The "Official Coroner's Report" and the Authopsy Pic are both posted in Cathy Scotts "The killing of Tupac Shakur", Cathy Scotts sais she had got the pic and the report by mistake, but i will prove that thats wrong, and that both are bad faked.

First take a look at the Drivers License and the Report.

The Drivers license sais that tupac is 5-10 tall, the report sais 72 inches, hmmm, thats 2 inches more?

The Driver license sais 168 pds, the report 215

There are different adresses told.

There are more such bugs in the Report, Afeni identifies the body while ED Brown makes the authopsy, strange...

Here ist the "Authopsy pic" also from "The killing of Tupac Shakur"


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