" spelled backwards is "Shakur". The room he goes into with the girl is room number 7. The clock in the background at the end is at 4:03...the same time he officially died. More funny stuff from the video producers. My question still remains, why?

- When 2Pac asks a white cook in the movie "Gridlock'd", all the L's on the menuboard are replaced by upside-down 7's.

- In the beginning of the movie"Gang Related", 2Pac and Belushi wait in room 7.

- In the video to "Toss it up" Makaveli breaks a mirror, does this mean that he will hide for 7 years and come back in 2003?

- When the guy in the beginning of "Blasphemy" says,"unless the lord does return in the next 7 days...." after 7 days, listen for Pac, he says "7 years", and then right after he says this you hear, "don't start that blasphemy", and then again louder. He also starts to say follow me. He will return in 2003. He will be a leader.


All text & graphicx by B.Sweet 98